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Table Of Contents

2AC: Preeminent Ontology Turn
XT: Preeminent Ontology Turn
Ontology Useless
Engagement k2 Being
2AC: Essentialism Turn
2AC: Extremist Empowerment Turn
2AC: Progress Turn
No Link/Link Turn
No Alt
Orientalism = Empirically Wrong
Orientalism = Junk
Said Indicts
AT: Reps/Discourse
AT: West = Racist
Overview Effect Turn 2AC
Spillover Ext
Now Key / Unsustainable
Impact – Environment
Ext – Environment
Impact – Sustainability
Impact – Nuke War
Impact – Solves War
Impact – Ethics
Solves Globalization/Societal Changes
Solves Humanitarianism
Space Travel Key
Overview Effect --> Social Evolution
Turns the K
Turns the K – Extensions
Turns the K – Deep Eco
Overview Effect Exists
AT: Can Be Seen Elsewhere
AT: Everyone Has To Go To Space
AT: Overview Effect = Made-Up Nonsense
AT: Overview Effect Bad K
AT: Only Some Experience It
AT: Pictures Solve
AT: Space is Dangerous
Discussion = Key
2AC: Authoritarianism Turn
XT: Authoritarianism Turn
China Already a Threat
China = Threat (Space Specific)
China is Realist
Empirics Prove
Alt Fails
No Impact/Pragmatics o/w
Mearsheimer Prodict/Taiwan
Pearl Harbor Rhetoric Good
Cede the Political
Policy Paralysis
Focus on Subjectivity Bad
Postmodernism Bad
Postmodernism Bad – Empirics
Postmodernism Bad – IR
2AC: Poststructuralism
Ignores Reality and Engagement
Deconstruction fails
AT: Words Have No Meaning
AT: PostStructuralism-Realism Good- Truth Defense
2AC: Predictions Good
XT: Predictions Good
Futurism Good
Predictions K2 policymaking
AT: Monkeys/Tetlock
Gender Equality DA
Epistemology DA
Elitist Backlash
2AC AT: Psychoanalysis
XT: Psychoanalysis illusory
XT: Psychoanalysis unqualified
Psychotherapy research irrelevant
Alt Doesn’t Solve Patriarchy
Homosexual Negativity Bad
Queer Theory Bad
Oversimplfies Parenthood
Alt Can’t Solve
2AC: AT: Race Ks Framework
XT: Space Key
Aerospace k2 Solve Racism
Must Weigh Consequentially
Util Outweighs Racism
Racism Low
2AC: Space Realism
XT: Space Realism Inevitable
Competition Inev. – Russia
Competition Inev. – China
Gov’t Manipulation Inevitable
U.S. Space Dominance K2 Stability
AT: Backlash Against U.S. Space Domination
2AC: Realism
XT: Realism Inevitable
XT: Transition = Violent
Realism Good
No Alternative to Realism
Expansionism/Violence Inevitable – Alt Fails
Us/Them Dichotomy Inevitable
Key to Policymaking
2AC: Biology
XT: Biology Proves
Violence = Human Nature
Biology = Key
AT: Binaries Bad
AT: Can’t Explain Non-State Behavior
AT: Social Darwinism
AT: You ignore Culture
AT: Bell and MacDonald
AT: Critical Theory
AT: Int’l Cooperation Disproves
AT: IR constructed
AT: K Encorporates Realism
AT: Social Construction
2AC AT: Reps First
XT: Reps irrelevant
Reps focus bad
Reps Alt Fails
War Reps Good
Postmodern War Reps Focus = Bad
AT: Doty/ Reps 1 st
2AC: Rights Good
Rights Good – Challenge Law
Rights Good – Checks State
Rights Good – Stops Oppression
Rights Good – Stops Racism
Rights k2 Alt
Rights Not Monolithic
Rights Not Western
2AC AT: Generic Root Cause
2AC AT: Root Cause = Otherization
XT: Root Cause isn’t Otherization
2AC AT: Root Cause = Patriarchy
XT: Root Cause isn’t Patriarchy
2AC AT: Root Cause = Cap
XT: Root Cause isn’t Cap
2AC Root Cause- Modernity
2AC Pov /SV cause war
War Causes Oppression
Poverty declining now
At: Serial Policy Failure
AT: War Inevitable Impact
2AC Must Read
Satellites Good - Peace
Global Image good - Environment
Global Image Good - Progress
2AC: Democracy Turn
XT: Democracy Turn
2AC: Nazism Turn
XT: Nazism Turn
2AC: Violence Turn
XT: Violence Turn
Liberalism First
Liberalism Good
Liberalism Good – Ethics
Liberalism K2 Heg
Alt = Liberalism/Nihilism
Alt = War
Alt = Unethical
No Link
Schmitt = Bad Historian
Schmitt = Fascist
AT: Liberalism = Holocaust
AT: Liberalism Exclusive
2AC AT: Ks of Science
Science Inevitable
Science Brink Now
Science = Self Corrective
Science = Truth
Truth = Liberating
Scientific Predictions True
Impact- AIDS
Impact- Genocide
Impact- Nazism
Impact- Tech/Freedom Good
Impact- Tolerance
AT: Socially Constructed
AT: Unethical
AT: Expertism
AT: Media Bias
AT: Finance Bias
AT: Authors = X Group
AT: Authors = Male
AT: Authors = White
AT: Culture Bias
Debate Impact – Activism
Debate Impact – Economy
Debate Impact – Elitism
Debate Impact- Political Manipulation
Debate Impact – Science Education
Policymaking- Link/Impact
Impact- Policymaking
2AC Transhumanism Science Mod
Debate Key
Timeframe Key
2ac Religious Right Takeover Mod
1ar Religious Right Link
Religious Right War Impact
Religious Right Liberty Impact
AT: Creationism
Realism Inevitable
Reps = Irrelevant
Predictions Good/AT: Insecurity Inevitable
Abandoning Security Fails
No Solvency
No Solvency (History Proves)
Security Good – (AT: Impossible)
Security Good - VTL
Security Good – Peace
Security Good – Escalation
Threats = Real
No Impact To Securitization
Survival Politics Good
AT: Environmental Security Bad
AT: Exceptionalist Violence/Control
AT: Insecurity Inevitable
AT: Security = Social Construct
2AC AT: Shapiro
Humanism Good
Vietnam Good – Commies
Vietnam Good – Heg/Democracy
Vietnam Good – Russia Nuke War
SFO Good - General
SFO Good - Policymaking
Anarchy = Extinction
State Good – Checks Cap
State = Humanitarian
State k2 Movements
2AC: Institutionalized Ethics Good
XT: Institutionalized Ethics Good
Terrorism = Real Threat
UQ – Heg Solving Terrorism Now
Language k2 Winning WOT
War on Terror Good
Violence Good – Solves Terrorism
2AC: Framework/Alt Turn
Calculative Thought Good—Campbell
Calculation Inevitable
Util Precedes Ethics
K2 equality
K2 Politics
K2 Heg
Must Weigh risks
At: Justifies Hiroshima
2AC: Yes VTL
Violence Inevitable
Violence Good – Human Rights
V iolence Good – Prevents Greater Wars Later
Violence Good – Iran
Violence Good – Saves Lives
Violence Good – Solves War
Non Violence Couldn’t Solve the Holocaust
Violence k2 Peace
AT: Deterrence Solves Iran
AT: Iran Strikes = Retaliation
Speed Impact Turn
Tech Impact Turns
Space Impact Turn
Doesn’t Turn Case
Virilio = Insane
Proof that Virilio is Insane
2AC AT: Walker
West Good – This Round Key
West Inevitable – Knowledge Production
Western Rationality Good
Alt Links to the K: Uses Western Epistemology
Alt Bad: Introverted/Ignorant
AT: West Exclusive
U.S. =/= Empire
Regional Powers = Worse
Terrorism Must Be Confronted
Imperialism Good
XT: Imperialism Good
Imperialism Good – Satellites
AT: Imperialism = Oppression
AT: War
AT: Oppression
XT: Zizek promotes violence
Zizek’s Theory Flawed
Zizek Fails
Alt Fails – Essentializes Cap
Alt = Violence and Genocide
Alt = Fascism
Zizek = Proletarian Violence
Zizek isn’t Zizekian enough
Ethical Action Impossible
Alt Destroys Ethics
Zupancic Misreads Nietzsche
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