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Scada System Irs

Scada System Irs



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Published by ssgupta65

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Published by: ssgupta65 on May 13, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SCADA TELEMETRY IN INDIAN RAILWAY 25 KVA OHE DISTRIBOTION SYSTEMReliable Solution with seamless performancePage 1 of 16
Brief application Description:
The Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition System in Indian Railway for remote monitoringand control of 25 KVA over head distribution systems for catanory power supply of electrified traction area of Indian Railway is quiet common, important and poplar aspect inIndian Railway Electrification related projects has executed successfully as well executingunder various electrified sections of Indian Railway. In present scenario with the demand of time and the need of modern system the rapidly growing need of electrifications of unelectrified sections of Indian Railway has generated a parallel demand and business scopein the segment of supply, engineering and commissioning of state of the art SCADA systemsor some time popularly known as REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM in the terminology of IndianRail, separately along with the OHE Traction Power Supply projects in Indian Railway.The Heart of the SCADA or REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM is centered on a Master Control Unit orCentral Control Unit (MCU). Which is centrally located at the main control room of OHE of aparticular section or division of Indian Railway. Which is networked with the remote terminalunits popularly known as RTU in the conventional terminology of SCADA.The RTU under theMCU in a particular section of Indian Railway is located in remote positions across the sectionwhich field connected with the substation equipments like switch gear energy and otherparameter monitoring transducers in each location which gathers the mandatory status andparameters specified by Indian Railway through the auxiliary components of switch gear alsoit interposes the commands to the switch gear control circuits through its auxiliary actuatingcomponents.Normally there can be normally 32-36 RTU’s in rough estimation in a section of a 90 to 110Km’s long section under one central monitoring cum control unit. The RTU’s are hooked upwith the MCU through communication link dedicated for Indian Railway is to be provided byRailway to the SCADA vendors. This MCU & RTU can be either a Micro Processor based or PLCbased as par the specification. Although there has neither any logical conflict nor anytechnical demarcation for developing the system either by Processor or PLC since PLC issimply a product which is based on standard Controller or Processor with an enhanced userlevel development platform for the ease of field level debugging in a minimum time andguaranteed compliance with various international safety standard ensures the reliability of theproject linked application. The standard compliance is IES, UL, SIL etc is guaranteed with PLC.Along with PLC has a wide built in communication options ensured a varity of communicationstandards like:i.
Serial RS232ii.
MODBUS Serialx.
HARTLike many more.
SCADA TELEMETRY IN INDIAN RAILWAY 25 KVA OHE DISTRIBOTION SYSTEMReliable Solution with seamless performancePage 2 of 16Some of the existing Vendors of Indian Railways who have success fully executed theSCADA project in different section:1.
HART etcIn the earlier concept there was Micro Processor based MCU and RTU developed by thevendors were hooked up by the Railway telephone line through modems for polling andinterchanging the data and commands.But in the case of projects like SCADA the concept of implementation of the project isunconditionally accredited to do with the PLC only as on date apart from Indian Railwaywhether the SCADA is in Power Plant, Electrical Utility Distribution System, Substation, Oiland Petrochemicals, Water and Wastewater management etc.Similarly Indian Railway alsohas focus of acceptance with the latest concepts of SCADA.With the updated concept of Railway Electrification along with the introduction of Optical FiberTechnology in the communication of Railway the new concepts are:To connect the SCADA RTU’s with the MCU in the main control room through FO (Fiber Optic)media instead of dial up modems of through railway telephone line with copper trunk media.At the same time the acceptability and preference of SCADA system for Indian Railway 25KVA OHE distribution system of Loco catenary’s supply using Programmable Logic Controlleris getting in the high key and high focused area because of certain practical and technicalreason which is as been shown in this write up mainly because SCADA is a subject which isfrom universally acceptable with PLC only in any application else where in the globe.Bucauseof its open source application and dependability of individuals as far as design and technicalknow how is concerned is almost none. As a result the existing installations where oldProcessor based system is exists the user is suffering from long term operability problemand maintains due to the non standard development view and dependability of theindividuals.Although the core architecture of a PLC is nothing but an embedded processor as describedbelow in case of various OEM’s such as SIEMENS S7-200 is based on Intel 8 Bit  Controllerwhere SIEMENS S7-300/400 PCS7 is based on Intel 32/64 Bit Processor only, Rockwell use16/32/64 Bit RISC based ARM processor depending upon the Family of application where asGEFANUC uses Intel or AMD Processor etc, but as far as large automation jobs areconcerned in Industry where large distributed system are used with multi node hookup withcommunication link is required the PLC/DCS based application is only accepted with noother alternative.The brief comparative analysis of the some important aspect for a system like SCADAbetween PLC and Processor:
Sl. Features Processor PLC Remarks
1 Raw Material Cost Less High It can be minimizedthrough propernegotiation2 Cost of Development Tools High Less3 Time for in house engineering High Less Mostly integration4 Time of Development High Less User friendly
SCADA TELEMETRY IN INDIAN RAILWAY 25 KVA OHE DISTRIBOTION SYSTEMReliable Solution with seamless performancePage 3 of 165 Time of Commissioning High Less6 Field level debugging of SW Tedious Very userfriendlyThrough GUI baseddevelopment tools7 Principles support from OEMS - Very high8 Cost of Maintenance supportafter commissioningHigh Less Since MTBF of theproduct is very high9 Reliability of the component system hardware- Guaranteed Follows standardpractices10 Portability & Flexibility of thesystem- Guaranteedwith highflexibilityUniversally accepted11 Scalability of the system Not at allscalableHighly Scalable Unique feature of PLC12 Reliability of remotecommunication wit nodesRestricted Seamless Seamlesscommunication ensured13 AMC business - High revenuewith less effortandinvolvement.In line with the basicdesign of the system14 Up gradation business Tedious Very flexible Follows standardpractices15 Communication of NumericalRelay used with the Switch Gearitems in the new substationsTedious Very flexibleandtransparentFollows standardpracticesHere in this application write some brief description of the requirement published by IndianRailway is also enclosed as Annexure.Enclosure:ANNEXURE-IANNEXURE-II

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