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Published by Joshua/Jenny Duffy
our May/09 newsletter
our May/09 newsletter

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Published by: Joshua/Jenny Duffy on May 13, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Our 30 weeks in Cambo-dia is quickly coming toan end. I have the daunt-ing task of trying to sumup our trip in this lastnewsletter, which, is im-possible.Our dream of ministeringthe Gospel in the 10/40Window (the least Chris-tianized area in theworld) became reality.The area from 10-40 de-grees north of the equa-tor, which stretches fromNorthern Africa throughto Japan is what we knowas the 10/40 Window. Ithouses the least Christi-anized nations on theplanet. It has long been agoal of mine to come hereand tell people of whatJesus did for them 2000yrs ago.Cambodia’s population is95% Buddhist (much of itnominal though), andChristianity is seen asthe ‘white man’s religion’.But true Christianity haslittle to do with the formof religion expressed inmany churches today. Allreligions of today arecentered on pursuingsomething, while Christi-anity, in it’s most basic,pure form, is about what’spursuing us………Jesus.It’s about a God wholoved us so much that Heforgave the awful thingswe have done to Him, andeach other. Many haveforgotten God, but He hasnot forgotten them.Conversion to an alter-nate religion is not whatthe millions of Cambodi-ans need. Their needs arethe same as ours. To finda purpose, and a destinythat is ultimately fulfilledin knowing the God whowas completely revealedto us in Jesus Christ.Jesus came so that wemight know God. We takethis message for grantedin the Western World. Inthe 10/40 Window, it is amessage that has notbeen fully heard. Millionswait for those who willabandon their lives totake up their cross andlive in obedience to thefinal command Jesusgave us.
Go into all theworld and preach the gospel to all creation.(Mark 16:15 nasb)
In regards to many Chris-tians, many may have20/20 vision, while only afew have 10/40 vision.Jenny & I happen to bepart of the latter.We eagerly await the nexttime we board a plane;set for departure, into aworld almost devoid of Christian witness.
Theharvest is large, but thereare few workers to gatherit in. (Matthew 9:37 gnb)
10/40 Vision
(prayer points):
May 20: leave Cambodia
May 21st: arrive in PEI 
May 22-24: Men’s Week-end in Malagash, NS (forJosh)
Jun-Aug: work at DoubleH Ranch in Lake Luzerne,NY 
Fall: return to the foreignmission field
“If the Tiber floodsthe city, or if theNile refuses torise, or if the skywithholds its rain,if there is anearthquake, a fam-ine, a pestilence,at once the cry israised: ‘Christiansto the lion.’”
- fromTertullian’s
In regards to early Christiansbeing labelled as atheists,seeing as they refused to wor-ship the gods of Rome. Suchbehaviour would have beenindicative for the gods becom-ing angry.
because you are em-ployed to have fun!The earnings will alsogo towards returning to the foreignfield in the Fall sometime.Jenny starts work on the 5th of June,and I on the 17th. Camp ends on Au-gust 17th.www.doublehranch.orgSummer’s coming, and Jenny & I willonce again be employed at Double HRanch in Lake Luzerne, NY. Our job:make sure a bunch of kids have thebest summer ever!The camp (one of Paul Newman’s Holein the Wall Camps) caters to approx800 children each summer who have avariety of illnesses.Jenny will be working at the HappyBarn as the Small Animals Assistant,which mean she will run the pettingzoo. She will be in charge of bunnies,guinea pigs, goats, and pigs!I will be a Cabin Counselor, whichmeans I will be hands on with a groupof between 8-15 children aged any-where between 6-16 yrs old, dependingon the cabin.Working at the camp is a great job,
The Spiritual future of Cambodia
back to the Ranch
Page 2
Srey Rot, Grade 3 Ratana, Preschool Gani, Grade  Pastor Keat Kove, preaching on Mother`s Day
Jenny & Lakhena (an English student)
(preschool teacher)
& the Duffy`sNew Hope School teaching staff 
location of 10/40 Window (approx)

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