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Big Brother is Not Only Watching You

Big Brother is Not Only Watching You

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Published by Son of Rizq
Big Brother is always watching you.
Big Brother is always watching you.

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Published by: Son of Rizq on Jul 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Posted by fahim knight at 13:38, 02 Dec 2012
Big Brother is Not Only Watching You: He is Your Facebook Friend;These are Dangerous TimesBy Fahim A. Knight-ElFacebook: the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security Agencies, state and local law enforcementagencies and the judicial systems are not waiting to ascertain and utilize this valuableand massive stored collection of data that is voluntarily being provided and ascertainedfrom social media sites for future purposes (the strategy and tactic of immediateutilization is taking place in real time). There have been various criminal cases in theUnited States where Facebook accounts and social media information have beensubpoena into courts of law and acquired information has been used by the governmentto convict people for alleged criminal misconduct. I have law enforcement friends andthey tell me that the larger police departments around the country have cyberspacetaskforces who principle responsibility and duty is monitoring the social networkingsites. Why wouldn't they be interested in this massive data base and the wealth of personal and private information being shared?What makes Facebook and social networking sites valuable to the law enforcementcommunity, is that this information is not part of a hardcore surveillance operations orsome covert counterintelligence operation, but it is unsolicited information, which isvoluntarily being given by Facebook users. Thus, ranging from photos (valuableidentification of persons who might be a present person of law enforcement interest orperhaps a future person of interest)
this gives the government readily identificationintell and based on your friends acceptance data that you have provided, it possibly
broadens you‟re list of family, friends and associates who also post their „confidential‟ 
information on your Facebook page. It connects us to perhaps various links to peoplewho know you and visa versa (of course most friends we accept on Facebook doesn't fit
into that category of „friend‟—
they are cyberspace strangers). We provide in otherinstances some of most intricate details about every aspect of our personal lives, whowe are connected to in various locations and capacities, who our employer may be,what gangs, social clubs and civic organizations we may belong, who we are disputingwith, etc., are routinely entered on people's Facebook pages. People who are in
domestic disputes are hiring cyberspace private investigators to find and locateincriminating data against spouses; also there are those who uses social media tocommit scams in which the Nigerians are masters of cyberspace crimes
exemplars. No, this isn‟t data that is waiting for some future misuse or perhap
s waiting
to fall in the wrong person‟s hands, it is too beneficial in the here and now.
 I do not think that most people know and understand how serious the world we live inand the times that we are living under. Their orientation to the world is overlyconsumed with social mediums and they are not often engaged in anything relative tocritical thinking and are not aware of the social, political and economic trends aroundthem. They are not reading information that will heighten their conscious level and arenot a part of any movements or study groups where good information is beingdisseminated. They do not follow the various so-called counterterrorism legislation andlaws that are being enacted by Congress, U.S. Courts and by presidential executiveorder. Most of us do not realize that we could immediately come under the U.S. EnemyCombatant laws
where our so-called due process is stripped from us and we findthemselves facing long term incarceration because of what appeared to be an innocentor not so innocent Facebook posting
image or language that allegedly compromisesU.S. National Security and/or making statements in support of United States externalforeign enemies as a post on Facebook; moreover, this could prove troublesome forAmerican citizens under this new reactionary course that our government has taking.They do not realize just like the so-called Al Qaeda terrorist that have been held inGuantanamo Bay, Cuba since the 9/11 hoax and the Iraq War; and has been legallystripped of all of their rights as prisoners of war, this could easily be any ordinaryAmerican citizen. The National Defense Authorization Act (passed by President Obamaon December 31, 2011) has broadened the United States Justice Department powersand legality to place United States Citizens in off shore custody prisons and incarceratethem in places like Guantanamo Bay, which is designated throughout the world. Ouryoung social media networking brothers and sisters (our children) are having fun anddo not have a clue that there is a sinister force paying attention to their postings andthey are not looking to have fun. We as parents, family and elders in the communityare going to have to find better ways to get our young people properly informed aboutthe danger of social media. If not the U.S. Patriot Act, National Defense AuthorizationAct, and Military Commission Act, etc., will be facing them, which is designed to feedthem/us into the prison industrial complex. This is why in some of my recent Blogs, I
overly stressed the importance of SHARING wisdom and Knowledge. My personalconscious journey or personal awaken started when I was a 13 year old teenager andvarious conscious groups and individuals helped to facilitate leading me to thinkingoutside the box and developing a conscious level. This eventually led me to Los Angles,California where I met Dr. Maulana Karenga and Ashra Kwesi they too helped toconnect me to Pan-Africanism, Nationalism and the importance of developing an Africancentered mindset. It was these and other collective experiences that have had thathelped to shape my worldview. The Path that I am on today is by no meanscoincidental, it was those experiences that led me to this time and space. I do notperceive that social media will lead our young people into developing a meaningfulworldview.I know that, I have some recent conversations with other Bloggers and outrightstrangers about my resistance to Facebook; I wrote this piece on Facebook last year
titled, “Facebook: The New Cointelpro: What Do You Mea
n By No Snitching? here is thelink for those who might be interested. http://fahimknightsworld.blogspot.com/20... . But I know I/We live in the age of the U.S. Patriot Act and the National DefenseAuthorization Act (NDAA) and I will be intentionally and repetitively mention these Actsthroughout the Blog because of their significance relative to our civil liberty. This younggeneration does not know nor understand the complexity of the world we live under.Their lack of understanding can render them and even some of us 'old heads"vulnerable, unless we fully understand that there has been a social, political, andeconomic paradigm shift even in how law enforcement view criminal science and wemight get caught up out of sheer ignorance. I think the visible evidence relative toFacebook is clear; people are divulging huge amounts of information about themselveson this public social networking forum. I do not think that point can be argued andwhether or not Zuckerberg could be covertly working in the interest of the intelligencecommunity is questionable and perhaps debatable, But here is a the New York Times
Internet article dated December 15, 2010 titled, “Person of the Year: Facebook‟s MarkZuckerburg” that raise a very interesting thought:
 "The door opened, and a distinguished-looking gray-haired man burst in
it's the onlyway to describe his entrance
trailed by a couple of deputies. He was both the oldestperson in the room by 20 years and the only one wearing a suit. He was in the building,he explained with the delighted air of a man about to secure ironclad bragging rightsforever, and he just had to stop in and introduce himself to Zuckerberg: Robert Mueller,director of the FBI, pleased to meet you."

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