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The Glorification of the Son of Man.

The Glorification of the Son of Man.

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JOHN zii23.

JOHN zii23.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jul 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE GLORIFICATIO OF THE SO OF MA.REV. SAMUEL D. WADDY, D. D.JOH zii23.In order to the interpretation of this text, and itsprofitable application to ourselves, it is necessarythat we should bear. in mind a few of the leadingfacts in man's religipus history, — ^facts with which,we are suflSciently familiar, but which it is necessarythat we should view in connection with each other.In the first place, we are taught that man wascreated ^in the image' and 'likeness' ^of God,'that he might hold intercourse and communion withHim as a man with his friend ; that he was to beGod's representative on earth to all the inferiorcreatures, having embodied in him all that theycould by possibility know of Divine intelligenceand power. He was created in the image which,we are told, consisted in 'righteousness and trueholiness.' He was to be the vocal and intelligentpriest of nature, to present to God, the Creator of all things, the praise and honour due to Him. Theobject 6i Satan in his temptation of man, — a tempt-THE GLORIFICATIO OF THE SO OF MA. 63ation which unhappily sncceeded^ — was to frustratethis intention of God^ and to bring man into thatfallen state in which all his powers^ which shouldhave been consecrated to God, should present toHim the greatest insult and offence, so that heshould blaspheme the holy ame which he ought tohave reverenced and adored, should violate the holy
law which he ought to have himself observed, andwhich, too, he ought to have administered, and thathe should, in fact, invert the whole order of things,and abuse the powers bestowed on him by hisMaker. The object of the coming and sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ was to defeat and overthrowthe design of the devil ; and thus to establish theoriginal intention of God. *For this purpose theSon of God was manifested, that He might destroythe works of the devil.' If you bear these threepoints in mind, you will at once perceive that youhave before you the platform of a mighty contest.Man is at once the scene and the subject of thiscontest. The great question to be decided is,whether man shall be the servant of God, or theservant of the devil ; wliether he shall glorify God,or glorify the devil ; whether God's original andbenignant purpose shall stand, or whether the eviland malignant purpose of the devil shall stand.The two great combatants in this contest are Christ,the Redeemer of the world, and Satan, ' the princeof the power of the air, the spirit that now workethin the children of disobedience.' The Apostlerecognises the warlike character of our Lord's mis-sion, when he calls Him ' the Captain of our salva-tion,' and he speaks also of Satan as ' the god of 64 SERMOS,this world ' — a statement whicli is awfully true of the present period of the world's history, as well asof the past. This great contention, then, is beforeus, with the object and purpose on one side and onthe other ; and we see the importance of the issue.It is evident that in this, as in all wars, fflory wouldbelong to that side which should achieve the vic-
tory. If Christ should be victorious, then He wouldbe glorified ; if Satan should be victorious, then hewould be glorified. It will be further evident that,if there were any period in this great contest inwhich a decisive blow was about to be struck, some-thing which should for ever determine the victoryon one side or the other, whatever might be thesubsequent fortunes of this changing war, whateverthe alternations of failure and success in difierentages and in various places, — that would be theperiod in which one or other of these contendingparties would be glorified. Such an event wasabout to take place when our Lord uttered thewords of the text : — ' The hour is come, that theSon of Man should be glorified.'It is interesting for us to know that, wheneverthe Captain of our salvation has come into whatmay be called personal collision with Satan, He hasalways been victorious, although the circumstancesunder which these contests have taken place haveappeared to be unfavourable to such a result. Thiswas the case with our Lord's temptation. He hadbeen baptized by John in Jordan, and had been ledby the Spirit into the wilderness, that He mighttake a solemn view of the whole scheme and matterbefore Him, and that He might prepare Himself,THE GLORIFICATIO OF THE SO OF MA. 65by fasts and prayers of unusual length and intensity^by religious exercises and devotions of more thanordinary solemnity, for the scenes through which Hehad to pass, the lessons which He had. to teach,and the example which He was about to set. Whenfaint and hungry with these exhausting exercises of body and mind, Satan came upon Him and temptedHim to make one of the stones before Him into

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