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poem on miletry

poem on miletry

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Published by Makarand Satam
poem on miletry
poem on miletry

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Published by: Makarand Satam on Jul 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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a soliders view"I look up in the sky And watch as the smokeclears away.I see the flag stillwave and these arethe words that come tomindYou represent the landI love. The home of the brave.Every heart beats strong andTrue under your colorsForever you will wave keepyour eye on the emblemThat represents the......U.S.A"Devils"For the rest of my life,I will have to live with the inhumanities I have seen.Soldiers, civilians, even children,Bleeding to dearth in front of my scarred eyesKill me inside.No longer can I claim any innocence,For I am a Devil. A bottle of whiskey and I will forget everything,For a while.However, at the end of the day,I’m still a Devil. As I lay my fist into a wall to cope with my loss,I realize it is not my loss at all.It’s my trained soldiers families that lost everything.How selfish am I?Too selfish I suppose,I am a Devil."A Letter From Home "I come back in from patrolI throw my webbing on the floor I put my weapon in my locker 
My body is aching, tired and soreLying on my bed, thinking of youThe tears are filling in my eyesUpon my bedside table A letter from you, what a nice surpriseI open the letter, I smell your scentI read it for the umpteenth timeI still can`t believe its over You no longer want to be mineI`m thousands of miles awayI need to hold you near You`re having another mans childI read it again and wipe away a tear It had been so long, since your last letter  And now I know the reason whyI will love you always and forever Within my heart and my soul, goodbyeThey knocked on her door to break the newsThat her husband had taken his own lifeShe knew he could not live without her Knowing she no longer wanted to be his wife© The right of Billy Little to be identified as the Author of the Work has been asserted by him inaccordance with the copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.…. All rights reserved. No part of these poems may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the author.When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Goingit means a tough person is a survivor.. he may fall and hit rock bottom but the difference is .. hewill see this as a challenge and not stay down defeated.. he will get up and dust himself downand try to make the best of a bad situation and get his feet back on the ground.Today my dear fellowmen,You will learn about some men,Who are for their country,More than just someone who brought them victory,For when their nation was in danger,their blood boiled in anger,Without caring for their personal life,They left their parents,children,and wife, And off they went like real heroes,To make the enemy feel like zeroes,These men had muscles like Iron, And had the hearts of a Lion,
When the enemy faced these men,The enemy didn't know where to go then,For one of these men,Was enough for the enemies then,The enemy then ran away like rats,Like rats run after seeing the cats,Thus these men saved the country,Giving it a proud victory,The heroes of this story,Work for the world's best military,These are the great and ever victorious,Our Proud Indian Armed Forces!"A Soldier's son"Now I lay me down to sleep,I pray dear Lord, my soul you'll keep,My mommy says I need to pray,For many others on this day,But my daddy - he's a soldier of this I'm sure you know,He helps protect our freedom,I was sad to see him go. Although I know he's sage with you,I'd rather have him here,'cause he's the one who always said,With prayer, there's no fear.Dear Lord , I know you hear me,Way up in the sky,Please protect my daddy,I wish he was here tonight.I love you daddy!Author: Unknown"The Forgotten Soldier"This country needs a reminder That sons and daughters we hold dear Who are so very far awayHave become forgotten I fear Our soldiers are reminded dailyWhy they are over thereMass graves and atrocitiesThe reason to them is clear 

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