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Lake Athabasca Metis Scrip Claims

Lake Athabasca Metis Scrip Claims

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Metis born on Lake Athabasca who applied for scrip.
Metis born on Lake Athabasca who applied for scrip.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Jul 15, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lake Athabasca Metis Scrip Claims
See Athabasca Landing and Calling Lake under separate entries.
Lake Athabasca
; French:
lac Athabasca
; from Woods Cree
, "[where] thereare plants one after another") is located in the northwest corner of 
Saskatchewan and thenortheast corner of 
Alberta between 58 and 60 degrees North..The name in the Denelanguage originally referred only to the large delta formed by the confluence theAthabasca River at the southwest corner of the lake. In 1791, Philip Turnor, cartographer for the HBC, wrote in his journal, "low swampy ground on the South side with a fewwillows growing upon it, from which the Lake in general takes its name Athapison in theSouthern Cree tongue which signifies open country such as lakes with willows and grassgrowing about them". Peter Fidler originally recorded the name for the river in 1790as
the Great Arabuska
. By 1801, the name had gained a closer spelling to the currentname—Athapaskow Lake. By 1820, George Simpson referred to both the lake and theriver as "Athabasca".Decoine, Isidore; address: Lac la Biche; claim no. 704; born: 1840 at Little Slave Lake;father: Francois Decoine (deceased Métis); mother: Josephte Desjarlais (Métis); married:1860 in Athabasca District to Catherine; children living: Francis, Maria, Madeleine,Sophie, Augustin, Adelaide, and Moise; children deceased: Narcisse; scrip for $160.00Decoine, Moise; address: Athabasca Landing; claim no. 2392; born: Spring, 1884 atMoose Lake, Athabasca; father: Isidore Decoine (Métis); mother: Catherine Latranche(Métis)Fraser, James; address: Chipewyan, Lake Athabasca; born: 16 August, 1876 atEdmonton; father: Colin Fraser (Métis); mother: Flora Rowland (Métis); scrip cert. no. 55B; claim no. 440Houle, Cecile; address: Athabasca Landing; claim no. 593; born: 1852 at Fond du Lac,Lake Athabasca; father: Gregoire Beaulieu (Métis); mother: Josephine Piche (Métis);married: 1878 at Fort Chipewyan to William Houle; children living: Catherine, Melanie,Virginie, Therise, Joseph, Maggie & Alexandre; children deceased: John, Lucia &Pauline.McDonald, Jean; address: Fond du Lac, Lake Athabasca; born: 1879 at Fort Chipewyan;father: Daniel McDonald (Métis); mother: Catherine Tourangeau (Métis); claim no. 268.Mercredi, Germain; address: Fond du Lac, Lake Athabasca; born: 12 February, 1872 atFond du Lac; father: Joseph Mercredi (Métis); mother: Marie (Métis); married: 10September, 1896 at Chipewyan to Marie Daniel; children living: Marie Madeline, born:17 August, 1897; Germain Mercredi, scrip cert. no. 917A; claim no. 460. Noisk, Harry; address: Calling Lake; born: December, 1871 at Island Lake, Athabasca;father: Noisk (Cree Indian); mother: Masinsee Kapowoo (Métis); married: 1896 atCalling Lake to Bella Cardinal; children living: Emile and Norbert; Harry Noisk, scrip1
cert.: form no. 1185A; Emile Noisk, scrip cert.: form no. 1186A; Norbert Noisk, scripcert.: form no. 1187A; claim no. 548.Shaw Jr., William; address: Lesser Slave Lake; born: November 1860 at Athabasca Lake;father: William Shaw Sr. (Métis); mother: Marguerite Kous-Kous-no-hah; (Métis);married: October 1883 at Lesser Slave; Lake to Eliza Wee-see-mat; children living:Edward, Sarah, Ambroise, and Peter; children deceased: Betsy, Joséphine, Albert andAlbertine; William Shaw Jr., scrip cert. no. 366A; Edward Shaw, scrip cert. no. 367A;Sarah Shaw, scrip cert. no. 368A; Ambroise Shaw, scrip cert. no. 369A; claim no. 162.Robillard, Albert; address: Fond du Lac, Lake Athabasca vi; Edmonton; born: 1876 atFond du Lac, Lake Athabasca; father: Louison Robillard (Métis); mother: Julie Nee-shithor Tnechinsh (Chipewyan; Indian); married: 1887 at Fort Chipewyan to MarieMcDonald; children living: Louis Daniel; children deceased: No name and Rose; claimno. 322.Robillard, Delphine; address: Fond du Lac, Lake Athabasca, vi; Edmonton; born: 1873 atFort Chipewyan; father: Paul Esay-tshore (Chipewyan Indian); mother: DelphineBedkadhi (Chipewyan Indian); married: 1895 at Fond du Lac, Lake Athabasca to PierreRobillard; claim no. 325o.Robillard, Elzear; address: Fort Chipewyan; born: February, 1871 at Fond du Lac, LakeAthabasca; father: Louison Robillard (Métis); mother: Julie Laviollette (Métis); scripcert.: form E, no. 1598; claim no. 2367.Robillard, Marie; address: Fond du Lac, Athabasca Lake; Edmonton; born: 1874 at FortChipewyan; father: Daniel McDonald (Métis); mother: Catherine Tourangeau (Métis);married: 1887 at Fort Chipewyan to Albert Robillard; children living: Louis Daniel;children deceased: no name and Rose; claim no. 323.Robillard, Pierre; address: Fond du Lac, Lake Athabasca vi; Edmonton; born: 1871 atFond du Lac; father: Louison Robillard (Métis); mother: Julie Tnechinsh (ChipewyanIndian); married: 1896 at Fond du, Lac to Delphine Poisson-Blanc; claim no. 324.Shawan, Mary or Nipissing; address: Wolverine Point; born: May, 1878 at Swan Lake,Athabasca; father: Michael Shawan or Nipissing; (Métis); mother: Catherine Wanuut(Métis); scrip cert. no. 759A; claim no. 356.Singer, Francis alias Castor; address: Lac la Biche; born: 1851 at Athabasca Lake; father:Ka-ni-ta-nee-ka-moo (Métis); mother: Angélique A-misk-kwao-ee-eno-Skwao; (Castor);married: 1873 at Lac la Biche to Marguerite Desjarlais; children living: 7; scrip for $240.00; claim no. 761.Tourangeau, Rose; address: Chipewyan, Lake Athabasca; born: 19 June, 1876 atChipewyan; father: Antoine Tourangeau (Métis); mother: Madeline LaRocque (Métis);scrip cert. no. 947A; claim no. 430.2

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