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Astro Tarot - July 2013

Astro Tarot - July 2013

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Published by Melvin Koh
Astro Tarot - July 2013
Astro Tarot - July 2013

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Published by: Melvin Koh on Jul 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Renae and Paul Metaphysics Academy
By Renae Chan
Reiki Master, Numerologist,Tarot Consultant, Speaker-Trainer 
1 Aries - 21 Mar to 20 Apr: Eight of PentaclesCareer 
One of the best things about Aries is the fact that, when they're not being petulant or hard-headed, theyare one of the most fun, entertaining, and engaging signs in the Zodiac. It's easy for your sign to makefriends because your inherent humor and good nature can become irresistible when you decide to turn onthe charm. This month, your charm will be in full force, and your mood will be fun and fancy-free. Your stress levels will be low and your energy will be high, and you'll take everything in stride, inspiring your coworkers and superiors alike. Enjoy this amiable outlook, Aries, and milk it for all it's worth.
 Aries, for better or worse, become bored with their mates pretty quickly. Many people under this sign treatrelationships and sex with a revolving-door policy. But this month you may be surprised to find someoneenter your life who causes you to think about more than a couple nights of hedonistic pleasure. It's highlylikely you might even fall for this person, though this isn't particularly recommended. Any relationshipsthat begin around this time will have a more difficult chance of succeeding and can end badly for one or both of you.
In Love
 As for Aries already in the throes of a relationship, you will need to keep an eye on how much time youspend with your partner this month. There's a good chance you'll feel a tug toward the nightlife, and sometime away from your sweetheart. This is normal and natural, so long as this strengthens your bond rather than exacerbating discord. It may be wise to forgo some alone time in favor of a night or two with your partner, just to remind them that you do still care for them greatly.
You're very likely to feel generous toward friends during this time, and that may lead to some wastefulspending. Try to rein in any foolish purchases and only lend money this month if it's absolutely necessaryor if you're positive that the recipient will pay you back promptly. But there's also a good chance that you'llcome into a small, tidy windfall through a lottery ticket, a bonus at work, or a gift from a family member. If you can keep your spending reasonable, it's quite likely you'll have a better financial standing at the endof the month than you had at the beginning.
2 Taurus - 20 Apr to 21 May: Queen of PentaclesCareer 
The blinders are on the bull this month, as you dive headlong into your work. Your coworkers may seeyou
as a bit “obsessive” during this time but don't let that detract you. You're poised to really rise through
the ranks this month and your hard work is sure to impress higher-ups at the workplace. Your focus and
discipline will be admirable indeed and if you stick to your guns, the next month will provide a similar levelof productivity. This is definitely a good time to be a Taurus.
Don't be surprised if you find yourself a bit less inclined to go out seeking the touch of another. We allhave periods where we would rather be alone and at peace rather than suffering through the stress andconfusion of the dating scene. But that doesn't mean that you won't find anybody this month that you mayfeel a connection with. It's possible that you may encounter an attractive stranger at, say, the grocerystore, bank, or an equally sex-neutral place. So you might find yourself taking someone home despite thismonth's solitary inclinations.
In Love
With Jupiter in your third house, there's a distinct possibility that you'll have some form of significantencounters with your partner's family. Perhaps a visit to his or her parents, or maybe a sibling who is intown will stay with you. Either way, don't fret about this: Jupiter is a big, beneficent planet that loves toimprove and increase whatever he's involved in at the moment. This means that your relationship to these
law” types will be smooth, easygoing, and quite likely put you in a better state than you were before.
 A healthy financial outlook will surround the entire month of July, bestowing upon you quite a bit of comfort in terms of money matters. One of the best traits inherent in a Taurus is your ability to manageyour income with incredible aplomb; folks under your sign rarely go into debt. Thus, you stand a goodchance of being quite a bit better off this month. Investments will also be blessed during July, so if yousee a certain mutual fund or property that appears enticing, you might want to take a leap and give it ago.
3 Gemini - 21 May to 20 Jun: Six of WandsCareer 
What a great boon for you, Gemini! With Jupiter now fully in your second house, you can expect quite abit of a boost in regards to your career. The second house rules such important matters as salary level,wealth, and prosperity. And the planet of Jupiter is among the most influential, owing to its enormous size.Expect an increase in pay, hours, or anything akin to that. You might get a promotion, or it may besomething as simple as an easier workload that will make you feel as if you're making money withoutworking too hard for it.
Don't be surprised if you feel a bit more promiscuous than usual. Your desire for sexual gratification willbe high during this period, and that isn't necessarily always a good thing. Try to avoid getting into troublein this arena: Make sure that any partner you choose in July is trustworthy and decent. Try not tooverindulge in alcohol if you plan on frequenting pubs and bars. And, of course, failing that, a cold shower can do wonders. Enjoy yourself Gemini, but don't go overboard.
In Love
Temptation is the watchword this month, Gemini. You might feel an inclination to be unfaithful to your spouse or partner, and this of course can be quite disastrous. It likely won't be due to disillusionment with

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