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Star Blade Refugees - Episode X

Star Blade Refugees - Episode X

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Published by Benjamin F. Kaye
Episode X
Episode X

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Published by: Benjamin F. Kaye on Jul 14, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The People Must Not Die
He was all alone. The sun was beating down on the dry stream bed and a hot windblew in from the west. He was kneeling down, head lifted up to the sky. His red robe ruffled inthe bright day. Small eddies of dust and dirt marched past him, but he took no notice. But thisone was different, his skin was black, blacker than the darkest day on
Moktokalai. From time totime, he lifted his long tentacle over his head and let it rest on his back. Above him floated an octagonalmetal ring that bathed him in ultraviolet light. As I looked, the light revealed glowing threads wrigglingin and out of our reality.I was on my bike at the top of the ridge. The view was breath taking and the weather wasperfect. I had become quite accustomed to my life and I was gaining influence beyond Coal Town. Butsomething deep inside told me that I just couldn
t walk away. I fired up the bike and zipped along therocks and dirt.I had never spoken to a servant of Yil-Weth-Yma before.
Excuse me.
 The servant continued his ritual.
His voice whispered in my head.
I am Zarthithy, Sheriff of Coal Town.
What is your name?
I have no name. I serve Yil-Weth-Yma.
What are you doing?
Guiding her antibodies.
I don
t understand.
I walked around to face the servant.
This part of her has an infection
it must be destroyed.
The infection or the planet?
The servant rose to his feet.
Feel Yil-Weth-Yma
s pain.
He gently put histentacle on my hand. An overwhelming nausea swept through my body; my skin felt like it was on fire.He withdrew his tentacle and I fell to the ground.
7 billion people on this
alone. How
the galaxy
I triedto stand up, but the pain and dizziness were too great.
If she does not, she will die and take 700 billion solar systems with her.
We will fight
.we won
t simply die.
I slowly rose to my feet. The nausea and pain weregradually receding.
Every civilization does. Yil-Weth-Yma honors their courage.
With that, the servant left.(
) A hologram of Uncle suddenly appeared before me.(
Has the time come to fight, Uncle?
Yes. We have detected the killer cloud three light years from us; it is approaching fast. I havesent a ship to get you. We will not die, we will fight!
Yes Uncle
.) I hopped on the bike and charged towards my duty and responsibility.Good Night ran up the sun baked main street of Coal Town.
No! Don
t go!
I have to. Surrender is not the Nethasian way.
I rested my tentacles on her shoulders.
Please Zarthithy, you
re going to die, all of you will.
Nethasians die better in space than in their homes.
You don
t have to die; we
ll take care of this.
I don
t know your people well, but I do know that they have no weapons, no ships, and nodesire for war. This is what we were created for, to defend.
You can
t fight a galaxy! Please, tell you people to turn around, we have a solution.
They will not. They were bred for this; they will be known for this.
I boarded my waitingbattleship.
leave me all alone.
Her voice trailed off in the wind.The metal gangplank closed behind me. (
Weapons status!
) I called out.(
Weapons are ready!
) Someone shouted back.(
Full power.
) My first lieutenant came up and saluted me.(
Are the blades sharp?
Sharp enough to slice a nightmare!
) He laughed. (
I am Baon
Catharg. I live to serve.
Good. Now let
s get this ship in the air!
) I slapped him on the head with my tentacles.As we made our way to the rendezvous point, I walked through the ship. My crew hailed me asI passed through the dim, twisting tunnels. Several dozen battle simulations were being displayed onthe information screens that lined the walls. Crews were busy welding and hammering on the ship. Theclanking of metal boots upon the iron walkways was faster, more determined. I could hear a multitudeof ships communicating with each other. There were holograms displaying our ship
s complete status atevery juncture. The guns and battle staves hanging from the ceiling were polished to perfection.I walked through the main doors of the bridge and sat down in the center chair. I lookedaround me; we were all going to die. We were choosing to die, rather than simply being exterminatedlike an insignificant virus.Uncle appeared on the main holographic display. (
Now, dear Zarthithy, witness the glory of Nethasia!
 All 900,000 battle fleets were assembled; there were 58,000 ships per fleet. There were421,000 Solar Destroyers; each one larger than 10 battle ships. They had an
shape and no blades;these behemoths touted missiles that were the size of a battle ship. I was starting to wonder if we couldactually defeat the solar system. If not, we would give her a headache that she would never forget.We were under the command of General Zoarphung; he began his military career at the age of eight (when most of us were learning how to fight). It was rumored that he had killed 1000 enemies bythe time he reached adulthood. What was known as an established fact was that he had never lost abattle.(
This is your general speaking. We will arrive at our destination in three hours. Prepare to fight,prepare to die, prepare for victory!
) His words boomed throughout the ship. The doors to the bridgeslid open. (
) He was right behind me. (
)We descended through the bowels of the ship till we came to a spacious yet bare metal room.The general entered first. There were two battle staves in the center, carefully laid out in advance. Thewalls of the room were scarred and blood stained.(
Pick it up.
) The general motioned to the battle staff in front of me. (
Is it true that humanshave
to commemorate important moments in their history?
Yes General. The first lunch aboard a United Earth Empire vessel is special tradition.
Is that why they are so soft and slow?
)I laughed. (
I suppose it is sir.
)He picked up the other battle staff. (
This is how we celebrate our great moments.
) He cameat me and I parried his blow. I struck and he blocked. (
now you
re thinking
this is too easy
.Well, come my wayward seedling; let
s see how you handle this!
) With a few decisive actions, heknocked me off my feet. I thought I would be in great pain, but surprisingly, I was still in good shape.(
An excellent move general.
) I countered with a traditional star blade move
with aNethasian twist
that caught him off guard.(
Hah! You can
t decide how to fight? Are you a Nethasian or a human?
) He increased theintensity of his attack, but I was able to hold him off. It was quite curious. Why was I keeping up withthe greatest Nethasian Commander in history?He must have read my mind. (
You are holding your own because, like you, I enjoy fightingmore than winning.
) The General again knocked me off my feet. (
A good fight is like a good meal,enjoyed slowly, arousing the senses. It inspires one to fight harder, longer, and with more cunning.
Then let me give you something to digest sir!
) By this time, I had learned enough about theGeneral to try something different. I combined my Nethasian fighting skills with a move that I sawMistress Janelle pull off. It worked; the General was down.

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