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Astro Calculation Of Ramadan Part 2

Astro Calculation Of Ramadan Part 2

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Published by ephraim7
A treatise of miscalculation of month Ramadan
A treatise of miscalculation of month Ramadan

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: ephraim7 on Jul 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Astro-Mathematical charting of Ramadan based on theTropical and Sidereal calendar System in Islam.. Corrections Ali... The Messenger was Right
 by Dr Ali Muhammad
 Notice: This work is the copyrighted property of the ISIS ResearchInstitute and Dr Ali MuhammadNo part of this work may be duplicated without the expressed permissionof the author except for reposting the Article for the reading of others withno alterationsJuly 26th 2011 AD 15096 ACPeace Family This article is about Ramadan. Ramadan is a Muslim Holy Monthcelebrated annually as a period honoring the initiation of the revelation of Qur'aan to Nabi Muhammad ibn Abdullah (SAWS). The verses (ayat) of Qur'aan discuss this event. The author of this article contests that the near1.6 billion Muslims are ignorantly practicing our Holy Month in violationof Qur'aan and that the following notes will discuss the ayat (verses) andmathematics/astronomy/history that prove such with the prayer thatMuslims will read this with a critical eye and discover its truth.I recommend that you get an astronomy software to understand what I willpresent. A simple one for free is Stellarium. You can Google it and thendownload it for free. After calculating the ancient astronomical countstarting from the vernal equinox I have discovered somethingastounding...It is a sad state to see our people all over the world languishing in theconspiratorial deception of spiritual systems with almost no help...AllMuslims globally need the lessons I am preparing in respect to this subjectin Islam. If they take them they will once again become the 'bright shiningstars of our ancient system' and regain their spiritual base, wealth, politicalpower, scholarship etc... if u reject the severe accuracy of this and otherreports the parasites who have invaded our system will plummet your
practice of this system of peace into the hands of Shaitan.Here are my points of contention1) Ramadan as presently practiced by all Muslims of the Earth is based onthe inaccurate use of the lunar calendar that was not the historical calendarused by Nabi Muhammad in respect to calculation of Ramadan as revealedin the Qur'aan. Ramadan mathematically takes place commencing on the9th month from the vernal equinox (Vernal Equinox was the ancientCelestial Meridian in Astronomy and Modern scientists use it too) andending 30 days from that time2) The calendar system of the Muslims matches the ancient global calendarsystem of their Moorish forefathers and foremothers who were masters who developed and perfected the science of Astronomy 3) My primary source to make these corrections is Allah’s first book theUniverse and its Astro-physical movements and in this case the Quranitself as the second Kitab (Record /Book) supported by other traditions of calendar keeping and the directional mihrabs of the early mosques of Islam. Mihrabs were thought to be used to denote the Qiblah. They werealso directional calculators for the time for Ramadan based on the siderealand tropical astronomical year.4) As Ramadan is one of the 5 pillars of the faith practiced by hundreds of Millions of Muslims worldwide if I am correct (MA), then the falseassociation of Ramadan with lunar calendars and false histories inserted by deviants and so-called pale arab scholars must end...the ignorance must beunveiled5) Doing this will place the Original Khalifah of Islam in his natural placeas the leader of Spiritual systems on this planet as predicted in Qur'aanIf there is one thing that I have learned as a historian and anthropologist itis that lineage is one of the most important ingredients of any discussion.Each people, religion, spiritual system, etc... springs from former systemsand when our arm can reach back far enough we find that ALL scientific based spiritual systems are based on the True knowledge of the Creator of the Universe which Indigenous people call in English Cosmology andCosmogony, Cosmology being a study of the Universe and Our place andpurpose in respect to it and Cosmogony being the actual laws that broughtabout the anatomy and physiology of the universe and all things within
from the Creator of the Universe.I can admit to knowing NOTHING about accurate calendar systems andcalculating this mathematically accurate knowledge until I met theteachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, a man who we know of as The Messenger of Allah to the Black man in America first and to allPeople on the planet. We are his helpers and our duty is to accurately prove based on Qur'aan, history, mathematics and science that he was/is who Hestated he was the Messenger of Allah. If we fail to do this mathematically and scientifically based on Qur'aan and the aforementioned fields then theclaim is false and we should abandon it, however if we can back the claim,the world is due for a clear check-up. For the Muslims who may desire toreject this remember if such a claim is false it should be easily defeated.Our claim is simple Nabi Muhammad (SAWS) is the seal of the Prophets,not the seal of the Messengers and that the reality of The Honorable ElijahMuhammad and his teacher is shrouded in the Qur'aan ayat and Sunnahdealing with Al Mahdi and Al Masih.The ancient system of calendar keeping amongst our lineal ancestors was based on a very simple science that primarily dealt with Sun, Moon, Star,and Earth movements. Since the 'Lunar Earth Mars catastrophe'(VanFlandern 2001) which included the planet Mars our ancestors have chartedthe tilt of the Earths Poles the tilt and movement of the Suns Poles, its (TheSuns) motion around the Stars in the Sirius Constellation and the mostaccurate Astronomy ever recorded. Based on our Indigenous Records thisevent (Lunar Earth mars Catastrophe) is what gave us our Tropicalcalculations for the year and our current sidereal astronomy.The Tropical calendar year was based on the 4 major points of the earth'sorbit around the Sun, the 2 solstices and the 2 equinoxes which give us theseasons (spring summer fall and winter) in the Northern and Southernlatitudes. Our Ancestors based the count of the sidereal year on what wecall the Suns Motion around the 13th Constellation Sirius. ThisConstellation is mentioned in our Qur'aan as the qara word 'Shiraa'.'Shiraa' is a word in the qara language. We call it a broken plural whichmeans it is denoting more than one Star. We know from so called modernresearch that their are 3 stars in this system and one planet, yet AboriginalPeoples and Aboriginals who are Muslims knew this thousands of yearsago. How so then did they develop such an intricate knowledge of  Astronomy when allegedly they had no telescopes. How did Muhammadknow that Sirius was a multi-star system if he did not have telescopes andother advanced equipment. How has/did the Dogon Tribe of Mali know this for thousands of years up until today?

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