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Published by genwise

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Published by: genwise on Jul 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Inventory Manager
Emerson Network PowerSolution Suite
Visibility of all data center devices is vital when tracking assets. However, thehigh growth and fast-changing environment in data centers make trackingthem nearly impossible. Data center managers are required to track inventorydeployed and utilized capacity as well as available capacity.. Also, they have tomanage interrelationships and dependencies among devices for maintenance andtroubleshooting when thresholds for plan, group or device are reached.The
platform lets those responsible for the data center obtain unprecedentedvisibility and control over their critical infrastructure, inspiring a new kind of confidence through continuity and control. This comes through the reporting of real-time information on capacity utilized and available capacity. Having a comprehensiveinventory of all assets and their locations in the data center reduces time andcosts when deploying new equipment and, more importantly, when managingconnection faults.
Inventory Manager
Inventory Manager addresses these challenges on tracking and managingassets within the data center. It does this in many ways, including providing a set of graphical visualization tools to allow the data center infrastructure team to map out itsfloor space and understand what assets exist, where they are, who they belong to andhow they are connected and ,then quickly find additional data on any deployed asset.
Inventory Manager allows users to collect a detailed catalog of all the inventoryitems that are placed in the data center. They can see where all devices are locatedand understand how much capacity (power, cooling, weight and space) is availableand consumed at any point in the data center based on faceplate or de-rated values.In addition to creating a repository of all assets,
Inventory Manager providesan ability to show the capacities (space, power cooling, weight) that exist in anyfloor/space, inside any elevation (e.g., rack) and inside the actual assets (e.g., bladechassis). This allows the user to quickly see where capacities exist, what has alreadybeen consumed and what is remaining for placement of further assets.With
Inventory Manager, there is no need for spreadsheets, Visio diagrams,physically searching the data center and endless meetings. Simply use
 Inventory Manager to provide an accurate view of the data center and quickly showwhere you have capacity for adding more assets.
by manual, outdated orconflicting lists of data centerassets
outdated or conflicting listsof assets; you maintain onlyone comprehensive source of documentation for all devicesin the data center
asset data) quicker throughthe use of a search-and-locatefeature
placement, provisioning ordecommissioning with helpfrom a comprehensive andunified floor, rack plan anddevice plan
connections exist for a chosenasset (no more tracing cablesbehind racks)
personnel traffic inside thedata center
capacities exist within the datacenter, what has already beenused and what is remaining,understanding how theconsumption levels rateagainst thresholds that apply

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