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Published by Devon Pitlor
A failed man of ordinary status is elevated to the summit of extraterrestrial idolatry.
A failed man of ordinary status is elevated to the summit of extraterrestrial idolatry.

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Published by: Devon Pitlor on Jul 14, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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by Devon Pitlor
I. Another planet's woesIf cockroaches on Earth were as cute to humans as little puppies, onecan be sure that we would strew our lives with refuse just to keepthem around.And so it is with the species, albeit humanoid and bipedal, of anotherworld. They are only repulsive if they are ugly and offend theaesthetic sensibilities of those who observe them.But the many and varied inhabitants of the planet Zayb were notobserved by mankind, and if they had been, observers would havenoticed a lot of the familiar: a jumble of mixed ethnic strains,nationalities, country-like entities...all struggling---as we do andalways have---against the inequity of wealth distribution and the jagged curves of uneven technology spread across a muddled
landscape of continual strife and incessant social chaos. It would bedetermined, therefore, that sentient creatures, no matter where theyare, tend to develop along the same potholed routes of evolution thatwe have, and those given to futurist optimism in the name of our so-called science fiction would come away initially disappointed thatanother genus was not much dissimilar to our own---and certainly notmuch better.And that was true of Zayb until at least the day when the globe itself suffered so many innumerable seismic cataclysms that the baffledpopulations cowered in the very real and palpable fear of the planet'simminent destruction---and did something about it. What they didwas done, therefore, out of the sheer terror of planetary annihilation,and laudable as it may seem from afar, was only a measure to secure amore protected foothold on existence, something for which we canblame no conscious creatures, regardless of their absence of eugenicharmony with the symmetry of our own miserable race.So Zayb, a planet located somewhere else and faced suddenly with itsown destruction from forces not known, crafted a consolidation of its
many nations, tribes and ethnic variations, a consolidation whichbecame known in the general lingua franca of the planet as TheBonding. So under a sickly orange glow of ever-diminishing light,which was quickly rendering this once green and chlorophyllic worldinto a mass of fungus, two types of leaders developed.One of these executive groups was the oft-forgotten Priest Class, awayfrom which most native Zaybians had drifted long prior to thecataclysms. The worship of something---perhaps a higher power---was resurrected by the Priests from the shadows of oblivion, and thePriests once again loomed in the public perception.The second assemblage was not unsurprisingly a cloistered group of technocrats who wielded a fair amount of innovative knowledge on amore advanced corner of one of Zayb's two main continents and whodecided out of necessity to share what was functional of this hermeticknowledge with every inhabitant of the calamitous world.It was, accordingly, the threat of real obliteration that consolidatedZayb, and while this may be from our own point of view a rather

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Devon Pitlor added this note
Thanks to all who have read and rated. With my appreciation.
Kathy Kuzma added this note
Fantastic description of Zayb and its similarities to Earth. The threat of obliteration was conveyed in terms we can all relate to, one of terror and fear, Character development was exceptional as well as the battle between good and evil. Well done!
Cheryl Adencher added this note
A totally original look at a popular topic. Originality at its best.
Carson89 added this note
Top-notch! Should be a movie plot.
Brandon Freel added this note
Highly recommended. Great plot.
Nartan89 added this note
Rdg group gave this a ten plus!! One of your most thought-provoking ever.
MaryAnnaX added this note
Incredible character development!!!
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Devon Pitlor liked this

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