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EQuarterly - Vol 5 Fall 2007

EQuarterly - Vol 5 Fall 2007

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Published by LabRatFan

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Published by: LabRatFan on Jul 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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   s   e   p   t   2   0   0   7  –   D   e   c   2   0   0   7   R   e   l   e   a   s   e   s
    W   h   i   t   e   W   o   l   f   G   a   m   e   s   t   u   D   i   o
septembeR 2007 
title impRint isbn stock# us pRice
the mysterium mage 978-1-58846-434-7 40102 $26.99sidereals exalted 978-1-58846-697-6 80102 $31.99l
ords of the night-booster pack
vtes 978-1-58846-342-5 2767 $2.99starter deckslords of the night - assamite vtes 978-1-58846-345-6 2770 $9.99lords of the night - setite vtes 978-1-58846-346-3 2771 $9.99lords of the night - giovanni vtes
978-1-58846-347-0 2772 $9.99lords of the night - ravnos vtes 978-1-58846-348-7 2773 $9.99
octobeR 2007 
title impRint isbn stock# us pRice
autumn nightmares
978-1-58846-531-3 70300 $26.99wod: reliquary wod 978-1-58846-492-7 55203 $24.99book of sorcery 4 exalted 978-1-58846-698-3 80303 $24.99
the roll of glorious divinity vol. 1
novembeR 2007 
title impRint isbn stock# us pRice
astral realms mage 978-1-58846-435-4 40202 $29.99vampire-rome vampire 978-1-58846-270-1 25140 $31.99
DecembeR 2007 
title impRint isbn stock# us pRice
scion: god scion 978-1-58846-470-5 75002 $34.99winter masques
978-1-58846-532-0 70200 $26.99changeling breeds wod 978-1-58846-493-4 55103 $31.99
President - CCP North America: Mike TinneyCreative Director: Rich ThomasProduction Manager: matt milbergerBoard Games and Cards Manager: Pétur ÞórarinssonVtR Developer: Joe CarrikerCtL/MtA/WtF Developer: Ethan SkempExalted Developer: John ChambersEve RPG Developer: Russell BaileyAlternative Products Developer: Eddy WebbBoard Games and Cards Developer: Ken CliffeVTES/WoD Art Director: Mike ChaneyVtR Art Director: Craig GrantWtF/CtL/MtA Art Director: Aileen E. MilesExalted Art Director: Brian GlassGraphic Designer: Jessica MullinsDirector of Marketing - CCP North America:
Peter Gollan
Kelley Barnes-Herrmann
Organized Play Coordinators: Oscar GarzaZack WaltersQuarterly Editor-in-Chief: Robert FulkersonQuarterly Senior Editor: Merry LuongQuarterly Layout: Jessica Mullins 
cover Art
by micheal komark
H o w l i n g s
Since I worked on the last quarterly I’ve thought to mysel what I would end upwriting here or my own EQuarterly. It’s an interesting thing when you know that thewords you write here will be seen by ans like yoursel, who live or the next book in theiravorite White Wol line and die when they see the nal editing o those books.I look back to when I rst arrived here at White Wol and was instantly pushed intoa position as heavy-liting equipment or the rapidly lling oce. I watched as InternAlley was consumed by programmers and game designers or the upcoming MMO. Istill ache ater working all weekend to make the Demo or Scion: Hero in on time,only to watch as its was made late by the confict between editors and developers.
And nally I look orward, As White Wol nally begins the move to anoce the Icelanders will no longer make un o; as my riends and ellow internsget hired on by the company they respect so much and as I hopeully will dothe same in the coming weeks.I know that there is so much to get excited about this all, Changeling: TheLost and Scion: God make awesome seem like an understatement, and I can’twait or all o you out there to see what’s coming next.
Golden Apples,An Article on
World of Darkness: Reliquary
4Role Call!!!, An Article on
The Books of Sorcery, Vol. IVThe Roll of Glorious Divinity I—Gods & Elementals
5Conversations Among Crumbling ColumnsAn Interview with Ray Fawks on
7Eyes of Ain Soph, Excerpts from
11Things that Go bump in the NightAn Article on
Changeling: Autumn Nightmares
15Dark and Sexy, an Interview with Mike Chaney 19Of Gods and Men, Excerpts from
Scion: God
22Play You Favorite White Wolf Staffer, by The Interns 24Ass Kicking and AstrologyAn Interview with Dean Shomshak on
Manual of Exalted Power: The Sidereals
Lone Wolf, an Article on Wolf Pack “Faces in the Crowd”
33Ordinary People, Extraordinary CircumstancesExcerpts from
Monte Cook’s World of Darkness
35Interview with an InmateAn Interview with Joe Carriker on
38From the Mists of TorporAn Article on
The Fall of the Camarilla
40Gen Con turns 40!, a big congrats from White Wolf 41Lords of the Night is White Wolf, VtES News 44War Targets and Cogs in the MachineFiction from EVE Online 45
EDITOR’S FOREWARD 49The Freelancer, by A. Quentin Murlin 49
© 2007 CCP NA, f.h. All rights reserved. Reproduction without the writtenpermission of the publisher is expressly forbidden. White Wolf, World ofDarkness, Vampire the Eternal Struggle, EVE: Second Genesis and Exalted areregistered trademarks of White Wolf Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. Vampirethe Requiem, Werewolf the Forsaken, Mage the Awakening, Promethean the
Created, Changeling the Lost, Storyteller System, Storytelling System, Mind’s
Eye Theatre, Sword and Sorcery, the Sword & Sorcery logo, are trademarksof White Wolf Publishing, Inc. Arthaus is a trademark of Arthaus Publishing.All rights reserved. The mention of or reference to any company or product in these pages is nota challenge to the trademark or copyright concerned.
Check out White Wolf online athttp://www.white-wolf.com/ 

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