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How the Republicans Duped Harris County Party County Charirman Lane Lewis (2)

How the Republicans Duped Harris County Party County Charirman Lane Lewis (2)

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Published by vomeditor

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Published by: vomeditor on Jul 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mary Almendarez
RE: Lane Lewis and estado51prusa are still waitingfor you to join Twitter...
I have prepared a winded response simply because it is a response that Iwill share on the Voice of the Mainland. The title of the emailexchanges is very telling:Subject: RE: Lane Lewis and estado51prusa are still waiting for youto join Twitter...I changed the title to:
How the Republicans Duped Harris County PartyCounty Charirman Lane Lewis,
something more befitting for a topsmart Democratic Party politician.To get a feel for the breath of the platica, scroll down to the bottom of this post and read up from the first email from Chairman Lewis, read theresponse, then read the query to the Editor, me, the respondent, here,Bernardo Eureste, a fromer City Councilman from San Antonio and theChairman of the Texas Democrats for Edward Kennedy for President in1980, a Bexar County co-chairman of the Jimmy Carter campaign for President, a Bexar County co-chairman with the Jesse JacksonCampaign for President and a supporter of hundreds of DemocraticParty candidates and initiatives in Texas.Lane Lewis is the chairman of the Harris County Democratic Party. Myresponse is how the Republican Party can hook-wink a Democrat, and a powerful one at that. He purpose of my response is to educate the reader and Democrats on the issue of island Puerto Rico
s push for statehood,which came to me from Mary Almendarez, a proud leader in LULACand in political matters in Houston, Harris County and in Texas.
I will start out with an article that appeared in the Hill:
The HillThis is a story that gets close to what you are dealing with. Read the piece. The brief story on PR is good. The chances of passage do notlook good. That is good for me. The article says that the odds do notlook good for passage.
The 2012 Election for Governor, Senate, House and Municipalities
Puerto Rico is now under the control of the “Pepe’s,” the Partido
Popular Democratico de Puerto Rico. In 2012, they won thegovernorship of PR, the Senate, the House and over 70 municipalities.The PPD is against statehood, they favour status quo, the way it is today.From Wikipedia
“On the elections held on November 6, 2012, the party regained the top
offices:Alejandro García Padillawas elected governor andCarmen
Cruzwas elected as Mayor of San Juan. The party also took  back control of the House Of Representatives and Senate of Puerto
The Plebiscite
A plebiscite was on the matter of state status was placed on the ballot atthe same time of the state elections, November 6, 2012. It was placedfor a vote by the then PNP, Governor Luis Fortuno, in a 2 step vote. Thefirst question for the voter to vote on was whether the voter favoured thestatus quo or did they want change. The vote was a simple majority for change. The next question on the ballot was to select the choices,statehood, a form of statehood, not what PR has now, and independence.Because the question of status quo was not place on the ballot in proper language, the PPD instructed its voters to not vote in the second step.440,000 did not vote in step 2. The vote in step 1 was 1,775,893, The
vote in step 2 was 1,348,876. Wiki has a brief critique of what the PPDwas saying about the 2
Critics said that voters who favor a developed version of the currentstatus of Puerto Rico (acommonwealthwhich is part of the UnitedStates with internal self-government) had no alternatives on the ballot.As a result, leaders of thePopular Democratic Party(PPD) instructedsuch voters to leave the second portion of the ballot blank, or toinvalidate the ballot.
 The history professor Luis Agrait said toCNNthat "a large number of  ballots -- one-third of all votes cast -- were left blank on the question of  preferred alternative status. If you assume those blank votes are anti-statehood votes, the true result for the statehood option would be less
than 50%”
The truco in how the plebiscite was done is a serious weakness in theoutcome of the plebiscite.
Puerto Rico has had 3 plebiscites on the issue of the island’s status, in
1967, 1993, and 1998,
“[e]Each time, the results favored retaining the
current status over the possibleindependence of Puerto Ricoandstatehoodalternati
ves.” Wiki
“Although García Padilla has questioned the validity of the results, he
has stated that he plans to go forward with what PresidentBarack Obamahad suggested, and convene aconstituent assemblyto resolve the status issue.
If Governor Garcia Padilla does what President Obama proposes, theGovernor, with the PPD, who control the government of Puerto Rico,will hold a constituent assembly on the issue of island status. The
outcome is obvious. The PPD’s won, and
Obama understands that. He

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