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Published by nationaljournal

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Published by: nationaljournal on Jul 15, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Princeton Survey Research Associates International July 2013 Omnibus Week 2 
July 2013 Omnibus Week 2Princeton Survey Research Associates International forNational Journal
Final Topline ResultsJuly 15, 2013Total: 1,002 adults age 18 and olderMargin of error: Plus or minus 3.6 percentage pointsInterviewing dates: July 11-14, 2013LANDLINE INTRO:
Hello, my name is ________ and I'm calling for Princeton Survey Research. We’re conducting a
study about some important issues today, and would like to include your household.RANDOMIZE RESPONDENT SELECTION - DO NOT RANDOMIZE
May I please speak 
with the YOUNGEST ADULT MALE, age 18 or older, who is now at home?” 
 AND “May I pleasespeak with the YOUNGEST ADULT FEMALE, age 18 or older, who is now at home?” 
IF NOMALE/FEMALE ASK: May I please speak with the YOUNGEST ADULT FEMALE/MALE, age 18 orolder, who is now at home?CELL PHONE INTRO:Hello, I am ___ calling for Princeton Survey Research. We are conducting a national study of cell phone users. I know I am calling you on a cell phone. This is not a sales call. (IF R SAYSDRIVING/UNABLE TO TAKE CALL: Thank you. We will try you another time...)CELL PHONE SCREENING INTERVIEW:S1. Are you under 18 years old, OR are you 18 or older?1 Under 182 18 or older9
Don’t know/Refused
=1,9, THANK AND TERMINATE: This study is limited to adults age 18 and over. I won’t
take any more of your time...READ TO ALL CELL PHONE -
learning more about people with cell phones. If you are now driving a car or doing any activityrequiring your full attention, I need to call you back later. The first question is...Notes: Due to rounding, percentages may not add to 100. An asterisk (*) indicates values lessthan 0.5%.
Princeton Survey Research Associates International July 2013 Omnibus Week 2 
CC1 As you may know, the Egyptian leader backed by the group known as the Muslim
Brotherhood was recently removed from power by Egypt’s military. Now that a new
government is in power, do you think the U.S. should continue to provide Egypt with thesame level of foreign aid, reduce it, or eliminate it altogether?July11-14,201320 Provide the same level of aid31 Reduce aid29 Eliminate aid altogether* Increase aid (VOL.)19
Don’t Know/Refused (VOL.)
 CC2 Do you consider the new government installed by the Egyptian military a friend to theUnited States, an enemy, or something in between?July11-14,20136 Friend5 Enemy67 Something in between21
Don’t Know/Refused (VOL.)
 CC3 Which of the following two statements better describes your opinion of how the U.S.should respond to the civil unrest in Egypt? [READ AND RANDOMIZE]July11-14,201316 The U.S. should do more to try to shape the government in Egyptand promote an end to violence78 The U.S. should mostly stay out of events in Egypt and allow thepeople there to resolve their differences6
Don’t Know/Refused (VOL.)
Princeton Survey Research Associates International July 2013 Omnibus Week 2 
READ TO ALL: Changing topics….
 CC4 The President is deciding whether to build the Keystone X-L Pipeline to carry oil from
Canada to the United States. Supporters of the pipeline say it will ease America’s
dependence on Mideast oil and create jobs. Opponents fear the environmental impact of building a pipeline. What about you
do you support or oppose building the KeystoneX-L pipeline?July11-14,2013 Jan26-292012
 Support 67 64Oppose 24 22
Don’t know/Refused (VOL.)
9 14CC5 As you may know, PresidentObama recently proposed regulations that would reduceemissions from power plants.Supporters say these regulations are necessary to reducethe risk of global climate change.
Opponents say these regulations aren’t worthwhile
and could increase electricity prices. Do you believe Congress should vote to stop thesenew regulations, or not?July11-14,201346 Yes, should vote to stop these new regulations42No, should not vote to stop these new regulations12
Don’t Know/Refused (VOL.)
 CC6 As you may know, the U.S. Senate recently voted to pass legislation reforming theimmigration system. The bill would double the number of border patrol agents, doublethe amount of fencing along the Mexican border, and allow immigrants who came to theU.S. illegally to become citizens after 13 years if they pay a fine and learn English. TheHouse of Representatives is now considering what to do with this bill. Which describeswhat you would like the House to do: [READ ITEMS 1-4; REVERSE ITEMS 2 AND 3 ONLY FOR HALF SAMPLE]July11-14,201329 Pass the Senate bill as is30 Make the provisions for border security tougher and then pass the bill13 Eliminate the provisions providing citizenship for illegal immigrantsand then pass the bill20 Not pass any immigration legislation9
Know/Refused (VOL.)
Modified lead in, originally:
One thing the President did not mention in his speech was his position on the Keystone X-L pipeline to
carry oil from Canada to the United States.” 

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