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The Fall of Western Society From Democracy to Short Term Dictatorship.

The Fall of Western Society From Democracy to Short Term Dictatorship.

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Published by Hirudinea Returns
Soon to be long term.
Soon to be long term.

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Published by: Hirudinea Returns on Jul 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The fall of Western Society from Democracy to Short TermDictatorship
By: Donald MuirLocation: London, United KingdomDate: 06 July 2013
“What’s a Democracy:
government by the people for the majority of the people. A Government inwhich the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectlythrough a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections”We have seen over the last few elections politicians promising the world for your vote meaningencourage immigration to gain gratitude votes, they set their manifesto and policy and you think“Great I like these guys and will vote for them” But what happens when they don’t deliver thepromises they made. You are lead to belief at the next election you will have the chance of votinganother party in if they failed. So realistically you allow some conman to take over your country anddo whatever he or she wants regardless of their promises. Realistically you cannot get rid of theelected persons once they are in and you’re stuck with them until the next election. So what stopsany group from staying in power at all, all you need to do is invest in media and maintain the favourof the two or three main parties (Donations) or infiltrated groups in the party to take it over?The only tools we have as decent democratic people to oust corrupt governments are to either havecivil war where the local population take up arms or ask the military to perform a coup to oust thegovernment and then restart the election process. (But we are civil people and don’t wantbloodshed) We can see from the Egyptian military coup of 2013 world leaders did not like the idea of an elected president been ousted from power. That’s because they belief they are allowed to rulefor their period of time they have won, especially if big business are behind you with money andpower they are not going to like the idea of losing money and lucrative deals when a newgovernment is in place. But the truth is most army’s around the world are trained to be neutral tothe different political groups who may take over the country. Their only true action is the protection
of the country and its people. But in the UK if you wanted to ask the army to step in you will findthey Royal family have influence in the military so the ousting of any government here has beenengineered to fail. When military generals and leader don’t sing the same political song as theirmasters, they are ousted from the military thus avoiding any coup later. Thus the will of the peopleare suppressed.A Democracy can only truly flourish if the people are allowed to vote members in and out. Yes youshould have the right to place your
at any time during the period of rule by anygovernment. Once enough votes are reached they should resign or a military coup should take placeto enforce the will of the people. This will allow the will of the people to remain the power of thecountry and the political elite will have no choice but to follow the will of the people. In today’sworld it seems politicians only serve the corporate elite. Regardless of elections the corporationscontrol the media and lobby the top three political parties not forgetting the donations. The voice of the people has long been lost and we now only get to vote for what seems to be short termdictatorships.We have entered illegal wars, occupied countries, killed innocent people, armed the
to oustgovernments (Syria) we don’t like and promoted puppet governments like in Mali to steal theirwealth(Oil). We send billions in AID what mainly goes to corrupt people to keep lucrative deals openand plunder and destroy nature (BP) and then have the climate change blamed on the localpopulation in order to gain more money via taxes while big business get away scot free or handedsmall penalties . We follow a trickle down economy where the rich horde the wealth while the poorare made to suffer and starve with ever higher taxes. We have a free market but when your businesstakes work from big business they pull every dirty trick in the book to close you down. All this whileunder the name of a so called Democracy. We privatise essential utilities people require for life andsell them off to foreign companies who take more money out the country into tax havens andincrease prices yearly above inflation while old people and kids die of frostbite in the cold as theycannot afford to keep warm. Yet no one is held responsible. When people say NO, we are pushedand pushed until we say yes or we are made to just give up. This is neither a democracy nor how oneshould act.Our governments now see everyone as guilty until proven innocent (Communist order). We havesecret courts with law gagging orders to keep people still on the details of the courts, we haveconcentration camps abroad detaining people without court or trial, our every move is watched withCCTV, our conversations are recorded, our phone calls are recorded and monitored, our internet,email, messages and bank accounts are monitored and now our houses are scanned to see who isliving there and what metal (gold) we hoard. If you say or do anything wrong you are prosecuted.Free speech is suppressed and freedom is limited. Innocent people are executed in the trains andcars (hard stop police) with no court or trial, people are fed TB infected meat and geneticallyengineered foods against their will or knowledge (Horse meat with cancer agents) . We are arrestedfor peaceful demonstrations and require a licence from the government we are protesting against.The police run smear campaigns and bankers and elite figures killing people doing criminal acts arenot even prosecuted or jailed or given lean sentences. We cannot even have a say in giving our ownlaws and powers as they are given away to EU without a vote. (One world order) Some governmentand state television people are untouchable and above the law with salaries rising higher thaninflation while the general public are taking pay cuts struggling to put food and a roof over theirheads.Whistle blowers are hunted down and shut-up with law gagging orders, all while people lying toinvestigation tribunals and they are still not jailed. Presidents of other countries are hijacked in theair and STOPPED and SEARCHED. Big companies are tax evaders are getting away without paying.

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