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Judgment Here and Hereafter.

Judgment Here and Hereafter.

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Malachi, II., 17.

Where is the God of Judgment

Malachi, II., 17.

Where is the God of Judgment

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jul 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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JUDGMET HERE AD HEREAFTER.BY JAMES GALLOWAY COWAMalachi, II., 17.Where is the God of JudgmentnPHE prophet had been complaining of thepriests for neglecting to inform and correctthe people, and of the people for disregardingGod's teaching. Reasoning and remonstratingwith them, and supposing them to attempt self- justification, he tells them at last that they havewearied the Lord with their words — by which hemeans their acted and thought words rather thanwhat they spoke — and in answer to the question,which he knows they would put, " Wherein havewe wearied Him?'* he says. By presuming licen-tiously that God is indifferent alike to good andevil, and has no moral likings or dislikings — " When ye say every one that doeth evil is good inthe sight of the LoKD, and He delighteth in them,*" — or^ if it were otherwise, that at least He doesJUDGMET. 11not act upon His feeling — " Where is the Godof Judgment ?" the manifestation of the discrimi-nating, the rewarding, or punishing Lord. I donot propose to enlarge upon the text in its historicrelation to the Jews, but, applying it to ourselves,to show, first, that the question, " Where is theGod of Judgment?" is one which we Christiansoften ask in perverse unbelief, or in sad infirmity ;and, secondly, that the question is one which in abetter sense we should often ask (as we do not),
in order to discern His operations, to becomeacquainted and impressed with the truth, thatthere is a judgment of all, here and hereafter,"Where is the God of Judgment ?'' I say thatthis question is often asked in perverse unbelief,or in sad infirmity. Practically, we too oftenignore the idea of judgment altogether. Ourreason suggests to us, that if there is a moralgovernor of the world, then surely good will beapproved by reward, and evil marked by punish-ment. The Bible plainly and most positivelyassures us, that, as rational and responsible crea-tures of God's hand, we are subject to a judgmentwhich His goodness. His truth. His justice, Hisholiness, cannot omit to pass on our every act,and word, and thought; that as purchased ser-vants of Christ, we are set a certain woi^Vl^.^ ^<5»^18 SERMO II.with the express understanding that we shall befaithfully dealt with according to our treatmentof that work, and are put upon a probationwhereof at the end Christ must take account^ forHe has been made Lord and Judge for that veryend, and has received a commission from theFather, which He may in no single instance departfrom. Yea, more than that, it tells us that theimmediate effect on us, of all our good and evil,is itself a judgment, contributing to the formatioiiof the character which shall adapt us, and so con-sign us, to heaven or to helL I say reason andthe Bible so instructs us ; and yet we practicallyignore the judgment Of course I do not meanthat we strike it out of our creed, that we dootherwise than assent to it in theory, that wealtogether forget it in practice, but that we do
not make it the ruling principle of our lives— -theimpelling or restraining influence of every thoughtand deed. Am I not right ? Reflect, dear breth-ren, how many wrong things you do or desire,with little hesitation, with no compunction, withno fear of judgment ! Reflect, too, how manygood things you pass over or forego, or will takeno trouble to attain, through want of considera-tion of the reward that belongs to them, andwhich therefore you are losing! How ready areJUDGMET. 19you to taste each cup of pleasure, to be engrossedwith the pursuits of this world, to withhold whatyou should part with, to do what is wrong, toomit what is enjoined, in forgetfulness of the factthat for all these things God will bring you unto judgment ! How impatient, too, under trials,how slow in spiritual work, how little interestedin the love and attainment of godliness; as thoughthese things were all loss, and suffering, and unin-viting toil ; as though there were no recompenseof reward ! Yes, there is something in the bestof us, and much in the most of us, of practical dis-regard of judgment. Of course we know (andare in a measure influenced by the knowledge) thatby and by we shall stand before God, to be blessedor cursed — that it is necessary, therefore, to securea good hope of acceptance, and to make our peacewith God through Jesus Christ, and that thisis to be done by keeping all the ordinances of religion, and obeying in spirit the whole moralcode, and striving to love and serve the Lordnow ; or at least by repenting of all that is amiss,and praying earnestly for pardon and quickeningof our faith, before we die. But still, it is not a judgment that we contemplate — a real scrutiny of 

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