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Water From the Rock

Water From the Rock

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Published by glennpease

I Corinthians x. 4,

For they drank of that spiritual rock that followed them ;
that rock was Christ,

I Corinthians x. 4,

For they drank of that spiritual rock that followed them ;
that rock was Christ,

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Published by: glennpease on Jul 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WATER FROM THE ROCK REV. HERY WOODWARD, A.M.I Corinthians x. 4,For they drank of that spiritual rock that followed them ;that rock was Christ,From this, as well as from other passages of ScripturCrit appears that the effects of that stupendous miracle,which Moses brought forth water out of the rock Horeb, continued with the Israelites during the greaterpart of their sojournings in the wilderness. There ar^some who imagine, according to the strictly literal mean*ing of this passage, that the rock itself, out of which thewater flowed, was, by the exercise of a continual miracle,always present in their camp. Others, with more pr^^bability, that, by a common figure of speech, the rock is here put for water which issued from it; and that ^constant stream flowed from the original source, ancfollowed, or rather accompanied (for so the original wor<imports), the Israelites through their various wanderingIn . what strict sense that rock was Christ, I do n<undertake to explain. But considering how, from tlcommencement, the entire system of the Old Testamein all its institutions, its sacrifices, its ceremonial obseances, its history, and its memorable characters, — ^hall prefigured and centered in Christ ; there is somethingvery remarkable and significant in the declaration of myte:5ct. It shews how, even under that darker dispensation,Christ was embodied in the whole economy of the Jews ;how sensibly He was brought near to them ; how Heentered into the system of their daily habits ; how Hispresence was around them and amongst them ; how theplace on which they stood was holy ground ; how everyordinary action had, in some sense, a sacred and religiouscharacter. Even their daily food had something sacra-
mental in it : tJiey did all eat the same spiritual meaty^^^d did all drink the same spiritual drt?ik: for theydrank of that spiritual rock that followed them ; andthat rock was Christ,If Christ was thus all in all under the older covenant,Jt follows that He must be so with still brighter mani-festation under the more perfect dispensation of theGospel ; and that we, upon whom the Sun of Righteous-ness has risen, are still more immediately and intenselyacted on, encircled, and pervaded by His presence andHis Spirit.The whole system, then, in which we live has thissacred stamp upon it: so much so, that often in ourdealings and intercourse with the persons and objects^at are around us, we are really and virtually concerned^ith, and acting, though perhaps unconsciously, in rela-tion to Christ.Thus, for example, when our Saviour sends forth HisApostles, He addresses them in these words: He thatf^drethyou heareth me, and Jte that despiseth you despiseth^^- And to so awful an extent is the majesty of Hispresence embodied, as it were, in their commission, thatHe thus fearfully denounces those who will not receive100 SERMO IX.them : Verily, I say unto you, it shall be more tolera^^^for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah^ in the day ofju^^S'menty than for that city. Again, in the instance of £113^Paul's conversion : while in ignorance and unbelief ^^^^made havoc of the Church, and thought that he w '^doing God service ; in the midst of this career of bigotcr^^nand false zeal he hears a voice saying unto him, Sa^s^^Sauly why persecutes t thou met His eyes are th^^ssiopened, and he perceives for the first time what Yi^^^^
been the real object of his hostility. The whole syste=^nhe was vainly labouring to put down bore the marks ^^^the Lord Jesus. Every wound he inflicted was inflict^^=^upon Christ. Every contempt he poured upon the truti^fcevery trembling sufferer he haled to prison and to deat^^all was persecution of the Son of God.The whole Church, of which we are at least visible an, ^^professing members, is, in Scripture language, describe ^^in some peculiar sense as Christ Himself. Thus in Ept"^-i. 22, 23, God is said to have given Him to be the hecr^^over all things to the Churchy which is His body^ thefu^^ness of Him that filleth all in all And in the secon-^chapter it is declared, Ye are built upon the foundation o^the apostles and prophets^ Jesus Christ Himself being tl^chief corner-stone ; in whom all the building fitly framestogether groweth unto an holy temple in the Lord, Agaii*in the fifth chapter : o man ever yet hated his owf fleshy but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as tJie Lortthe Church, Many other passages might be quoted froithe same apostle, in which the Church is termed tlbody of Christ: meaning thereby, that it is a socieof which He is the head ; through which His vitaliziinfluence flows, distributed, as from the natural hethroughout the whole body ; a society bearing the siSERMO IX. lOIrelation to Christ that the branches do to the vine ; thatIS, essentially connected, incorporated, and identifiedwith Him ; one with Christ, and Christ with itAnd as the collective body of Christians is thusmystically united to the Saviour, so is each Christianseparately and individually. For we are members of hisbody, of his fleshy and of his bones. Know ye not, saysthe same apostle, how that Jesus Christ is inyou, exceptye be reprobates ? And of himself he declares, that to

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