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190 - Lee Wilkinson- Marriage on Trial- عروس الظل

190 - Lee Wilkinson- Marriage on Trial- عروس الظل

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Published by YaimaConAmor24
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Published by: YaimaConAmor24 on Jul 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Marriage on Trial by Lee Wilkinson
A husband's revenge?Elizabeth had barely whispered "I do" when she discovered that her new husbandhadn't married her for love. Her wedding dreams shattered, Elizabeth insisted on anannulment and disappeared from Quinn Durville's life, changed her identity andvowed never to see him again....But Quinn had tracked her down -- and claimed she was still his wife! Did this meanQuinn really did love her after all, or was he suggesting a trial marriage to get hisrevenge?
Chapter 1 Assuming that the occasion would be brilliant, Elizabeth, unable to compete, had preferredthe simplicity, a dark blue evening dress, silk stockings, low shoes and her blonde hair pulledback in a sleek chignon.She wore no rings or other jewels the watch and silver earrings ancient and very beautifulmermaid shaped.She was ready and waiting when we rang the doorbell.He put on his fake leather jacket and took her purse. She opened the door and smiled at thetall, handsome man who had called and he was impeccably dressed.Richard Beaumont gave him a kiss on the cheek. -You look lovely, as always. His voice was clear and fine, blond hair was neatly combed and his face was full of aristocratic charm.The November night was dark and damp, even had fog. -What time does the sale? - Elizabeth asked as she got into the limousine with driver inBeaumont. - At half past nine, after the buffet with champagne. Since it is a small, private collection o jewelry that will sell, I guess the auction itself will be fairly rapid.Richard was rich and loved beautiful things, and who collected precious as any other mightcollect stamps. - Are you going to bid on something special? - She asked as the car moved away fromdowntown and headed toward Hyde Park.He flashed her blue eyes full of enthusiasm. -Very special. Diamond Van Hamel.  -Do you suppose you'll have much competition?  -Because only he has been invited a group of relatively small and exclusive, it would not
surprise me any. -But you will get it?  -Oh, yes, I will. It is not particularly large, but has no defect and the cut is exquisite. It will bethe perfect engagement ring.That last was said as if nothing as she blinked. -You look surprised. She had suspected that Richard was serious, but, not being sure of herself or what hewanted, did not know whether to be flattered or anxious.Richard, having acknowledged his doubts, had waited patiently, without pressure. Until now.He stared into the light of the streetlights. -You probably already know I love you and want to marry you, right? Despite being aware that he expected some sort of response to that statement, surprised bythe suddenness of it, remained silent while his thoughts were in turmoil. He was the only sonof an aristocrat, attractive, charismatic, polite and considerate. A brilliant brain and asuperlative knowledge of world stock markets had become wealthy in their own right andhighly respected in financial circles.She was twenty years. If you wasted that opportunity, I would be quite a few more, especiallywith men like him. And I wanted a home and children while still young. After a moment he added: -If the answer is yes, how about after the auction if we go to my apartment? Besides the great house that were in Lombard Beaumont Square, and she was alreadyfamiliar, Richard had a great suite at a hotel in Park Lane, she did not know. As conventional as it was in many ways, he was making it very clear that although he hadaccepted a more or less platonic until then was not willing to continue.It was time to make decisions. And what would she do? Already for more than four years since her life had beendestroyed. He was very fond of Richard, so I probably could leave the past behind and startliving again, right?Could he give a commitment that he was asking? -Well, my dear? - He insisted. She looked into her eyes. -Yes, I would. He took her hand, smiling triumphantly. -I do not see the need for compromise so long, how about if we marry in spring?  A moment later they got to where he was going to hold the auction.Before the fence was a uniformed policeman and, after checking the invitation of Richard,made them happen.The driver went to the parking, and full of cars. -No need to wait for us, Smithers - Richard told -. Return by taxi. Once inside the mansion, left their coats in the cloakroom and a moment later, were treatedby the host, a noble ruin, she learned it later .They met with the other guests in the lounge and Richard introduced her to someacquaintances.During the excellent buffet, where the champagne flowed freely, Richard seemed to be socalm and relaxed as ever, but she felt excited beneath the surface of calm.When it was time they all went to the room where the auction would be held. At the entrancewere given a show catalog before their seats. A thin man with short blond hair, took his place at the table, hit with a hammer and started theauction. At first, Richard showed no interest in jewelry that appeared.Then the auctioneer cleared his throat and announced: -The final batch is a first water diamond known as the Van Hamel... He continued to explain its origins, before adding: -Is this reasonable that we start the auction with a starting bid two hundred and fiftythousand pounds?The bidding began carefully, while trying to measure stakeholder opposition. Richard watchedand waited, very still.Only when the price had reached three hundred fifty thousand pounds joined the bidding.Two of the other two parties surrendered immediately, leaving Richard faced a pleasant-looking lady, middle-aged, whom he had previously identified as an intermediary. A ruby glowed on his hand every time I get up. The price rose further fifty thousand pounds
before the woman to surrender . -Four hundred thousand pounds - he repeated the auctioneer for the third time and raisedthe hammer .Richard murmured satisfied and smiled at Elizabeth, who smiled back.But then the auctioneer stopped the gaze with which he was traveling the back of the roomand said: -Four hundred and fifty thousand pounds.  A murmur of excitement arose among those present.Until then, interested parties had bid five or ten thousand pounds each time. The newcomer had bid at once for fifty thousand pounds.She noticed it was a tactic and thus intended to give the coup de grace to the auction.Richard seemed stunned for a moment, then his eyes shone with the fire of battle and beatthat figure with the same amount.Unperturbed, the auctioneer repeated the latter figure and looked at another competitor, whoresponded similarly.Elizabeth bit her lip. He had hoped that this first bid had been the first and last shot of thisman.But clearly it was not.Richard pulled the bid another fifty thousand pounds and asked quietly: -Can you see who is bidding against me? She turned to look carefully and saw a neatly dressed man leaning lazily against the far wall. He was not looking, but her expression relaxed him arrogant and was very familiar .Too.He stopped breathing and his heart seemed to stop.It could not be Quinn! I could not!Then he moved slightly and I could see clearly.He was! She felt dizzy, as if he had run out of blood in the body.While still staring as if hypnotized, he again raised the bidding with a slight movement of hisforefinger .Until then I had thought of the possibility that Richard might lose. But he realized that this wasa battle of giants.He thought terrified that if I kept looking, Quinn would notice and then look away.Richard looked at her quizzically.With a dry mouth, she shook her head.Richard then raised the bid in another fifty thousand pounds, so the price was seven hundredthousand pounds.There was a slight pause and Elizabeth felt a glimmer of hope. -Eight hundred thousand pounds.  A rise of one hundred thousand pounds.Everyone gasped.Richard clenched his jaw and said with a dry movement that no longer would bid more.Elizabeth, agitated, felt sorry for him. He figured that although he could have offered more for the diamond, I would think it madness to continue bidding. At the time the auction ended, Richard stood up and, taking her arm, pulled her up. Thoughhe hid his disappointment was evidently anxious to get out. And she.Quinn should not see it. He must not.They began to go to the nearest exit as quickly as possible.They had reached the door when one of the known Richard stopped. -Bad luck - said the man -. But what can be done before such opposition?  -Did you see who it was?  -Yes Durville Quinn, a multimillionaire banker of the United States. I had heard a rumor thathad come on purpose for this, so it must be determined to get it. -I should have known - when the man said Richard had left -. I've bid against Durvillebefore...Elizabeth felt as if he had been punched in the stomach. It had occurred to him that they twohad met. It was so unlikely...Richard went on. -When you want something, the pig gives no quarter and does not let anything get in hisway.That was true. Six weeks after she left him, a man, obviously a private investigator, had been

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