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Anarchy - ! - Homemade Cyanid and Ricin

Anarchy - ! - Homemade Cyanid and Ricin

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Published by yromem

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Published by: yromem on Jul 14, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cyanide is the granddaddy of synthetic poisons. Easily made from common chemicals, cyanideis used as is for poisoning bullets and food, and is used in the making of Hydrogen Cyanide,Cyanogen Chloride, Tabun, and numerous other poison gases. A dose as small as 50 milligrams (ingested) can kill an adult man. Of course, the more thebetter.To make cyanide, you must first make ferrocyanide. This can either be made, or preferably,bought.
Ferrocyanide Preparation
Ferrocyanide is obtained by heating 10 parts (by weight) potassium (or sodium) carbonate; 10parts coke. cinders, or coal; and 3 parts iron turnings, all in coarse powder. to a full red heat inan open crucible, stirring occasionally until small jets of purple flame arc no longer seen. Whencool, the soluble matter is dissolved out of it, the solution filtered, evaporated, and crystallized.The crystals obtained are redissolved in hot water and cooled very slowly, forming large yellowcrystals of the ferrocyanide.In order to obtain a pure form, melt dried ferrocyanide in a glass vessel and let cool, dissolvethe fused mass in water, neutralize any excess of alkali with acetic acid (vinegar), andprecipitate the salt by adding strong alcohol to the solution. Wash the precipitate with a littleweak alcohol, redissolve it in water, and crystallize.Sodium Ferrocyanide (Na4Fe(CN)6-10H2O, FW 484.07, mp 82C, CAS# 13601-19-9, AKAYellow Prussiate of Soda) can be ordered quite cheaply fromwww.sciencealliance.com.Catalog #s and prices are: C7435-100 100g $4.12, C7435-500 500g $8.96. And there's nohazardous shipping fees for it either. Cyanide costs about $47 a pound plus $15 hazardous.
Cyanide Preparation
To convert the ferro to cyanide do this (please note that these instructions were for thepotassium not sodium salt. I'm assuming that the ratios are similar for both); Mix thoroughly 8parts of dry sodium ferrocyanide and 3 parts dry sodium carbonate (pool pH adjuster), heatthem in a steel container (cleaned oil filter can works nicely), with constant stirring (use clotheshanger, straightened out), with a propane torch or other intense heat source till it melts into aclear liquid. Heating is continued until the mix no longer fizzes and the fluid portion is colorless. After a few minutes rest, to allow the contents to settle, the clear portion is poured from theheavy black sediment (iron) at the bottom at the bottom of the crucible and onto to a clean slabor steel bowl. It's then broken up while still warm and stored in airtight bottles. This will be
almost pure cyanide.
Ricin is just about the easiest, and at the same time, most toxic poison that a criminal canmake. Less than a milligram (1/1,000 of a gram) injected or inhaled will kill a person severaltimes over. For individual killings, it has the advantage of being undetectable in toxicologyscans since the poison is a catalyst the starts a chain reaction in the body, and is destroyedbefore the symptoms begin to show.With properly sized and dispersed dry particles, ricin is at least 10x more toxic than the mostpotent nerve gas. A 1% water solution atomized with a small explosive burster has the sameeffectiveness as sarin nerve gas. The only disadvantage ricin has is the time it takes for thevictims to die is about 1 - 2 weeks. So you won't have the quick tactical effect of nerve gas. Butthis can also be good in that, using a covert dissemination, the criminal has time to escapebefore the attack is detected.The information presented below is from a US Patent #3,060,165, assigned to the US Army.
Here's a few things you need to know to make your production go much easier.The seeds are readily available through wholesale seed suppliers for about $20 for apound of seeds.Castor bean seeds are very tough to crack or peel. Soak them for anhour in a solution of 2 tablespoons lye in 1 cup water. Then use pliers to crack the shell.The shell will peel of the bean easily then.1.Use a 1/2 cup of acetone to every ounce of bean pulp. Blend well. Let sit for several dayswith occasional shaking. Pour off the acetone and add an additional 1/2 cup of acetoneand repeat. This will remove almost all the castor oil from the seeds.2.The patent doesn't mention it, but you can use magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) instead of sodium sulfate. Epsom salt is easily available in any drug store for just about a dollar apound.3.Use a plastic membrane filter if you can get them. The ricin forms a layer that is difficult toremove from a regular coffee paper filter without scraping off fibers as well.4.Wear a gas mask and gloves. Try to keep the ricin wet at all times to avoid generatingany dust (DEADLY!). And always shower and change clothes after handling.5.
Ricin is a protoplasmic poison prepared from castor beans after the extraction of castor oiltherefrom. It is most effective as a poison when injected intravenously or inhaled, the latter requiring extreme commutation and small particle size to be effective, It is believed that thetoxic action is catalytic rather than stoichiometric which probably accounts for the high toxicity

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