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Water Supplies

Water Supplies

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Published by rmaffireschool
Edited by RMAF Fire School based on new curriculum for Basic Aerofireman Course students
Edited by RMAF Fire School based on new curriculum for Basic Aerofireman Course students

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Published by: rmaffireschool on Jul 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BFO 1.1 - 1
OBJECTIVELearning Outcome 9
Describe the Source of Water Supplies for Fire Service.
Assessment Criteria 9
9.1 State the types of water supplies
9.2 List out Main Supply
9.3 List out Secondary Supply
9.4 List out Natural Supply
a. Jilid iii Capter 13
AT Command ( Deraf) Fireman Service, Section 6.
BFO 1.1 - 2
Water supply for fire services is important because essentially fire can be controlled andremoved by using water which is easily available and cheap cost.
CONTENTSTypes of Water Supply
Divided into three categories as follows:a
. Main Supply (Main Supply)
. Divided into two, namely:( 1)
Ring Main
. Water pipelines installed around the area or placementof buildings and the channel will be ended to the Underground Storage Tank(Under Ground Reservoir).
Straight Play
. Pipeline that is installed directly through the centralarea or placement of buildings and at the end channel is closed (Blank Off).b.
Open Supply (Secondary Supply)
. Divided into three, namely:(1)
Emergency Water Supply (EWS)
. Is to help fight fire within the
Water SuppliesPumpFigure 2: Straight Main Water Supplies
BFO 1.1 - 3
range of 180 meters (600 feet). Water tank filled with a Fire Hydrant. Thewater content is between 45.000 - 90.000 liter (10.000 to 20.000 gallons).(2)
Underground Tanks (Ground Level Reservoir)
. Used for supplyingwater to the tank High (Overhead Storage Tank) and can also be dischargedinto the main pipeline channels to fight large fires.The flow of water into thetank using the 'Automatic Pump ". The water content is 450,000 liters(100,000 gallons)Figure 4: Ground Level Reservoir / Storage Tank(3)
High Tank (Overhead Storage Tank
). A i r for use daily. Thistank was built as high as 24.2 meters (80 feet) which will provide pressure of 2.3 bar (35 psi) at the site (Base). The water content between 135.000 to270.000 liters (30.000 to 60.000 gallons)
Figure 3 : Emergency Water Supplies

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