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Cirinos Formal Letter in Support of Request for Full 12 Months

Cirinos Formal Letter in Support of Request for Full 12 Months

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Published by dvanmeter
Cirino Gonzalez's letter requesting for 12 month RRC halfway house placement his home state of Texas.
Cirino Gonzalez's letter requesting for 12 month RRC halfway house placement his home state of Texas.

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: dvanmeter on Jul 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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6/14/2013TO: UNIT TEAMUNIT MANAGER: MS. FELTSCASE MANAGER: MR. MAYNARDWARDEN: MR. PEARCESUBJECT: FORMAL LETTER IN SUPPORT OF REQUEST FOR FULL (12 MONTHS)RRC PLACEMENT OF CIRINO GONZALEZ, 76342-179It is with the knowledge that the BOP staff have a decision-making practice in theirdetermination of whether an inmate is appropriate for the Second Chance Act, that
I, CirinoGonzalez, am writing this formal letter in support that not only am I eligible but it is appropriatethat I receive the full statutory 12 months allowed.Staff is to individually assess inmates using the following five factors from the 18 U.S.C. §3621 (b):(1)
The resources of the facility contemplated. As of this writing, I have not been madeaware of where this facility will be (state wise). After the staff received this formalrequest, Mr. Maynard informed me Southern District of Texas accepted probationoffice change. The following 2 paragraphs are informational only and are left in todemonstrate issues at hand in the delay of this filing. I accept probation in Texas.
On the morning of 6/8/2013, I sent an “inmate to staff message” on my Unit Team,
requesting that my prior request to attempt the transfer of the probation office becancelled and that my Unit Team move forward with my Second Chance Act review,as I am only a couple of months away from what could be my (statutory 12 month)RRC release date; plus my Case Manager Mr. Maynard, had initially advised me thathe thought the transfer would not happen.On 6/10/2013, the above email was answered w
ith the single word “noted”(attached). Regardless, it is not within my control, the status of the “resources
of the
facility contemplated”.
 However, being that it is passed the 19-17 month window for the Second ChanceAct review, per BOP policy, I can and do now (again) ask for this to be done formally
 as to be able to remedy any issues that may arise to prevent my successfulreintegration into society.(2)
The nature and circumstances of the offense. I received two partial convictions anda mistrial: the government declined to neither bring a second trial nor retry my caseon the mistrial issues. The two convictions were: conspiracy to commit offensesagainst the U.S. and accessory after the fact.
The government charged that I would forcefull
y resist U.S Marshal’s efforts to arrest
Elaine and Ed Brown for Federal Income Tax charges; and that I provided Elaine (70years of age) and Ed Brown (68 years of age at that time) comfort and moral support.My mere presence at their home, the government claims, is the basis of the firstcharge; however, the government admits at the time of my arrest, I had left NewHampshire for at least 2 ½ months and was working on peace/antiwar efforts.While I was present, I would grocery shop for them and participate in local/townprotests/gatherings and assisted with international press interviews on their property
these actions form the basis of the second charge.Please refer to my Pre-Sentence Investigation Report to confirm the followinginformation: Addendum to the Pre-Sentence Report/United States District Court forthe District of New Hampshire/United States v. Cirino Gonzalez, Docket No. 07-CR-189-03-GZS/Page #2, Paragraph #7: On September 12 2008, defense counsel filed theattached written correspondence which contained several comments to the Pre-Sentence Report. These comments have been included in paragraphs #16, #17, #24,#29, #35, #36 and are considered RESOLVED.Pre-Sentence Report/Page #7/Paragraph #16: (At end) In Correspondence dated
September 12, 2008, defense counsel noted, “Mr. Gonzalez never threatened the
U.S. Marshals or law enforcement individuals, never threatened the use of forceagainst the U.S. Marshals or law enforcement individuals, never engaged in anyconduct that could be remotely construed as doing so, It is beyond dispute that nofederal, state or local law enforcement individual was ever directly threatened in any
way by Mr. Gonzalez.”
 To reiterate my point and the govern
ment’s investigation’s conclusion andagreement, as stated as being “resolved”, that “It is beyond dispute
that no federal,state, or local law enforcement individual was ever directly threatened in any way by
Mr. Gonzalez.”
 Again, I was not ever convicted of any weapons in any fashion or form and was gond
for over two months when the government figures the “dangerous phase” took place
and I had already publicly renounced my involvement with Elaine and Ed Brownsituation prior to said phase.(3)
The history and characteristics of the prisoner. To keep this section brief aspossible, I will highlight only the most interesting and pertinent parts of my life.At the age of 15, I earned my GED and began college (major: lawenforcement/minor: psychology). At the age of 17, I enlisted into the U.S. Navy;
serving over 8 years with no disciplinary issues. I served during Desert Storm, Kosovo,Afghanistan and the work up to the invasion of Iraq (2002). I was part of anemergency rescue mission of a merchant marine captain at sea; which involved a joint effort between the Air Force, Navy and the Coast Guard.I received scores and scores of awards from nearly every level of command for myperformance across the board. The two highest from two Admirals, one U.S. Navyand the second a French Admiral in charge of NATO Forces (1999, my ship, USSPeterson DD-969, was a flagship for NATO), in the form of Letters of Commendationfor my personal actions and duties (not the crew awards, for separate reasons anddifferent years).This does not mean to say that the numerous ribbons and medals I earned are of lesser value.
I left the military as a Gunner’s Mate 2
Class Petty Officer (Senior), with an RE-1code for re-enlistment (the highest and most desirable code), due to my belief thatthe wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were illegal.My last employment was working for the Department of Defense as a subcontractoras a weapons expert; working directly for the U.S. Army in Iraq (2006), where I
earned a “coin” and other numerous awards.
Prior to and after my employment with the Dept. of Defense, I was highly involvedwith the peace efforts and antiwar protest, gatherings and lobbying in WashingtonD.C. ; mostly working security for the protest organizations.It was these actions and beliefs
along with my unemployment that lead to myinvolvement in my charges.While incarcerated, I sought to be a model inmate and convict. The few write-ups Ihave received while in prison were largely outside of my own control, but I bore thepunishments as humble as I could.Though every day since my arrest, I lived with fear in my heart, I always felt that Inever allowed prison to change me (for the worst) during my nearly 6 years of being
“inside the razor wire”. However, my opinion of that was corrected once I arrived atF.C.I. Bastrop, a “low
security” prison, from my pr
ior medium-high security prisons of nearly 5 ½ years. I embarrassingly admit that I have in fact been institutionalized.Prior to here, the fear I always felt was purely for my safety, both from staff (documented threats from) and other inmates (because of the staff and also because
inmates’ beliefs that my “crimes” are not “real crimes”, so I am not to be fully trusted
as a convict could be).

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