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Research on Gordon Clark

Research on Gordon Clark

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Published by Ryan Hedrich
A near comprehensive transcription of Gordon Clark’s positive epistemological views.
A near comprehensive transcription of Gordon Clark’s positive epistemological views.

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Published by: Ryan Hedrich on Jul 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Readings in Ethics, 1935Pg. 12Without definition there can be no knowledge.
Selections from Hellenistic Philosophy, 1978Pgs. 243-244Lines 17-28 give an excellent statement of the realistic theory of knowledge. Truth is the possession of the objects themselves, not the possession of their impressions, which act as a veil between knower and object. Sextus Empiricus, as a true skeptic, had assumed a division betweenknower and known. Plotinus, like any true realist, attacks the unexpressed basis of skepticism.
A Christian Philosophy of Education, 1988Pg. 19 Now the study of the relationships among chemistry, Greek, and anthropology is not just another 
subject among many. While it is so listed for the convenience’ sake in college catalogs,
 philosophy is rather the subject that underlies our approach to and use of all other subject matter.Philosophy is the study not of a part but of the whole. And for the lack of serious study of thewhole, American education has lowered its standards, compromised with commercialism, anddistinguished itself by mediocrity.Pg. 31In view of this pragmatic dealing with history, its positivistic denial of universal law, of metaphysics, of supernatural interpretation, it may be permitted by way of anticipation to suggestthe conclusion that, instead of beginning with facts and later discovering God, unless a thinker  begins with God, he can never end with God, or get the facts either.Pgs. 33-34Basic worldviews are never demonstrated; they are chosen. William James and Bertrand Russellmay believe in a pluralistic universe, but they can offer no demonstration of this, the mostfundamental of their intellectual beliefs. The mechanist believes that all natural phenomena can be reduced to mathematical, quantitative equations, but he never gives a mathematicaldemonstration of his belief. So it is with every world-view; the first principle cannot be proved
  precisely because it is first. It is the first principle that provides the basis for demonstratingsubordinate propositions. Now if such be the case, the thoughtful person is forced to make avoluntary choice. As a matter of fact, the thoughtless person as well is forced to choose, thoughthe necessity to make a choice and the particular choice made may not be so obvious. It isobvious, however, that a thoughtful person, one who wishes to understand, one who wants tothink and live consistently, must choose one or another first principle.Pg. 34Etymologically a skeptic is one who seeks; but philosophically a skeptic is one who does notfind. Or, rather, he finds that there is nothing to be found. There is no truth, and knowledge isimpossible. Aside from the self-contradiction of asserting the truth that there is no truth,skepticism is not a world-view. In particular no theories or policies or policies of education can be deduced. Neither can objections against naturalism or theism be based on pure ignorance. It istherefore useless to spend further time on skepticism.Pg. 38The atheist who asserts that there is no God, asserts by the same words that he holds the wholeuniverse in his mind; he asserts that no fact, past, present, future, near, or far, escapes hisattention, that no power, however great, can baffle or deceive him. In rejecting God, he claims

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