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Racist and Wasteful Wall

Racist and Wasteful Wall

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Published by: Editor on Jul 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Placido Salazarpsalazar9@satx.rr.comRacist and Wasteful Wall
, Commander Vasquez. We must continue to express our opposition tothis disgusting and divisive wall of hate and racism. This is a total waste of BILLIONS OF TAX DOLLARS, when thousands of children in our own country andaround the world, are going to bed hungry. Thousands of our own childrenmust attend under-funded schools in low-income neighborhoods, withoutproper healthcare
and so many of our seniors dying due to the unaffordablecost of utilities, without air-conditioning in their humble homes.We congratulate Congressman Filemon Vela for daring to stand-up and becounted, instead of kissing up to racist Northern-
States’ lawmakers who are
pushing to divide our country from Mexico and other Latin-American countries.All of this, under the unfounded
pretext of “War on Terrorism,” while stupidly
closing their eyes to reality and taking no action against the mostly-blond andblue-eyed Canadians, knowing that Canada continues to harbor terroristtraining camps just across our border, which readily do pose a definite threat toAmerica.
We must also continue to SAY “NO”
to a “Bracero” program, which past
experience has shown to be nothing more than government-sanctionedSLAVERY, providing racist farmers and ranchers with cheap labor, which leavesmany of our own migrant farm and ranch workers unemployed.This is another call for American GI Forum, LULAC and every Mexican-AmericanCitizen, to wake up and to fight the viper of racism which our Founders workedso hard, to stamp-
out….. and which is once again rearing its head.

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