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Benefits of Technology

Benefits of Technology

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Dan Alexis Morco Arinzana on Jul 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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-Technology makes life more complex.- Sweatshops and harsher forms of slavery are more likely to be found in technologically advanced societies, relative to primitive societies.- The increasing oppression of technologically advanced societies over those which are not.- More people are starving (in total numbers and per-capita), in this most technologically advanced age, than at any other point in history or  primitive pre-history.- The increase in transportation technology has brought stressful traffic congestion in some areas.- Technicism- New forms of danger existing as a consequence of innovative forms of technology, new types of nuclear reactors, unforeseen genetic mutationsas the result of genetic engineering, or perhaps something more subtle which can destroy the ozone or warm the planet.- Potentially devestating nuclear weapons become more powerful and proliferation is made evermore easy with communication andtransportation advancements. This leads to socially stressful military concepts like mutually assured destruction. The duck and cover drillsaccompany other lifestyle aspects of an advanced technological society.- New forms of entertainment, such as video games and internet access could have possible social effects on areas such as academic performance.- Creates new diseases and disorders such as obesity, laziness and a loss of personality.-computer virus and bug-privacy and stolen copy right-make part of people over concentrate on computering, then lost of friendly and face to face communication chance. Bad for eye watching if over look for long time-no physical stock, easy buy fake product and cheating by people- people will lose their jobs to machines that will do the work for them- machines and robots are too complex for most people to us.
 Perhaps the single biggest beneficiary of advancing technology has been the healthcare sector. Medical research has led to the end of manydiseases and ailments, and also to the discovery of many drugs and medications that have helped prevent many lethal diseases and disorders.Personal records are easier to study now, and medical research has advanced magnificently. Millions of lives have been saved as a result of this.Here are some of the benefits of technology in this industry in brief.
Communication between patients and doctors has become easier, more personal, more flexible and more sensitive.
Personal records of patients are maintained, which makes it easier to study symptoms and carry out diagnosis of previouslyunexplainable conditions.
Several medical aids have helped people overcome many medical conditions which they had to live with earlier.
 New medicines have led to the demise of many illnesses and diseases.
Medical research has become supremely advanced, and every ailment seemingly has a cure, or at least a prevention.
Costs of medical procedures and operations have fallen dramatically over the decades. positive effects of technology on society.
 It is no surprise that the benefits of technology in the classrooms, and schools in general, have opened up a whole new learning environment.Knowledge can be easily procured with the help of Internet technology now, and it is easier to help children with special needs as well. Here aresome more benefits of assistive technology that the educational sector has witnessed.
Personalized learning has come to the fore. Students can pick their own curriculum with ease, and set their own personal targets.
Distance learning has become much easier, and this has led to a rise in the number of people who receive education.
E-learning and online education has made it very simple and systematic for an individual to receive personal attention, so that all hisspecific needs are fulfilled.
Immediate response to queries and tests have made the whole education process a lot faster.
The use of computers and technology in classrooms has opened up a whole new method of teaching and effective learning.
 The communication industry has witnessed a huge growth. Social networking and blogging has opened up a whole new world to people fromremote locations, and the reach of the mass media has increased thousandfold. People can communicate with each other on the move, and thereare no limitations anymore to the benefits of information technology. Here are some more benefits.

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