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Robert Logan (b. 1778)

Robert Logan (b. 1778)

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Robert Logan was a Mulatto fur trader, born in the West Indies. He and his Saulteaux wife Mary O'Mera raised their Metis children at Point Douglas on the site of the original Fort Douglas which he had purchased from Lord Selkirk's estate.
Robert Logan was a Mulatto fur trader, born in the West Indies. He and his Saulteaux wife Mary O'Mera raised their Metis children at Point Douglas on the site of the original Fort Douglas which he had purchased from Lord Selkirk's estate.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Jul 11, 2013
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Robert Logan.
(1778-1866)Robert Logan purchased the site of the original Fort Douglas, including its flour millfrom the Selkirk estate in 1825. Here, he and his Saulteaux wife, Mary O’Mera, raisedtheir Metis children. Logan was a Councillor of Assiniboia from 1823 until 1839.Robert Logan was born September, 1778; baptized 3 June 1781 at St. Thomas in the EastParish, Jamaica Robert was the first of six known children born to Robert Logan (Sr) and baptized in this parish. His mother was
and a “free mulatto” woman named Anne Stitcher (Stitches).
Logan’s father was a West Indian planter who moved to Montreal in the 1780s,Robert Logan was fluently bilingual in French and English, and he entered the service of the North West Companyin 1801. From 1806 to 1814 he was a clerk at Sault Ste. Marie.In 1814 he was persuaded to join theHudson’s Bay Companyand worked at Montreal preparing the outfit for Colin Robertson’s Athabasca expedition of 1815. Heaccompanied the brigade to the North-West that year, wintering at Ile-à-la-Crosse.Between 1816 and 1819 he served at Rock Depot and Lac la Pluie and in the latter year was appointed to take charge of  Lord Selkirk ’s affairs at Red River during the absence of  Alexander Macdonell, Governor of Assiniboia. Logan remained at Red River, becomingone of its most prominent and wealthy settlers. George Simpsonwrote in 1822, “Logan is the best settler about the place without exception.” In 1825 he purchased from the LordSelkirk estate the property on which Fort Douglas stood, along with a grist mill thenunder construction. His was the first windmill used to grind grain in the Settlement.Robert Logan was twice married. On January 13, 1821 he married Mary O’Mera, aChippewa/Saulteaux Indian, just prior to the baptism of their daughter Ann on the sameday. Up until that time they had lived together according to the “custom of the country,” but after settling permanently in Red River Logan felt constrained to regularize hisdomestic affairs. Mary Logan died in 1839.Metis children of Robert Logan and Mary O’Mera;
Ann, born circa 1810 at Red River. Ann, married Neil McDonald.
Elizabeth, born December 1, 1810 at Sault Ste. Marie, married WilliamSutherland (Metis) the son of James Sutherland and Jane Flett.
Thomas, born 1812 at Sault Ste. Marie, married Margaret Cummings (Metis) thedaughter of Cuthbert Cuummings and Susette McKee in 1833. He subsequentlymarried Mary Anne Dease (Metis), the daughter of John Warren Dease andGenevieve Benoit in 1837.
Baptized two quadroon infants sons to Mr. Robert Logan Overseer at Phillipsfield by Anne Stitcher a freemulatto woman at Dalvey. Name Robert Logan age two years & 9 months. Name Thomas Logan age about6 mos.
Mary, born circa 1814, died in 1831.
Ellen, born 1816 at the Grand Portage, died in 1831.
Robert, born 1818 at Lac la Pluie married Betsy. He died in 1879.
William, born 1820 at Lac la Pluie, he married Theresa Cole, then ElizabethGauthier, then Kotoki Mathalay Menard all while living at Prairie du Chien.
John, born 1822 at Red River, died in 1823.
Margaret, born in 1824 at Red River, died in 1875.
Kenneth, born in 1826 at Red River. He married Susan Mcgillivray (Metis) thedaughter of Simon McGillivray and Theresa Roy. He died in 1859.
Jane, born 1829, married Edward Mcgillivray (Metis), of Simon McGillivray andTheresa Roy. He died in 1856.
 Nathaniel, born in 1831, died in 1856.
Barbara, born in 1834 at Red River, married Edward Lorenzo Barber, the son of Guy Barber. She died in 1894.Logan Family Metis Scrip:Scrip affidavit for McDonald, Mary; concerning the claims of her brothers:Robert McDonald, born: December 4, 1827, father: Neil McDonald (white man),mother: Ann Logan; Kenneth McDonald, born: April 17, 1851, father: NeilMcDonald (white man), mother: Ann Logan; McDonald, Mary, born: January 20,1828, father: Neil McDonald (white man), mother: Ann LoganScrip affidavit for Logan, William; born: 18 December 1841; father: ThomasLogan (Métis); mother: Mary Ann Logan (Métis); claim no: 1713; scrip no:10615; date of issue: Sept. 20, 1876; amount: $160.Scrip affidavit for Logan, Margaret; born: 30 April 1832; died: 28 March 1875;father: Robert Logan; mother: Mary Logan; heirs: Barbara L. Barber, Albert E.Barber, Alexander Barber, John Robert N.G. Barber, and Lillie Barber.Scrip affidavit for Logan, Thomas; born: 1812; father: Robert Logan (Scot);mother: Mary (Indian); claim no: 1857; scrip no: 10754; date of issue: Sept. 20,1876; amount: $160.2
Scrip affidavit for Logan, Thomas; born: 1836; father: Thomas Logan; mother:Mary Ann Dease.Scrip affidavit for Logan, Nathaniel; born: 10 July 1853; father: Thomas Logan;mother: Mary Ann Dease.Scrip affidavit for Logan, Juliet, Jane; born: May 1, 1845; wife of Wm. Logan;father: Thomas Thomas (Métis); mother: Harriet Stuart (Métis); claim no: 1715;scrip no: 10617; date of issue: Sept. 20, 1876; amount: $160.Scrip affidavit for Logan, John; born: 1840; father: Thomas Logan (Métis);mother: Mary Ann Dease (Métis); claim no: 1855; scrip no: 10752; date of issue:Sept. 20, 1876; amount: $160.Scrip affidavit for Logan, Francis; born: 1852; father: Thomas Logan; mother:Mary Ann, Dease.Scrip affidavit for Logan, Alexander, deponent for Mary J. Robinson; born: 30April 1851; father: Kenneth Logan; mother: Susan McGillivery; claim no: 2800;scrip no: 12314; date of issue: Sept. 5, 1878; amount: $160.Logan served as a Councillor of Assiniboia from 1823 until 1839. In February1835 hewas appointed Deputy Chairman of the Public Works Committee and a Justice of thePeace for the Third District. In 1837 he was appointed magistrate for the Middle District,and in 1844 was appointed Chairman of the Board of Works. Although he had previouslyattended the Anglican Church, he was active in obtaining a Presbyterian minister for theSettlement in 1851.Logan died on 26 May 1866. He is commemorated byLogan Avenuein Winnipeg.3

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