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Enactus Annual Report 2013

Enactus Annual Report 2013

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Published by Mordecai Starz Eli
The Annual Report of the Enactus Vaal University of Technology Projects and Development for the World to see.
The Annual Report of the Enactus Vaal University of Technology Projects and Development for the World to see.

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: Mordecai Starz Eli on Jul 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kings Animation Studio is a cartoonanimation company established by two young entrepreneurs, TiyaniNdobe and Phronesis Baloyi. Throughit’s film production, the company ad-dresses adversities such as unemploy-ment, social issues and current affairs.The primary objective of the company was induced by the high unemploy-ment rate of up and coming anima-tors and script writers in South Africa. With no marketing techniques put inplace, the Kings Animation company couldn’t get their product out thereto the public; however the only me-dium used for exposure was YouTube.Enactus-VUT took advantage of thismedium by inviting more people towatch one of Kings Animation’s pro-duced films, “The Missing Chicken”,on YouTube, so as to create an inter-est for company’s film products. Thenumber of viewership of the MissingChicken has increased from 29 to363 views in a period of one month.A major huddle the company had wasthat it needed investors or produc-ers who could take interest and helpin its initiative. Enactus-VUT assistedthese young entrepreneurs on how topresent themselves professionally andhow to express their ideas better. Af-terward, this skill then enabled themto secure a meeting with Mr. Harry Hofmeyer who is a Content Executiveat the Urban Brew production com-pany. After negotiations, the KingsAnimation studio stands to make R66000 for a single episode and 14 epi-sodes are to be produced which willresult with the making of R924 000,that will be used to nurture the com-pany further and employ more staff.
Handwork, creativity, patience and time can gohand-in-hand to ensure a bigger and better andbrighter future, and this is exactly how the mak-ing of the carpets and blankets can also be supporta structure for students with learning disabilities.The learners create beautiful carpets and fromtheir own creativity to produce strikingly art-ful pieces in the end. It takes the learners two tothree days for them to complete the end prod-uct. The kids feel that if they learn these skills,it can actually be a way for them to move away from engaging in any illegal or dangerous thingssuch as stealing goods. The learners get to dowhat they enjoy and still be able to sustain them-selves financially. As it is, students feel confidentenough to start and run their own businesses.FUTURE LEADERS. They admit howeverthat in the beginning it is difficult for themto start with a new design, but once they get the hang of it, it becomes much easier.The teacher said that ever since theENACTUS-VUT TEAM has been involvedwith the activities within the THABO VUYORESOURCE CENTRE, they have been ableto work at a much faster pace because wehave set in a place for them to conduct mar-keting strategies. The teachers from Thabo Vuyo Resource Centre feel that without theassistance of the ENACTUS-VUT team,they would still have no idea as to how they couldget their products out to the public, apartfrom the public having to discover them.The learners have bright ideas as to wherethey see themselves in the next five years.Since the learners received their materialsin May, they have collectively made R930.00in sales from their artistic creations.We asENACTUS -VUT conducted research on whichequipment needs to be purchased that will en-able the learners to meet the market demand.
One of the many admirable aspects aboutThabo Vuyo Resource Centre is the fact thatthey incorporate a variety of skills that learn-ers can use to further their lives, regardless of the challenge they face. The art and crafts de-partment of the school helps the learners tobe able to design mosaics.The teachers’ feed-back was that this activity helps the learnerswith areas such as decision making regardingconstant and continuous assembling; deco-rating of the mosaics and sharing of art mate-rial increases the learner’s social interaction.Enactus-VUT recognizes an important needto make the art and crafts a project thatcould potentially generate income. With theschool’s opening in July, Enactus-VUT haveapplied to the Department of Educationto escort the learners outside the school’svicinity to allow the learners to sell theirproducts, therefore enabling us to transferfinancial literacy skills and the knowledgeof fair trading. With our established relation-ship with the university’s Faculty of Man-agement Sciences, we have been given thepermission to market and therefore sellThabo Vuyo Creative Art products to theuniversity staff members, which wouldmean going from door to door broadcast-ing and selling Thabo Vuyo Products. We are to establish a partnership withthe Vanderbijpark Rotary AnnualFestival which will enable Enactus- VUT to market and sell the learner’sproducts, therefore reinforcing whatthey’ve learned in a real life situation.
Thabo Vuyo Resource Center is a schoolthat caters for students who have learningdisabilities and one of the many activitiesthat are being offered by the school is theskill of baking. Students later on receivecertificates that broaden their chancesof finding employment after studying.Learners are taught on how to makebread, home-made biscuits and pastry.These baked goods are then sold andsupplied to school functions both inter-nally and externally. However, learnersare not involved in the selling of theirbaked goods as teachers are the oneswho facilitate the trading process. En-actus-VUT identified this as a need, asstudents are not taught on how to man-age their own money and again on how to conduct a fair trade. The consequenceof the lack of this knowledge can renderthe students to have a limited choice andflexibility in regards to what they can do.Sweet Confections Bakery is an Enactus-VUTinitiative that aims to help students of thisschool to attain the skill and knowledge of financial literacy that can help them to gen-erate more income outside the school prem-ises during school holidays. With the part-nership of our institution, we are to host andconduct financial literacy workshops thatwill help them manage their money wisely. We have again considered the fact that theselearners have a learning disability and there-fore we will be working hand-in-hand with theschool teachers to make sure that they takehold of the knowledge we are to impart onthem and as a result expand their choicesto what career path they can follow afterschool. In this case, there would be a higherchance of them becoming entrepreneurs. With the rate of unemployment on theraise, the chances of getting a job areslim especially for individuals who havea learning disability. Thabo Vuyo Re-source Center is a school that caters forchildren who posses these delicate condi-tions, and initially the school was fully funded by the Department of Educationbut recently the department then subsi-dized the school’s feeding scheme andthus the school started a small gardenin order to produce food for its learners. With no prior experience on how to startand maintain a garden, the plan wasdoomed from the start, as there was noone who would make time for the gar-den; again there was not enough equip-ment until Enactus-VUT intervened. Weperceived the problem the school hadat hand as an opportunity to transferknowledge to the students on how to startand maintain a garden, thus the Gardenof Pure Happiness was instantiated. With our established relationship withthe Faculty of Management Science, theschool was able to attain equipment worthR14 938.30. The team then took it uponitself to go and visit the school on a week-ly basis to ensure that our shared visionwith schools’ governing body is met, thatis, to transfer knowledge to the learnersand provide enough equipment so thatmore students will be involved and thesurplus of the fresh produce will be soldto generate extra income for the school.
“ Many things grow in the garden that werenever sown there.”  
-Thomas Fuller 

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