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Americans Still Did Not Get the Memo

Americans Still Did Not Get the Memo

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Published by Son of Rizq
Most Americans still believe 100% of what the media says. Therefore they will never grasp what's at stake.
Most Americans still believe 100% of what the media says. Therefore they will never grasp what's at stake.

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Published by: Son of Rizq on Jul 14, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Posted by fahim knight at 21:11, 10 Jul 2013
AMERICANS STILL DID NOT GET THE MEMOBy Fahim A. Knight-ElAmericans still did not get the memo, which read that our United States Governmenthas a history of lying, putting forth propaganda and using disinformation, that has beenorchestrated and designed to mislead the American people, while simanteouslyinsulating the ruling class by allowing them to continue stealing more of the world'swealth and then relying on the military apparatus (the Military-Industrial Complex) forthose who resist and dissent this is what led to the implementation and establishmentof Homeland Security
which represents one of the last vestiges of repression disguisedas being on the frontline of protecting our national security. The American people havenot taking notice; that no time in American history has the citizens of the United Stateshave had their movement more stricken by the government in particular, in times of civility and peace, scrutinized in public and private places, cameras monitoring our legalactivity, our finances is also being closely monitored, all forms of domestic andinternational travel is being monitored and our civil liberties have been compromised.The new laws have been passed and implemented to insure that the State has the legalright to exercise all the authority, it needs to keep the masses under control. They havein their own way covertly re-written the United States Constitution and has renderedthe masses defenseless and powerless; thus, furthering the Police State initiatives andin which the U.S. Government now has everything in place to deal with potential futureinternal social rebellions (external terrorism is a distance second to this objective).For example, they want us to believe that the recent enacted anti-terrorism laws andthe government's legal and military maneuvers are about protecting the Americanpeople against terrorism (they are masters of tricks and lies). The ignorant will applaudthese measures until the black boot U.S. Gestapo troops kick his/her door down andtreat them with moral and ethical indignity, but we would have to blame no one butourselves because the handwriting has clearly been on the wall since 9-11 and before.President Obama passed one of the most reactionary and fascist pieces of legislationever to be enacted into law, perhaps next to the U.S. Patriot Act, which was theNational Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This took the concept of Big BrotherWatching You to the next level. The American people are in deep trouble and it is sad to
say, many of us do not know that we are in trouble. It will eventually be thegovernment versus the American people and this is why President Obama and theDemocrats are pushing for more comprehensive gun control measures because theymust disarm American citizens and render them defenseless.They will use incidents like what took place in Newtown, Connecticut where a massivetragedy took place, which involved the senseless murder of innocent children. But thegovernment will play to the emotions of the American people and in the larger debate,which to disarm its citizens these deaths becomes politically expendable and the
hypocritical politician’s uses moments even like this to further their own agendas.
 Many of the politicians on the left and right are card carrying members of the NationalRifle Association (NRA) and are staunch Second Amendment Right advocates
thesepatriots and good ole boys are not going to give up their guns to the governmentwithout a fight. It became easy for them to make Newtown, the new poster child of theeffects of gun violence in our community and yet for years the U.S. Government hasoverlooked the massive gun violence in cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore,Memphis, Houston, Atlanta, Richmond, Philadelphia, Newark, Compton, New Orleans,East Saint Louis, Washington, DC, etc., just ask yourself why. I will tell you why,because they do not care about poor African Americans and Latinos spilling their bloodin the streets of America (they in private applaud this type of genocide because it addsto the depopulation agenda). However, the images of little white children being killedwould play up well as a political marketing ploy relative to sensitizing the Americancitizens to consider given up their guns in the name of preventing senseless gunviolence deaths (the politicians are always looking at the potential to shape and moldpublic policy and in this case working to disarm the American people is the ultimate
objective). But trust me, it’s not about controlling or preventing gun violence, it is more
about quietly rescinding the Second Amendment Right to the United States Constitutionand even challenging the Bill of Rights. I do not see Obama and other politicians cryingand shedding tears over the deaths caused by gun violence that takes place every dayin these murder capitols of the United States of America that I have stated above.The real terrorist live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue called the White House and hisname is President Barack Hussein Obama
now he looks more like a terrorist to methan the media images given to the American people depicting what a terrorist issuppose to look like (surely they are not supposed to look Russian and white). Thispuppet has been the face of terror since his selection to the office of U.S. president in
2008; I hope that you all did not think that Barack Obama won a two term U.S.presidential election because of the American electoral process
one man, one vote; inall reality, our vote isn't worth a damn thing, the entire process, which includes theconcept of democracy is a sham. He is only acting as commander-in-chief at thepleasure of the Council on Relations, Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission these arethe organizations and agencies that set the American agenda and the global agenda(voting is only a political exercise for the masses designed to keep us pacified andthinking that we live under a democracy and the Invisible Elitist has their foot squareup in our asses).President Obama was responsible for the assassination of Libyan President MuammarQaddafi and the political destabilization of the nation of Libya and derailing all theprogressive work the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya was doing; for example, in 1953 whiledrilling for oil, the Libyans discovered a fresh water sea beneath the desert in whichPresident Qaddafi would later invest over 25 billion dollars and constructed a wateraqueduct system laying pipes beneath the dry desert of Libya, which to extract freshdrinking water for his people (and would be used for irrigation and farming
Libyawould have the ability to feed itself) and bring life to one of the driest nations onearth
it was called the Great Man Made River Authority. It was designed to provide 6,500, 000 cubic meters of fresh water daily this project was monumental which usedcutting edge technology to bring life to the desert. They assassinated Colonel MuammarQaddafi (he had been on the U.S. Government hit list for over 40 years), which the CIAand the United States Government charged him and other radical and militant leaderswith engaging in State supported terrorism; often it is these type false accusations that justifies the destabilization of legitimate foreign governments and in this presentinternational political climate this will continue to lead to the assassination of Heads of States who disagrees with the United States and her European allies.President Obama has been used by the Zionist in Israel in particular, acting as the greatequalizer in this volatile region
the Zionist State of Israel is well equipped to defenditself because it has one of the most sophisticated fighting machines to be found anyplace on the planet; however, President Obama is mandated to carry out the Americanagenda and of equal importance he must also put forth the Israeli agenda in the region,which led to President Hosni Mubarak being ousted out of power in Egypt. Now, I do notshed a tear for a traitor like Mubarak, he was a U.S. and Israel lapdog and puppet aninternational whore and prostitute who consistently betrayed the interest of his people

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