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A Savior for All.

A Savior for All.

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Published by glennpease

"Lord, it is done as thou hast commanded^ and yet

there is room." — Luke xiv. 22.

"Lord, it is done as thou hast commanded^ and yet

there is room." — Luke xiv. 22.

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Published by: glennpease on Jul 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A SAVIOR FOR ALL.REV. EWMA HALL, D.D.,"Lord, it is done as thou hast commanded^ and yetthere is room." — Luke xiv. 22.DEAR friends and brethren : It is a great joy to toeto meet you here in the city of Richmond, and tomeet you in the enjoyment of freedom. Thank (Jod,there is no more slavery. Thank God, the old times havegone, and better times have come. We, in England,,have felt much for your sorrows, and often prayed God tosend you deliverance; and you' have prayed, and yourfriends in this country have prayed, and God has broughtyou at length out of the land of Egypt and out of thehouse of bondage. Praise the Lord for it. If I hadpreached to you when you were slaves, I don't think Icould honestly have told you to be contented, because Idon't think I could ever be contented myself in a state of slavery. But now you are free, I may offer you thisadvice : Forgive the past. Don't cherish any grudgeagainst those who wronged you. Forgive them as Christ? Substance of a sermon preached in the Baptist colored church,Richmond, Va., Tuesday evening, ovember 19, 1867. GovernorPierpoint accompanied the preacher to the pulpit; and an im-mense congregation of negroes crowded the church to its utmostcapacity, manifesting audibly and very devoutly, throughout theservice, the deep interest they felt in the truths spoken.(234)A SAVIOR FOR ALL. 235forgives ua all. Show yourselves to be fit for freedom.
Be as industrious with a willing mind as you used to bewhen unwilling. Make yourselves fit for all sorts of employment, and thus, in time, you will rise to higherstations. Do everything in the best way, however huvorble it is. If it is cleaning shoes, let them be as bright asshoes ever were. If it is driving a wagon, or going onan errand, do it so that no one could do it better. Eda- €ate yourselves. Learn to read and write ; for this willfit you for many works and many pleasures, from whichignorance will shut you out. Be civil and polite to everyone. Real ladies and gentlemen are always courteous totheir equals and inferiors, as well as to those above them«Don't spend all your money^ but save some of it for sick-ness and old age. Beware of drunkenness. Be totalabstainers. I have been so these twenty-five years, andfind it good for mind and body. Doh't take the firstglass, and then all the devils in hell can't persuade you totake the twentieth. When drunk you may do what youwill mourn for when you are sober. I knew a man wholoved his wife and treated her kindly ; but he got drunk and killed her. When he became sober again he askedfor her, but she was dead, and he was in prison. He didnot know what he had done ; but he was hanged for mur-der. Keep from the drink I But above all come to Jesus,and give your hearts to Him.I am going to talk to you of a great feast, and the invi-tation to it, and how that invitation is often treated ; andI want you all to accept it if you have not accepted italready. Jesus said that " a certain man made a greatsupper, and bade many." The gospel is a feast — not afast. It is to give us gladness — not gloom. Some think that it is pious to put on a sorrowful face, and to talk with mournful voice. o I my friends. God is happyHimself, and He wants to make us happy. And so He236 SERMO XV.
speaks of religion as a feast which He provides for t4There are rich dishes at the feast Pardon is OQe;ilour sins are forgiven. His favor is another ; We becooiHis sons and daughters. The hope of heaven is anotfaei!ithere is an ^^ inheritance incorruptible and undefiled" Sf all who come to the feast. There is abundance. Vlbif a man makes a feast he provides more than he would^i^ft common meal. Surely he provides enough and tospare for all the guests he invites. And Grod has pM*vided abundantly. There is the pardon of all our liii^and there is pardon for all sinners. All the blessings cf salvation are offered to all who will come and enjpf them. The servant went forth at supper time, and «^^^ Come, for all things are now ready .*' And thus Atministers of the gospel go forth and say to sinners, Come!Pardon is ready for you I The help of the Holy Spirit isready for you I Comfort, and peace, and joy are read/4Christ is ready I Come at once ! But the people wh^were invited made excuses. One said, " I have bought apiece of ground, and I must needs go and see it : I praythee have me excused." What a fool he was to buy hisland before he saw it ! Another excused himself becausehe had bought some oxen, and he was going to prove if they were good and could draw well. What a fool hewas too, buying his oxen first, and then proving them,instead of proving first and buying afterwards ! A thirdcould not come because he had married a wife ! But heshould have come, and brought his wife along with him.These were foolish excuses, but not more foolish tbanthose which some people make who neglect religion.Land, and cattle, and business, and labor need not keepus from Christ. We can do our work and love God too.He does not want us to give up our work, but to give upour heart ; and then when we give our heart to Him weshall do our work better, and love our wives and friaidvA SAVIOR FOR ALL. 237

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