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Dubow Digest Germany Edition July 11, 2013

Dubow Digest Germany Edition July 11, 2013

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Published by Eugene DuBow
An American Jewish - German Information & Opinion Newsletter
An American Jewish - German Information & Opinion Newsletter

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Published by: Eugene DuBow on Jul 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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GERMANY EDITIONJuly 11, 2013Dear Friends: A Gershwin tune from the opera
Porgy & Bess
talks about “Summertime!
- and the living
is easy”. Well, summer 
time living might be easy along the Mississippi but there isnothing easy these days about the relationship between Germany and the U.S. Thespying fiasco has caused a short-circuit in what is usually a pretty much seamlesssense of positive
rapport between the two nations. Perhaps I’m not assigning enough
importance to the difficulty is has caused but I believe it is the sort of trouble that isironed out quietly between diplomats and politicians. I expect the link between the U.S.and Germany, because it is of such great importance to both parties will be fixed by thetime September and the German election roll around. As noted in an article below, no one knows what will happen in Egypt. The implicationsfor Israel are troubling and possibly dire. Being that Egypt
is Israel’s most important
border-neighbor is trouble enough, however, when you add the Syrian civil war onanother border and then a slowly disintegrating Lebanon on yet a third, plus Hamas inGaza
well, it’s a tough neighborhood in which to live. It gives us American Jewssomething to worry about. We’re not happy unless we’re worrying.
The Egypt situationshould keep us happy for a long time to come.
It’s vacation time here in the Lower Hudson Valley. Hotter and more humid than usual.
To beat the humidity and to visit family this correspondent will be taking a brief vacationout to the California.
However, I’ll be back for t
he August edition.
Enjoy your summer Urlaub. Let’s get on to the news…
The ever changing scene has important implications for Israel. You can gainsome insight by reading what a non-government observer thinks about the situation.
Secy. Kerry’s next visit is off because of his wife’sillness. However, he doesn’t seem to want to give up. So, there’s talk about more talk.
To the Orthodox, female “almost” rabbis could cause a
rabbinical earthquake. AMERICAN JEWS & THE POPE
Off to a good start.
Back to the Israel
Palestinian matter for a moment. Shouldn’t
the focus be on getting done what is possible
With anti-Semitism rising will EuropeanJews
in larger numbers decide it’s time to leave?
 EGYPTSince the government overthrow in Egypt the usual talking heads and commentatorshave been trying to figure out how it will affect Israel. American Jews like everybodyelse in the world (I guess) is waiting for some sort of cloture
or something to happenso they can have some idea of how the situation truly stands. Obviously,
that’s not
possible at the moment. I
t’s all very fluid.
 Since no one really knows, the best that we can do is to turn to someone who hasexperience with the relations between Egypt and Israel. Such a person is
Former Israeli Ambassador to Egypt Eli Shaked
In a
interview he opined
Israel of course is not a player in these issues. All these past two years we have carefully stayed out of the Egyptian game. Nobody in our government or in Parliament is talking about this.What's important for Israel - not that Israel can do anything - is that Egypt will restorelaw and order and stability. It's of primary importance for Israel. Two years ago, whenMubarak was deposed, there was a terrorist attack in southern Israel and you could seeCairo lost nearly all its sovereignty over the Sinai.Today, that situation has gotten a bit better. Israel allowed the Egyptian army to bring much more military into Sinai, far beyond what's allowed in the peace agreement.There's a very strong mutual interest between Israeli and Egyptian security forces torestore law and order and full Egyptian sovereignty from Cairo over the Sinai. Sinai hasbecome a home for terrorists. They train there and shoot at Israelis and at the Egyptianarmy. And Egypt also fears a terror attack on its Suez Canal.What does the fall of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood mean for Hamas, the Islamic movement that rules the Gaza Strip?
Hamas has lost Iran, they have lost Syria and they are losing Egypt. They are muchmore isolated.
What Amb. Shaked said makes a lot of sense. Of course, how weakened Hamas mightbe is something only the future will tell.
 At this moment it’s just “wait and see time”.
To read the Ambassador’s full interview click here.
http://www.dw.de/for-israel-its-a-hostile-environment/a-16929750 ISRAEL - PALESTINIAN UPDATE Actually there isn't much to report except a lot of discussion about - discussion. Thelatest round of positive and/or negative talk (depending how you look at it) came aboutbecause of U.S. Secy. of State's speech at AJC's Global Forum in Washington back inearly June and a statement made by Israel's right-wing economic minister NaftaliBennett who said that the that the two-state solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflictwas dead. At the AJC meeting, Kerry encouraged the American Jewish organizations to use their influence with the Israeli government to move more vigorously toward a peaceagreement
. The Forward 
"Kerry, speaking at the annual meeting of the American Jewish Committee, called on American Jews to support his effort and to provide political backing for leaders willing to take risks for peace.
―You can help shape the future of this process and help Israel direct its destiny,‖ Kerry said in his speech, adding that ―no one has a stronger voice‖ on the issue of a two
-statesolution, than the American Jewish community.
Following this came the Bennett statement which drew a sharp rebuke from AJCExecutive Director David Harris.
―Since he is a member of the
current Israeli coalition government, it is important that his view be repudiated by the
country‘s top leaders.‖ 
―Bennett contravenes the outlook of Prime Minister Netanyahu and contradicts the
vision presented earlier this month to the AJC Global Forum by Minister Tzipi Livni,chief Israeli negoti 
ator with the Palestinians,‖ Harris continued. ―Livni stated clearly that 
a negotiated two-state settlement is the only way to assure that the State of Israel will 
remain both Jewish and democratic. That is a view we at AJC have long supported.‖ 
―We are un
der no illusion about the difficulties of achieving a two-
state accord,‖ Harrisconcluded. ―But Bennett‘s alternative scenario offers only the prospect of a dead 
strategy of endless conflict and growing isolation for Israel.‖ 
This statement made some on the left and in the "peace camp" ecstatic including Roger Cohen of the
New York Times

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