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Meeting at Lunch Recess

Meeting at Lunch Recess

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Published by Terry Collett
a boy and girl and a lunch time meeting at school
a boy and girl and a lunch time meeting at school

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Published by: Terry Collett on Jul 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MEETING AT LUNCH RECESS.Christina sits with friends on the school playing field. Gossip engaged about her.Lessons talk. She sees over by the fence, of the boy's playground, Benedict with afriend talking. Will he come over? Hope so. A girl on her left laughs; some joke isexchanged. She watches Benedict move with the friend. He talked of Elvis yesterday.Said he heard him sing on a foreign radio station. A girl on her right talks ofsomething her sister said about her boyfriend. There is giggling. Christina watches asBenedict gestures towards her to his friend. They both look her way. She looks downat the grass, brushes a hand ver. grass blades. The girl named Shirley says herboyfriend kissed her the night before outside her cottage and it was fabulous sheboasts smiling. Christina puts her hands over her knees as she sits cross-legged. Hemight come over. He's talking still. A girl called Mary (whom the boys call four eyes)says she wants to be a nun when she grows up. Christina sees Benedict leave hisfriend and begins to walk up on the grass towards her. He's coming. Mustn't blush.Leave these here or they'll want to know all the ins and outs. She gets up from thegrass and walks towards him. Shirley asks where she's going, but she ignores her andconcentrates on walking with that wiggle she's seen Marilyn Monroe do in themovies. He is near. What shall I say to him? She feels herself begin to blush. Theother girls she had left behind call out. He smiles on seeing her and greets her shyly.She takes his hand in hers to lead him away from the giggling girls on the grass.Warm hand. Skin on skin. They walk over the grass talking. He talks of thewoodwork lessons he had that morning. Waste of time, he says, no talent for it. Shelistens to him, takes his every word in her mind, moves them over in her mind as ifthey were boiled sweets. She squeezes his hand tighter. He talks on about this tooland that in the woodwork lesson, this saw and that, how they were used and I didn'tcare a fig anyway, he says. He asks her what she has done that morning. She tells ofthe double science, the teacher going on and on about such a thing and how it relatedto some other thing. His thumb rubs my skin. Rubs the back of my hand. If only. Toomany eyes. She talks of her mother lecturing her about her unmade bed; needs airing,her mother had said. Spittle on her mother's bottom lip. They reach the edge of thewoods just off the playing field. Out of bounds. They stand there looking back at theother boys and girls on the playing field. A game of football is in play. The friendBenedict was talking to is there running. Groups of girls were sitting in a circletalking. Some walk in pairs or in groups of four or more. They walk backwardsslowly into the woods, looking out to see who was watching. None is. They reachback until they are out of sight. Hands locked. Eyes peering around them. Out ofbounds. Some still went there. None now. Just them. He brings her into his arms. Shefeels his hands on her back. She has her hands around his neck. They kiss. Lips onlips. Warm, wet, his tongue entering, touching hers. Sensuous. The lips stick.Tonguesmoving over each the other. She closes her eyes. Hears him breathing. Breathes in adout at the corner of her mouth. Hands move about her spine, rubbing, gently. Hisfinger touches her at the base of her spine. Feels it there. Lingering, pressing. Sheopens her eyes to narrow slits. He has eyes closed. She shuts her eyes. His handmoves down on to her buttock. She feels. Opens her mouth. His mouth pushes nearer.

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