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The Morning Calm Korea Weekly - May 18, 2007

The Morning Calm Korea Weekly - May 18, 2007

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The Morning Calm Weekly is a U.S. Army Command Information newspaper primarily targeted towards the U.S. Military community serving, working and living at U.S. Army Installations in the Republic of Korea.
The Morning Calm Weekly is a U.S. Army Command Information newspaper primarily targeted towards the U.S. Military community serving, working and living at U.S. Army Installations in the Republic of Korea.

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Published by: Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper on May 13, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial No-derivs


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Volume 5, Issue 30
Local poetsrecognizedfor excellenceby MWR
Page 23
The Morning Calm Weekly isVisit http://ima.korea.army.mil
AFSCdistributes latestversion of the
Seoul Survivor 
Page 4
May 18, 2007
Page 11
Recognize and reportsuspicious activity
Spc. Brandon Moreno
8th Army Public Affairs
Given the daily news about the threatof terrorism, it is easy to becomecomplacent and forget the need for vigilantforce protection practices.“As with all DoD installations, we mustimplement appropriate anti-terrorismmeasures, in conjunction with our ROK allies, to protect the force”, explained Lt.Col. Anthony Allen, the deputy chief for the United States Forces Command andCombined Forces Command AntiterrorismForce Protection Division.“There have been terrorist attacks inmany places across the world, anyplacewhere you have Soldiers and Civiliansshould be considered a possible target,”Allen added.“What we are doing here is trying to prevent an attack even before it happens,”he said. “There is a cycle to how a terroristoperates. Our job here is to break thatcycle before the terrorist can strike.”“There are key things for people towatch out for when it comes to reportingsuspicious activities,” he added. Many people who report information on asuspicious activity may not be thorough,which in turn can potentially make itdifficult to catch the alleged suspect. Thereis a basic rule that should always be usedwhen reporting suspicious activity.“When reporting, people need to bevery thorough. It is best to use the fiveW’s as your guide; who is doing it, whatare they doing, where they are doing it,when did they do it and why do you think they are doing it,” Allen said.When deciding to use the five W’s andreport information regarding suspiciousactivities, you should avoid preconceivednotions about particular groups or cultures.“When you are out, don’t be lookingstrictly for the obvious terrorists to betaking pictures or planting a device,” Allensaid. “Chances are it’s going to besomeone who looks just like you.We had a training exercise here wherea young lady posed as a college recruiter.She managed to get all kinds of information from Soldiers,” he added.There are some basic things we all cando to minimize the threat of a terrorist
SeeSuspicious ASuspicious ASuspicious ASuspicious ASuspicious Activityctivityctivityctivityctivity, Page 3
Yongsan Security guards fire their M9 pistols at Reynolds Range during weapons qualification May 8. For more photos and the story, see Page 9.
U.S. A
. J
— A new security featurehas been added to protect myPay customers’ data on the pay account system.As part of an on-going commitment to strengthen password and account security, the Defense Finance andAccounting Service has implemented the “virtualkeyboard” to assist in protecting against malicioussoftware such as spyware, trojans and keylogging.Beginning in mid-May, when a user logs on to myPaythe virtual keyboard will appear on the screen. The user will type in their login ID and then the user will mouseclick his or her Personal Identification Number, or PIN, onthe keyboard pictured.DFAS uses a variety of security features to protectdata on the myPay system, yet users are asked to keep personally protect data from being compromised or captured on home computers.For more information visit https://mypay.dfas.mil.
Enhanced securityprotects MyPay users
Story and photos,see page 9
Garrison security personnel conductGarrison security personnel conductGarrison security personnel conductGarrison security personnel conductGarrison security personnel conductweapons qualification trainingweapons qualification trainingweapons qualification trainingweapons qualification trainingweapons qualification training
 — — — — — Lt. Gen. David P. Valcourt, 8th U.S Armycommanding general, and Command Sgt. Maj. BarryWheeler, command sergeant major of United NationsCommand, Combined Forces Command, U.S. Forces Korea and 8th U.S. Army, look on as a group of Soldiers negotiatethrough an obstacle during an Expert Field Medical Badgecompetition May 10 at Warrior Base. More than 284 Soldiers participated in the competition that involved three urban warfare scenarios similar to those found in Iraq and Afghanistan.
U.S. A
May 18, 2007
The Morning Calm Weekly 
 Morning Calm
Printed by Oriental PressBldg. 1440, Yongsan Main Post
Published byIMCOM-Korea
Printed by Oriental Press, aprivate firm in no way connectedwith the U.S. Government, underexclusive written contract withthe Contracting Command-Korea. The civilian printer isresponsible for commercialadvertising. The appearance ofadvertising in this publication,including inserts or supplements,does not constitute endorsementby the U.S. Army or OrientalPress of the products or servicesadvertised.Everything advertised in thispublication shall be madeavailable for purchase, use orpatronage without regard to race,religion, gender, national origin,President:President:President:President:President: Charles ChongCommercial AdvertisingCommercial AdvertisingCommercial AdvertisingCommercial AdvertisingCommercial AdvertisingTelephone:Telephone:Telephone:Telephone:Telephone: 738-5005Fax:Fax:Fax:Fax:Fax: 02-793-5701E-mail:E-mail:E-mail:E-mail:E-mail:
Mail address:Mail address:Mail address:Mail address:Mail address: Oriental Press,PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP96206-0758SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS:SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS:SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS:SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS:SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS:Phone:Phone:Phone:Phone:Phone: DSN 724-TMCW (8629)Fax:Fax:Fax:Fax:Fax: DSN 724-3356E-mail:E-mail:E-mail:E-mail:E-mail:
 MorningCalmWeekly @korea.army.mil 
This Army newspaper is an authorizedpublication for members of theDepartment of Defense. Contents of TheMorning Calm Weekly are not necessarilyofficial views of, or endorsed by, the U.S.Government, Department of Defense, orDepartment of the Army.The editorial content of this weeklypublication is the responsibility of theIMCOM-Korea, Public Affairs, APO AP96205.Circulation: 9,500
Sustain, Support and Defend
age, marital status, physicalhandicap, political affiliation, orany other non-merit factor of thepurchaser, user or patron. If aviolation or rejection of this equalopportunity policy by an advertiseris confirmed, the printer shallrefuse to print advertising fromthat source until the violation iscorrected.
The following entries were excerpted from themilitary police blotters. These entries may beincomplete and do not imply the guilt or innocenceof any person.
Area IIArea IIArea IIArea IIArea II
CommanderCol. Ron StephensPublic Affairs OfficerDavid McNallyStaff WriterSgt. Lee Yang-won
Area IIIArea IIIArea IIIArea IIIArea III
CommanderCol. Michael J. Taliento Jr.
Public Affair
s O
rBob McElroyCI OfficerF. Neil Neeley
Area IVArea IVArea IVArea IVArea IV
CommanderCol. John E. Dumoulin Jr.Public Affairs OfficerKevin JacksonCI OfficerGalen Putnam
Area IArea IArea IArea IArea I
CommanderCol. Forrest R. NewtonPublic Affairs OfficerMargaret Banish-DonaldsonCI OfficerJames F. Cunningham
Gen. B.B. Bell
GEN B.B. BellCommander, UNC/CFC/USFK 
The Department of Defense has a growingconcern regarding our unclassified DoDInternet, known as the NIPRNET. TheCommander of DoD’s Joint Task Force, Global Network Operations (JTF-GNO) has noted asignificant increase in use of DoD network resources tied up by individuals visitingcertain recreational Internet sites. These sitesshare various types of individual informationwith friends and family members (personalvideos, photos, and data files). Thisrecreational traffic impacts our official DoDnetwork and bandwidth availability, while posing a significant operational security challenge.To maximize the availability of DoD network resourcesfor official government usage, the Commander, JTF-GNO,with the approval of the Department of Defense, will block worldwide access to the following internet sites beginningon or about 14 May 2007: youtube.com, 1.fm, pandora.com, photobucket.com, myspace.com, live365.com, hi5.com,metacafe.com, mtv.com, ifilm.com, blackplanet.com,stupidvideos.com and filecabi.com.Access restrictions will only affect DoD computer systems and networks, not home computers. Regular trafficwithin the DoD network will not be affected, and thewebsites noted above will remain accessiblethrough personal Internet Service Providers.However, if you access such sites using your  personal home computer, you should exercisecaution in forwarding any links or files fromthese sites to DoD computers or networks.To do so could compromise OPSEC and createan opportunity for hacking and virusintrusion.As a reminder, regardless of which Internetsites you may visit from any computer, DoDor otherwise, you must always be alert to protecting sensitive, unclassified information.This benefits not only you, your fellow Servicemembers,and Civilian employees, but preserves our vital networksfor conducting official DoD business in peace and war.You should also be mindful of the risk of identity theft thatthese sites pose and protect yourself and your family.Thank you for your cooperation and assistance inunderstanding DoD’s requirement to protect our Government networks.
8th U.S. Army “All-Star” team hostsEnglish Soccer Clinic in Gangbuk 
Pfc. David E. Alvarado
8th U.S. Army Public Affairs Office
- The 8th U.S. Army “All-Star” soccer team hosted an English Soccer Clinic at the Hwy-Kyung Preschool in the Gangbuk District May 12 insupport of the community relations with the Republicof Korea.The clinic was an opportunity for the soccer teamto spend time with the preschool children, teachingthem English and soccer drills, singing songs, playinggames and dancing together.“When I came to Korea, one of the first things Iwanted to do was interact with the kids,” said Spc.Simon Dunk, an 8th U.S. Army soccer team midfieldwho taught soccer drills to the children. “What anopportunity it is to come here as a team and representthe Army and to be able to do something more than just playing a sport.”Like other Good Neighbor Program events, theclinic offered the team a chance to be mentors for aday in hopes of being able to leave a lasting impressionon the children.“These children are the future of Korea,” said Yeo,Sul Hui, the head teacher of the preschool. “Our goalwith today’s event is to teach the children how toaccept the differences between cultures.”Skin color had no relevance as team members paired up with the children to participate in the day’sactivities.The team taught the children simple drills usedthroughout their practices. Afterward, the childrentaught the team several games common to their schoolhouse, such as preventing a balloon from fallingto the ground and their own version of basketball,
SeeSoccerSoccerSoccerSoccerSoccer, Page 4
Traffic Accident with Injuries, Damage toGovernment Property, Damage to PrivateProperty, Subject #1, operating a POV, failedto stop at a red light on MSR #3 adjacent tothe Nokyang Station, Uijeongbu and struck Victim #1’s POV. Victim #1’s vehicle thenstruck Victim #2’s GOV. Subject #1 reportedinjuries consisting of chest pain but declinedmedical attention. Subject #1 was charged byKNP under KRTL ART #5 (Failure to Stop ata Red Light). All parties reported utilizationof their seatbelts. ECOD is unknown. This isa final report.
Larceny of Government Property, Larceny of Private Property, Person(s) unknown, bymeans unknown, removed Victim #1’s backpack, which was left unsecured andunattended in BLDG #111. Person(s) unknownthen fled the scene in an unknown direction.Victim #1 and Victim #2 rendered writtensworn statements attesting to the incident.Investigation continues by MPI.
Traffic Accident without Injuries, Damage toPrivate Property, Improper Backing, Subject#1, operating a POV, while backing struck Victim #1’s POV which was parked andunattended in the parking lot. Subject #1reported utilization of his seatbelt. ECOD isunknown. This is a final report.
Curfew Violation, Drunk and Disorderly,Communicating a Threat, at 0420 hours, 06MAY 07. MP detected a strong odor of analcoholic beverage emitting from Subject #1’s person. Subject #1 became disrespectful andtried to flee the scene. Subject #1 wasapprehended and transported to the CpWalker PMO Subject #1 rendered a writtensworn statement admitting to the offenses, processed and released to his unit. This is afinal report.
MP Blotter 
Installation Management Command-Korea RegionInstallation Management Command-Korea RegionInstallation Management Command-Korea RegionInstallation Management Command-Korea RegionInstallation Management Command-Korea Region
Director/PublisherDirector/PublisherDirector/PublisherDirector/PublisherDirector/PublisherBrig. Gen. Al AycockPublic Affairs Officer/EditorPublic Affairs Officer/EditorPublic Affairs Officer/EditorPublic Affairs Officer/EditorPublic Affairs Officer/EditorEd Johnson
Restricted access to Internet entertainmentsites across DoD networks
Bell Sends # 27-01
The Morning Calm Weekly 
May 18, 2007
IMCOM Public Affairsand The Morning Calm Weekly
The IMCOM-Korea Region PublicAffairs Officer, Command InformationOfficer and The Morning Calm Weeklystaff have moved to Bldg 1416,Yongsan. The telephone numbers havealso changed. To contact the PublicAffairs Officer call 724-3366, to contactthe Command Information Officer call724-3365. The Morning Calm WeeklyEditor can be reached at 724-TMCW.
Yongsan HostsRetiree Coucil Forum
The Yongsan Retiree Council willhost a Retiree Forum on June 9 atCommiskey’s. The event will begin at 9a.m. with a pay-as-you-go breakfast buffet. At 10 a.m., two featuredspeakers will share vital informationwith retirees; LTC Marsha Patrick,Chief of Managed Care at 121 CombatSupport Hospital will speak onTRICARE for retirees and Ms. TiffanyLassen, the Officer-in-Charge of thelocal Veterans Affairs BenefitsDischarge Office, will discuss theVeterans benefits available to retireesfrom the VA. This event is beingsponsored in part by NCOA and MWR.
Administrative Professional Needed
The Combined Federal CampaignOverseas Pacific is seeking adependable, organized individual toassist the Pacific Combined FederalCampaign office at U.S. Army Garrison-Yongson, Korea with administrativefunctions. Call 225-9997 for details.
BOSS Beach Blastat Daechon Beach
The annual BOSS Beach Blast willtake place at Daecheon Beach June 2-3, approximately 2 hours from CampHumphreys. Besides “fun in the sun”,the day will include a mud fight,volleyball, sand sculptures, pyramid,limbo, and more! Reserve a spot at your local Community Activities Center. Call725-5289 for details.
Financial Glitch Overpays Soldiers
Approximately 700 Soldiers’ payaccounts were affected by a systemerror in the Automatic Rent Collection program.As a result of the error, rent paymentsfor Soldiers receiving OverseasHousing Allowance were notautomatically collected from the May pay period, causing an increase in their mid-month and end-of-month pay for May 2007.To ensure June rental payments aremade, Soldiers are asked to come to thefinance office disbursing window intheir local area from June 1-13 to cash a personal check for the amount of their rent payment. For more information, please contact the finance office atDSN 723-3562 or 723-5394.
"Bongnaeui" Dance Performance, May 20
At the newly opened Goyang Aramnuri Art Center, a performance of the "Bongnaeui" will be held on May 20.The "Bongnaeui" is a multi-artistic court dance from theJoseon era that describes the coming of phoenix, animaginary bird known to appear in only a peaceful reign. TheGoyang Aramnuri Art Center, which opened this month, isone of Korea's largest and best appointed performing artscomplexes.The Goyang Aramnuri Art Center can be reached byJeongbalsan Station, Line 3. is produced by the NationalCenter for the Korean Traditional Performing Arts. Ticketsare 20,000-30,000 won. For more information, call (031) 960-0000.
Lotus Lantern Festival, May 18-20
Held to commemorate the birth of Buddha, this all-day eventis an important annual festival in Seoul. You can experiencehow to make lanterns free of charge; print or engravetraditional Korean patterns; enjoy face painting (picturessuch as a lotus and fish are painted on your face. You canalso dress up in traditional attire and have your photo taken.Many more new and exciting experiences are awaiting you,and most are free. The event is located at the DongdaemunStadium, Seoul.For more information call +82-2-1330 (English/Korean)
Off-post Events and Activities
Poryung Mud Fesitval, July 2007
Korea's Poryong Mud Festival, held annually at Taechon Beach, promises to bring out the mucky child in everyone. Mud haslong been known to be a marvellous treatment for skin andKoreans know this only too well, so smear yourself in mud andmake your skin shine. Buses direct to Poryong from Seoul's EastTerminal take 3 hours and 20 minutes. Flights from Seoul go tonearby Kunsan. For more information contact the Depart-menT of Tourism and Transportation, Poryong, at poryong@soback.kornet.nm.kr or by calling +82 (0) 452 930 3541
Royal Guard Changing Ceremony, Daily
Visitors of the Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul can experience are-enactment of Korean military tradition - the changing of theRoyal Guards. This ceremony has been reenacted since 1996. Intraditional costumes, the sentries change the guard at the maingates of Gyeongbokgung, Deoksugung and ChangdeokgungPalaces in central Seoul. Palace gate guardsmen end their sentryduty, present arms and parade.The event is conducted Tue-Sun at 10.30a.m., 2 p.m., 2.30 p.m. &3 p.m (not on Mondays) . Directions: North of City Hall, a 15-minute walk from Anguk Station (Seoul Subway Line No 3)towards Biwon for 15 minutes. Alternatively, alight at Jongno3(sam)-ga Station (Seoul Subway line No 5) and pass by NagwonArcade. Call +82 (0) 2 762 8262 for more information
Source: www.korea.net and www.hotelnet.com
Hundreds of USAG-Yongsan residents and Dragon Hill Lodge customers turn out for a 17th anniversary celebrationFriday at the DHL Courtyard.
U.S. A
. K
attack on an individual or one of our installations.“Try not to stick out too much. Of course most people can tell that you are aSoldier, but you don’t want to just givethem something that will clarify it for them.For example many Soldiers wear these back packs that have the Army CombatUniform pattern on them,” Allen said.Although Servicemembers may feel theneed to report every civilian taking photosin the area, there are certain things peopleshould watch out for when reporting thesesituations.“Of course you’ll have your touristfrom, time to time, who will ask to takeyour picture, but what the Servicemember should watch out for is anything thatseems out of the ordinary, out of place, or  just doesn’t feel right” Allen said.“In those situations you shouldremember the five W’s, alert your fellowServicemembers, and report it to your chain of command immediately.Ultimately it is everyone’s re-sponsibility to be alert to their surroundings and report suspiciousactivity to the Military Police or their chainof command.
Suspicious ActivitySuspicious ActivitySuspicious ActivitySuspicious ActivitySuspicious Activity
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Dragon Hill Lodge celebrates17th anniversary

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