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Mito Metamorfosis-330p Tesis Orfismo Stian Torjussen 2008

Mito Metamorfosis-330p Tesis Orfismo Stian Torjussen 2008

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Published by Fernando

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Published by: Fernando on Jul 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Metamorphoses of Myth
A Study of the ”Orphic” Gold Tablets and the DerveniPapyrus
Stian Sundell Torjussen
 A dissertation for the degree of Philosophiae Doctor 
Faculty of Humanities
Department of Culture and Literature
September 2008
Acknowledgements vAbbreviations viiIntroduction 1Chapter 1 The Study of Orphism 71.1 Introduction 71.2 The role of philosophy: Orphism from Tiedemann to Müller, 1780-1841 81.3 Orphic original sin: The early gold tablets and their interpretation 261.4 Orpheus the protestant: Evolutionary perspectives on Orphism 371.5 Reaction. Wilamowitz, Linforth, and beyond 43Chapter 2 New Gold Tablets and Itinerant
472.1 Introduction 472.2 Categorizing the new gold tablets 482.3 From Olbia to Hipponion. Orphic-Dionysiac gold tablets? 562.4 Itinerant
and the gold tablets 612.5 The shorter gold tablets as further evidence for eclectism 732.5.1 Macedonia 732.5.2 Peloponnese and Crete 782.5.3 Temporary conclusion 812.6 The religious background of the longer gold tablets 82Chapter 3 The Myth of the Dismemberment of Dionysos Revisited 893.1 Introduction 893.2 Before 400 BC 943.2.1 Onomakritos 943.2.2 Herodotus 963.2.3 Pindar and Plato 1023.2.4 Conclusion 1053.3 Fourth century 106
 ii3.3.1 Plato (continued) 1063.3.2 Xenokrates 1103.3.3 The Derveni papyrus 1113.3.4 Conclusion 1113.4 Third century 1123.4.1 Euphorion, Kallimakhos, and the Gurôb papyrus 1123.4.2 Conclusion 1153.5 Second century 1153.5.1 The Perinthos inscription 1153.6 First century and beyond 1173.6.1 Diodorus Siculus 1173.6.2 Plutarch and Dio Chrysostomos onanthropogony and original sin 1193.7 The diversity of myth 1263.8 Conclusion 128Chapter 4 Ritual References in the Gold Tablets 1314.1 Introduction 1314.2 ”Pure I come out of the pure” 1334.3 ”Immersion-in-milk” and initiation in the Pelinna tablets 1404.4 ”I am a son of Earth and starry Heaven” 1524.5 Ritual references through repetition 1604.6 References to initiation in other gold tablets 1634.7 Conclusion 165Chapter 5 The Toledo Krater, Virgil, and Orphism 1695.1 Introduction 1695.2 Eschatology in Magna Graecia 1715.3 Orpheus on the Apulian Underworld vases 1805.4 The Toledo krater and the eschatologies of the gold tablets 1875.5 The ”Orphic-Pythagorean” eschatology of the gold tabletsand the sixth book of Virgil’s
1955.6 Conclusion 209Chapter 6 The Derveni Papyrus 2116.1 Introduction 2116.2 Orphic texts and theogonies 2126.3 The Derveni papyrus 2176.3.1 The Derveni theogony 2226.3.2 Dionysos in the Derveni theogony 2256.3.3
in the Derveni theogony 2286.3.4 Phanes in the Derveni theogony 2356.4 The Derveni commentator 2386.4.1 Ritual in the Derveni papyrus 2396.4.2 The Derveni commentator as an orphic
 and his ritual polemics 2436.5 The Derveni papyrus and orphism 247

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