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Published by: SANGARE SOULEYMANE on May 14, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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à to, toward, towardsà-propos relevanceà califourchon astrideà droite right, right, to the rightà la hussarde brusqueà la maison at homeà long terme long termà perpétuité lifelongà plaisir unfounded, unfound, unprovoked, groundlessà poil naked, nudeà point doneà propos for the time beingà quoi hywhy, whereforeà ras baldà rebours wrongà regret reluctantly, unwillinglyà temps on time, timelyà tire larigot copious, plentiful, opulent, overabundantà travers across, across, through, byabaissa reducedabaissai reducedabaissâmes reducedabaissant reducingabaisse crust, reducesabaissé reducedabaissée reducedabaissées reducedabaissement downfall, dilapidation, expiration, disrepairabaissent reduceabaisser abase, decrease, lowerabaissèrent reducedabaissés reducedabaissez reduceabaissons reduceabandon abandonmentabandonna abandonedabandonnai abandonedabandonnâmes abandonedabandonnant abandoningabandonne abandonsabandonné abandonedabandonnée abandonedabandonnées abandonedabandonnement abandonmentabandonnent abandonabandonner cede, give in, give up, give wayabandonnèrent abandonedabandonnés abandonedabandonnez abandonabandonnons abandonabaque abacusabasourdi amazedabasourdie amazedabasourdies amazedabasourdîmes amazed
abasourdir stun, numb, dazeabasourdirent amazedabasourdis amazeabasourdissant amazingabasourdissement amazementabasourdissent amazeabasourdissez amazeabasourdissons amazeabasourdit amazesabat beats, killingabâtardi debasedabâtardie debasedabâtardies debasedabâtarmes debasedabâtardir debaseabâtardirent debasedabâtardis debaseabâtardissant debasingabâtardissent debaseabâtardissez debaseabâtardissons debaseabâtardit debasesabats beatabattage cutting downabattant beatingabattement weaknessabattent beatabatteur woodcutter, lumberjackabattez beatabattîmes beatabattirent beatabattis turningsabattit beatabattoir abattoir, slaughter house, slaughterhouseabattons beatabattre butcher, slaughterabattu beatenabattue beatenabattues beatenabattus beatenabbatial abbatialabbaye abbeyabbé abbotabbesse abbessabs abcessabs abscessabdication abdicationabdiqua abdicatedabdiquai abdicatedabdiquâmes abdicatedabdiquant abdicatingabdique abdicatesabdiqué abdicatedabdiquée abdicatedabdiquées abdicatedabdiquent abdicateabdiquer abdicate, resign
abdiquèrent abdicatedabdiqués abdicatedabdiquez abdicateabdiquons abdicateabdomen abdomenabducteur abductorabeille beeabêti stupefiedabêtie stupefiedabêties stupefiedabêtîmes stupefiedabêtir stupefyabêtirent stupefiedabêtis stupefyabêtissant stupefyingabêtissent stupefyabêtissez stupefyabêtissons stupefyabêtit stupefiesabhorra abhorredabhorrai abhorredabhorrâmes abhorredabhorrant abhorringabhorre abhorsabhorré abhorredabhorrée abhorredabhorrées abhorredabhorrent abhorabhorrer abhorabhorrèrent abhorredabhorrés abhorredabhorrez abhorabhorrons abhorabîma spoiledabîmai spoiledabîmâmes spoiledabîmant spoilingabîme abyss, chasmabîmé spoiledabîmée spoiledabîmées spoiledabîment spoilabîmer damage, injure, spoilabîmèrent spoiledabîmés spoiledabîmez spoilabîmons spoilabiogese abiogenesisabjura forsworeabjurai forsworeabjurâmes forsworeabjurant forswearingabjuration abjurationabjure forswearsabjuré forswornabjurée forswornabjurées forsworn

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