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Might Does Not Make Wrong Right

Might Does Not Make Wrong Right

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Published by TMFJ

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Published by: TMFJ on May 14, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Might Does Not Make Wrong Right
By Nidal Sakr (MAF - 1/8/09)
y all accounts, what is happening in Gaza todayis a new chapter in history. Not so much because Israeli atrocitiesagainst Palestinians are unprecedented in historical proportions,but because the world conscience got a rude awakening when weall asked ourselves: “What if this happened to me and my family?”For the first time, we could not help but to look at the Palestinianquestion from a moral and human perspective instead of political.We all saw the question in stark contrast with our politicalperceptions and personal convictions.Certainly, the question of Palestine or Israel has been one that is essentially moral first andforemost, a fundamental question many thought we could forever evade. Is human life equally sacred? Or do we place discriminatory scale on people’s lives according toour own inclinations?If the answer is human life is NOT equally sacred, then we are simply Nazis or fascists who donot fit in a civilized or human world. After all, there is nothing moral about selective morality.If the answer is yes, that human life is equally sacred, then we may need to look at the crisis inthe right proportion.Out of the million and a half people of Gaza, 700 Palestinians killed to date is proportionallyequivalent to 2,800 Israelis killed, while the more than 3,000 Palestinians injured so far amountsto shockingly 13,200 Israelis injured.I submit that grand total Israeli casualties of the dead and injured since its inception sixty someyears ago, does not amount to the mere proportion of Palestinians killed of 2,800.Self admittedly, the United States has been a full partner in Israeli assault. What that wouldproportionally mean in terms of US casualties is even more shocking.Ready for this? Palestinian casualties in merely ten days or so of Israeli assault would amount toa staggering 140,000 Americans dead, and 660,000 Americans injured.Now let us all look at this from another perspective. When we lost 3000 in 9/11, we did not settlefor any less than a global war that killed and injured millions in Afghanistan, Iraq and other places.While we are yet to confess to our blunder in Afghanistan, sanity and rationale for Iraq war is nowundisputable.As Iraqi life is equally sacred to American life, what if Iraq inflicted a proportional toll of Americancasualties equivalent to what we did to Iraqis? It suffices to say that number of Americancasualties in such a case would come close to all the millions killed in WWII.Such proportionality may have traces in so called Judeo-Christian history as in SpanishInquisition, and Holocaust for example, but luckily it goes in fundamental conflict with premisesthat govern the Islamic model.However, the question of moral equivalency is one we cannot afford to either ignore or escape.As we all saw in Gaza, “Might Does Not Make Wrong Right,” and “Human Spirit Undoubtedly is

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