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Monsters and Mayhem Revised

Monsters and Mayhem Revised

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Published by Dylan Sirois
The LARP where you play the Monsters, not the Heros.
The LARP where you play the Monsters, not the Heros.

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Published by: Dylan Sirois on Jul 15, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Monsters and Mayhem
Welcome to Monsters and Mayhem!
Monsters and Mayhem is a light hearted live role playing game of adventure and skullduggery. In mostlive action role playing games the players take on the role of heroic warriors who battle monsters.In Monster Mayhem this is reversed- the players are Orks, goblins, trolls, zombies, brigands and other “Monsters”, who must defend themselves from brave Knights, stalwart soldiers, elves, dwarves,adventurers and each other.Monster Mash games are short, humorous in theme, but also quite hard to survive compared to other larps- a monster’s life is not an easy one!
The Dark Lord of Shadows is Dead- What are you going to do about it?
For many long years, he ruled the Shadowroot Forest, a vast tract of woodlands to the north of the manyfeuding kingdoms of the plains. Ancient and terrible, he gathered the forces of darkness, malevolentspirits and twisted creatures, artifacts of power and dread allies. At last the hour of his victory was athand, and the sunlit lands would rue the day they cast him out so long ago. His two greatest Lieutenants,Morquai, Queen of Spiders and Malgaroth, “the Hammer” struck fear into all who dared oppose theShadowlord. But brave heroes learned of his fell plans, and a company of the greatest and most capablewas gathered. Against all odds they battled their way through legions of his minions. At last, the SunBlade, thought lost, was found by a simple farmer, and the Dark Lord was struck down. All the landsrejoiced....To make a long story short, your side lost. Instead of getting to pillage the rich settled lands, you’ve beendriven back into the dank woods of the Shadowroot. Again.Times are hard for the lowly minions of darkness. Adventurers bent on pillaging what little of theShadowlord’s wealth remains set upon you at every turn. Given your aversion to any sort of productivelabor, your only hope is to raid the settlements along the forests edge hoping for easy pickings, explorethe ruins that now abound, try to turn the tables on the marauding adventurers or prey upon your fellowminions, now in disarray, for your share of your ex-master’s treasure.
The Amazing Adventures of Digger the Kobold
Or, What it’s Like to Play Monsters and Mayhem
Our hero is, in the mundane world, a systems analyst we’ll call Jack. Imagine that Jack decides to attenda game of Monsters and Mayhem. Jack decides to play an Assassin with the Shield Master gift. Hecarves two twisted horns out of foam, covers them in duct tape, and mounts them in a headband. He getsa little brown Halloween makeup to apply, takes a ragged piece of brown cloth and cuts a hole in it.Having met the basic requirements for costuming, he packs a lunch, a water bottle, personal supplies,and gets good comfortable shoes. Now he needs arms, but fortunately the caring MASI organization can provide him with a basic padded sword and shield when he arrives. Now he’s ready for some seriousskullduggery!Obtaining a Map, Jack consults the directions on the MASI website (http://masi.kerfuffles.com) withcare. Navigating successfully to the game, he heads down the long dirt road to the grass parking lot,from which he gets a lift in the game truck to the game site. There Jack scopes out the NPC building, pays his event fee, signs a waiver, and receives his “first level warrior” tag. He discovers that his “NPCshift” will be from 4 to 8 PM. From there he heads down into “the Village”, the replica town MASI usesfor its event, and scouts it out a bit, dons his costume, and brushes up on his swordsmanship with a fewof the locals.At the stroke of twelve noon, the action begins. Jack the systems analyst is transformed into Digger Ironhorn, Kobold warrior of the Shadowlord. Digger finds himself surrounded by a variety of unsavoryand heavily armed persons. Fortunately, they have no particular reason to set upon him, and indeed hefinds himself approached by several to see what sort of fellow he is, doubtless with an eye to futurealliances. Naturally he answers in a gruff and growly fashion.This palaver hasn’t gone on long when suddenly there is a great shout at the front gate, and he runs tosee what’s going on. A band of warriors in white is storming the village, vowing to “Cleanse the Evil!”and “Purge the Unclean!” The largest and bravest monsters are fighting back, but they don’t seem to bedoing too well, and others are beginning to fall back shouting “It’s the Legion of Purity! Run for it!”That’s not good!These guys mean to spike poor Digger, and he doesn’t know any good places to hide. He runs out theside gate, but circles around to attack from behind. With their attention focused on the gate, the LegionZealots are easy to sneak up on. Digger uses his backstab ability to smite three of them for “ThreeDamage” before they even know what is going on. One was a spell caster and goes down, but the other turns to fight, and soon Digger has taken a hit, so he figures its time to fall back a bit. His attack hasturned the tide however, and he quickly returns to loot the fallen, managing to reach most of them beforeanyone else. He find 18 gold pieces, 4 chunks of what he assumes must be bloodstone, a healing potion,and a couple of points of armor. Chortling with glee he looks up to see a number of the aforementionedlargest and bravest monsters looking at him irately. Realizing he’d better turn over some of the loot or run for it, Digger reluctantly pulls out a few gold coins… However, it’s clear that they aren’t going to besatisfied with that, and they move forward to attack. Digger needs to think quickly- will he fight againstthe odds? Try to work out a deal to divide the treasure? Offer to serve one of the monsters as their minion? Whatever happens, it’s sure to be eventful!
A Brief Introduction to Live Action Role Playing
What is Extreme Roleplaying?
Imagine a virtual reality in which you are transported into a fantasy movie like the Fellowship of theRing, Conan the Barbarian, or Willow. Imagine that you could become a character in that movie, butwithout a script. Imagine that you could be a hero in the struggle against evil for a day. Imagine that youcould feel the pulse pounding excitement of a fantasy adventure without real danger. Imagine the feelingof magic at your fingertips. Imagine yourself fighting hand to hand against savage foes, with victorydecided not by dice, but by your own skill. Imagine a world created for you to adventure in, as completeas possible. As real as possible. No dice. No computers. Imagine… that you do not NEED to use your imagination…because it is allthere before you.Also called “LARP” (Live Action Role Playing), Extreme role-playing is a hobby in which you portrayan imaginary character, “Live”, as though you were an actor in a movie, but without a script. To put itmore simply, it’s about picking up a (padded) sword, and heading out into the woods to enter a fantasyworld complete with props, sets, and actors for a d
What is the Maine Adventure Society Inc.?
The Maine Adventure Society, or MASI, is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting “Adventure”,usually though not always in the form of Extreme Role-playing (LARP), in Maine.
How is Combat handled?
Combat is a sport, in which you swing specially constructed padded swords and other weapons at your opponent, while trying to Resist being struck by them. It is not a particularly “Realistic” simulation of sword fighting, but it is fun, safe, exciting, and easy to get into.
Does it hurt?
When conducted properly, no. The weapons used are very safe, but they can sting or bruise when usedwith too much force. Hits to the head and other vulnerable areas are not allowed. Anyone causinganother player pain is breaking the rules, and will be in big trouble if the problem persists.Poorly constructed weapons are another problem. Some people have encountered larp combat withheavy swords poorly padded with too much duct tape, used with too much force, and found it painfuland intimidating. MASI combat strives to Resist this. Even the most delicate person should be able to participate in combat in (relative) comfort.
So it’s like Martial Arts?
 Not really. It bears little resemblance to things like Kick boxing. Since the objective is NOT to hurt (or even bruise) your opponent, real life combat skills are not as helpful as they would be in a real fight.However, many of the principles of the martial arts apply, and anyone trained in Martial arts should haveno problem mastering LARP combat.

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