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Table Of Contents

1Overview of MOSFET Models
MOSFET Model Usage
HSPICE and MOSFET Libraries
MOSFET Device Definition
Reliability Analysis for HSPICE MOSFET Devices
HSPICE Custom Common Model Interface (CMI)
TSMC Model Interface (TMI)
General MOSFET Model Statement
Measuring the Value of MOSFET Model Card Parameters
MOSFET Model LEVEL Descriptions
LEVELMOSFET Model Description
MOSFET Capacitors
MOSFET Control Options
Scale Units
Scaling for LEVEL 25 and 33
Bypass Option for Latent Devices
Searching Models as Function of W, L
Number of Fingers, WNFLAG Option
MOSFET Output Templates
New Output Templates for PSP and Other Models
Safe Operating Area Voltage Warning
Model Pre-Processing and Parameter Flattening
Use of Example Syntax
2Common MOSFET Model Parameters
Basic MOSFET Model Parameters
Effective Width and Length Parameters
Threshold Voltage Parameters
Mobility Parameters
3 MOSFET Models: LEVELs 1 through 40
LEVEL 1 IDS: Schichman-Hodges Model
LEVEL 1 Model Parameters
LEVEL 1 Model Equations
LEVEL 2 IDS: Grove-Frohman Model
LEVEL 2 Model Parameters
LEVEL 2 Model Equations
Threshold Voltage, v
Saturation Voltage, v
Mobility Reduction, u
Channel Length Modulation
Subthreshold Current, I
LEVEL 3 IDS: Empirical Model
LEVEL 3 Model Equations
Effective Mobility, u
Compatibility Notes
Synopsys Device Model versus SPICE3
Temperature Compensation
Simulation results:
LEVEL 5 Model Parameters
IDS Equations
Mobility Reduction, UB
Depletion Mode DC Model ZENH=0
IDS Equations, Depletion Model LEVEL 5
LEVEL 6 and LEVEL 7 Model Parameters
UPDATE Parameter for LEVEL 6 and LEVEL 7
LEVEL 6 Model Equations, UPDATE=0,2
Threshold Voltage, vth
Single-Gamma, VBO=0
Effective Built-in Voltage, vbi
Multi-Level Gamma, VBO>0
Effective Built-in Voltage, vbi for VBO>0
Saturation Voltage, vdsat (UPDATE=0,2)
Saturation Voltage, vsat
LEVEL 6 IDS Equations, UPDATE=1
Alternate DC Model (ISPICE model)
Subthreshold Current, ids
Effective Mobility, ueff
LEVEL 27 Model Parameters
Non-Fully Depleted SOI Model
Model Components
Obtaining Model Parameters
Fully Depleted SOI Model Considerations
LEVEL 38 IDS: Cypress Depletion Model
LEVEL 38 Model Parameters
LEVEL 38 Model Equations
Saturation Voltage, vdsat
Mobility Reduction, UBeff
Example Model File
Mobility Model
Body Effect
LEVEL 40 HP a-Si TFT Model
Using the HP a-Si TFT Model
To use the HP a-SI TFT model:
Effect of SCALE and SCALM
Noise Model
DELVTO Element
Device Model and Element Statement Example
LEVEL 40 Model Equations
Cutoff Region (NFS=0, vgs ≤von)
Noncutoff Region (NFS ≠ 0)
Cgd, Cgs
LEVEL 40 Model Topology
4MOSFET Models: LEVELs 50 through 74
Level 50 Philips MOS9 Model
JUNCAP Model Parameters
Using the Philips MOS9 Model
Model Statement Example
Level 55 EPFL-EKV MOSFET Model
Single Equation Model
Effects Modeled
Coherence of Static and Dynamic Models
Bulk Reference and Symmetry
EKV Intrinsic Model Parameters
Static Intrinsic Model Equations
Parameter Preprocessing
Bulk Referenced Intrinsic Voltages
Short Distance Matching
Reverse Short-channel Effect (RSCE)
Effective Gate Voltage Including RSCE
Pinch-off Voltage Including Short-Channel and Narrow-Channel Effects
Slope Factor
Large Signal Interpolation Function
Forward Normalized Current
Velocity Saturation Voltage
Drain-to-source Saturation Voltage for Reverse Normalized Current
Channel-length Modulation
Reverse Normalized Current
Reverse normalized current:
Transconductance Factor and Mobility Reduction Due to Vertical Field
Specific Current
Drain-to-source Current
Impact Ionization Current
Quasi-static Model Equations
Dynamic Model for the Intrinsic Node Charges
Intrinsic Capacitances
Intrinsic Noise Model Equations
Thermal Noise
Flicker Noise
Operating Point Information
Numerical values of model internal variables
Transconductance efficiency factor
Early voltage
Overdrive voltage
SPICE-like threshold voltage
Saturation voltage
Saturation / non-saturation flag:
Estimation and Limits of Static Intrinsic Model Parameters
Model Updates Description
Revision I, September 1997
Revision II, July 1998
Corrections from EPFL R11, March, 1999
Corrections from EPFL R12, July 30, 1999
Level 58 University of Florida SOI
Level58 FD/SOI MOSFET Model Parameters
Level58 NFD/SOI MOSFET Model Parameters
Level58 Template Output
Level 61 RPI a-Si TFT Model
Model Features
Using Level 61 with Synopsys Simulators
Equivalent Circuit
Model Equations
Level 62 RPI Poli-Si TFT Model
Using Level 62 with Synopsys Simulators
Drain Current
Temperature Dependence
Geometry Effect
Self Heating
Version 2 Model Equations
Channel Conductance
Saturation Voltage and Effective V
Total Drain Current, including Kink Effect and Leakage
Additional Geometry Scaling for Version 2
Temperature Dependence for Version 2
Level 63 Philips MOS11 Model
Using the Philips MOS11 Model
To use the Philips MOS11 model:
Description of Parameters
Level 64 STARC HiSIM Model
Level 68 STARC HiSIM2 Model
HiSIM Version 2.3.1
Level 68 HiSIM Model v2.4.1, 2.4.2, 2.4.3, and 2.5.0
General Syntax for the HiSIM241 Model
Listing of Instance Parameters for HiSIM 2.4.1
Updates Based on HiSIM 240SC2
Updates Based on HiSIM 2.4.1
Updates Based on HiSIM 2.4.2
Updates Based on HiSIM 2.4.3
Updates Based on HiSIM 2.5.0
Level 69 PSP100 DFM Support Series Model
General Features
PSP100.1 Model
PSP101.0 Model
PSP102.0 Model
PSP102.1 Model
PSP102.2 Model
PSP102.3 Model
PSP103.0 Model
Usage in HSPICE
Instance Parameter Lists
Model Parameter Lists
Model PSP103.0
Model PSP1000 Parameters
Source- and Drain-Bulk Junction Model Parameters
Output Templates: PSP Models
General Syntax for the HiSIM-LDMOS-1.2.0 Level 73 Model
General Syntax for the HiSIM-LDMOS-1.2.0 Level 73 Model
General Model Parameters
Control Option Flags for LDMOS-HVMOS 1.2.0 Model
Template Output for Parameters in HiSIM-HVMOS v.1.2.0 and Higher
Previous Versions of the HiSIM LDMOS-HVMOS Model
HISIM-LDMOS-100 Updates
Extension to LDMOS and HVMOS
HiSIM-HV Version 1.0.1 and 1.0.2
Level 74 MOS Model 20 Model
General Syntax for MOS Model 20 Model
MOS Model 20 Instance and Model Parameter Lists
Addition to HSPICE MOS Model 20 Implementation
5MOSFET Models (BSIM): Levels 13 through 39
BSIM Model Features
LEVEL 13 Model Parameters
Sensitivity Factors of Model Parameters
.MODEL VERSION Changes to BSIM Models
LEVEL 13 Equations
ids Subthreshold Current
Resistors and Capacitors Generated with Interconnects
Temperature Effect
Charge-Based Capacitance Model
Regions Charge Expressions
Preventing Negative Output Conductance
Calculations Using LEVEL 13 Equations
Model Parameter Naming
SPICE/Synopsys Model Parameter Differences
UPDATE Parameter
IDS and VGS Curves for PMOS and NMOS
LEVEL 28 Modified BSIM Model
LEVEL 28 Features
LEVEL 28 Model Parameters
LEVEL 28 Model Equations
Effective Channel Length and Width
Threshold Voltage
Effective Mobility
Saturation Voltage (vdsat)
Transition Points
Strong Inversion Current
Weak Inversion Current
LEVEL 39 BSIM2 Model
LEVEL 39 Model Parameters
Other Device Model Parameters that Affect BSIM2
LEVEL 39 Model Equations
Effective Length and Width
Geometry and Bias of Model Parameters
Selecting Gate Capacitance
Unused Parameters
.MODEL VERSION Changes to BSIM2 Models
Level 47 BSIM3 Version 2 MOS Model
Using the BSIM3 Version 2 MOS Model
Level 47 Notes
Leff and Weff Equations for BSIM3 Version 2.0
Level47 Model Equations
Mobility of Carrier
Drain Saturation Voltage
Linear Region
Saturation Region
Subthreshold Region
Transition Region (for subthMod=2 only)
Level 49 and 53 BSIM3v3 MOS Models
Selecting Model Versions
Version 3.2 Features
Version 3.3 Features
Enhanced Diode Model DC Equations with HSPICE BSIM3
Nonquasi-Static (NQS) Model
HSPICE Junction Diode Model and Area Calculation Method
Reverse Junction Breakdown Model
TSMC Diode Model
Parameter Differences
Performance Improvements
Reduced Parameter Set BSIM3v3 Model (BSIM3-lite)
Parameter Binning
BSIM3v3 WPE Model
BSIM3v3 Ig Model
Charge Models
Mobility Multiplier
Using BSIM3v3
Level49, 53 Model Parameters
Level 49/53 Notes:
Parameter Range Limits
Level49, 53 Equations
PMOS Model
Level 54 BSIM4 Model
Version 4.5 Features
Other Noise Sources Modeled in v. 4.5
General Syntax for BSIM4 Model
Improvements Over BSIM3v3
Parameter Range Limit for BSIM4 Level 54
BSIM4 Juncap2 Model
HSPICE Junction Diode Model and ACM
Version 4.6 Features
Version 4.6.1 Features
Version 4.6.2 Features and Updates
Version 4.6.3 Update
Level 54 BSIM4 Template Output List
Level 57 UC Berkeley BSIM3-SOI Model
General Syntax for BSIM3-SOI Model
Level 57 Model Parameters
Level 57 Notes:
Parameter Range Limit for BSIM4SOI Level 57
Level 57 Template Output
Level 57 Updates to BSIM3-SOI PD versions 2.2, 2.21, and 2.22
Ideal Full-Depletion (FD) Modeling
Gate Resistance Modeling
Gate Resistance Equivalent Circuit
Enhanced Binning Capability
Bug Fixes
New Features in BSIMSOIv3.2
BSIMSOI3.2 Noise Model
Model Parameters in BSIMSOIv3.2
Level 59 UC Berkeley BSIM3-SOI FD Model
General Syntax for BSIM3-SOI FD Model
Level 59 Model Parameters
Level59 Template Output
Level 60 UC Berkeley BSIM3-SOI DD Model
General Syntax for BSIM3-SOI DD Model
Level 60 BSIMSOI Model Parameters
Level 65 SSIMSOI Model
Using Level 65 with Synopsys Simulators
General Syntax for SSIMSOI
Level 66 HSPICE HVMOS Model
Level 70 BSIMSOI4.x Model Parameters
BSIMSOI4.3.1 Update
BSIMSOI4.2, 4.3 Updates
BSIMOI4.1 Update
General Syntax for BSIMSOI4.x Model
BSIMOI4.x Model Parameters
Parameter Range Limit for BSIM4SOI4 Level 70
Level 71 TFT Model
General Syntax for the Level 71 Model
Argument Descriptions
Argument Description
Level 71 Model Parameters
Level 72 BSIM-CMG MOSFET Model
BSIM-CMG 104 Updates
BSIM-CMG 103 Updates
General Syntax for BSIM-CMG Model
Deactivating Equations in BSIM-CMG
BSIM-CMG Complete Parameter Lists
Supported Instance Parameters, BSIM3, BSIM4, BSIM3SOI and BSIM4SOI
7MOSFET Capacitance Models
MOS Gate Capacitance Models
Selecting Capacitor Models
Operating Point Capacitance Printout
Element Template Printout
Calculating Gate Capacitance
Input File
Plotting Gate Capacitances
Capacitance Control Options
Selecting MOSFET Diode Models
MOSFET Diode Model Parameters
Using an ACM=0 MOS Diode
Calculating Effective Areas and Peripheries
Calculating Effective Saturation Current
Calculating Effective Drain and Source Resistances
Using an ACM=1 MOS Diode
Using an ACM=2 MOS Diode
Calculating Effective Saturation Currents
Using an ACM=3 MOS Diode
Effective Saturation Current Calculations
Effective Drain and Source Resistances
MOS Diode Equations
DC Current
Using MOS Diode Capacitance Equations
9CMC MOS Varactor Model (Level 7)
Overview: CMC Varactor Model (Level 7)
Model Parameters: CMC Varactor Model (Level 7)
10MOSFET Noise Models
Noise Model Parameters
MOSFET Model Noise Equations
AFinding Device Libraries
The HSPICE Automatic Model Selector
BTechnology Summary for HSPICE MOSFET Models
Nonplanar and Planar Technologies
Nonplanar Technology
Planar Technology:
Field Effect Transistors
MOSFET Equivalent Circuits
Equation Variables
Using MOSFET Current Convention
Using MOSFET Equivalent Circuits
MOSFET Diode Models
Common Threshold Voltage Equations
Common Threshold Voltage Parameters
Calculating PHI, GAMMA, and VTO
MOSFET Impact Ionization
Calculating the Impact Ionization Equations
Calculating Effective Output Conductance
Cascoding Example
Cascode Circuit
Noise Models
Temperature Parameters and Equations
Temperature Parameters
MOS Temperature Coefficient Sensitivity Parameters
Temperature Equations
Energy Gap Temperature Equations
Saturation Current Temperature Equations
MOS Diode Capacitance Temperature Equations
Surface Potential Temperature Equations
Threshold Voltage Temperature Equations
Mobility Temperature Equations
Channel Length Modulation Temperature Equation
Calculating Diode Resistance Temperature Equations
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