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Table Of Contents

1.1 8BClassification and identification of Datapoint Types
1.2 9BSubtype ranges for Datapoint Type Identifiers
1.3 10BDatapoint Type specification style
1.3.1 85BNotations and format
1.4 11BThe transmission of DPT encoded data on the bus
3 2BDatapoint Types for common use
3.4 15BDatapoint Types Character Set”
3.8.1 93B2-octet unsigned counter value
3.8.3 95BOther U16 Datapoint Types
3.9 20BDatapoint Types “2-Octet Signed Value”
3.9.1 96B2-octet signed counter value
3.9.3 98BOther V16 Datapoint Types
3.10 21BDatapoint Types “2-Octet Float Value”
3.11 22BDatapoint Type “Time”
3.12 23BDatapoint Type “Date”
3.13 24BDatapoint Types “4-Octet Unsigned Value”
3.14 25BDatapoint Types “4-Octet Signed Value”
3.15 26BDatapoint Types “4-Octet Float Value”
3.16 27BDatapoint Type DPT_Access_Data
3.17 28BDatapoint Types "String"
3.18 29BDatapoint Type Scene Number
3.19 30BDatapoint Type DPT_SceneControl
3.20 31BDatapoint Type DPT_DateTime
3.22.1 100BDatapoint Type “General Status”
3.22.2 101BDatapoint Type “Device Control”
3.24 35BDatapoint Type DPT_VarString_8859_1
3.25 36BDatapoint Type DPT_SceneInfo
3.26 37BDatapoint Type Unicode UTF-8 String A[n]
3.27.1 103BDatapoint Type “Combined Info On Off”
3.28 39BDatapoint Type DPT_AlarmInfo
3.29 40BDatapoint Type DPT_SerNum
3.30 41BDatapoint Types “Unsigned Relative Value”
3.31 42BDatapoint Types “Unsigned Counter Value”
3.32 43BDatapoint Types “Time Period...Z”
3.33 44BDatapoint Types “Unsigned Flow Rate l/h”
3.34 45BDatapoint Types “Unsigned Counter Value”
3.35 46BDatapoint Types “Unsigned Electric Current μA”
3.36 47BDatapoint Types “Power in kW”
3.37 48BDatapoint Type “Atmospheric Pressure with Status/Command”
3.38 49BDatapoint Types “Signed Relative Value”
3.39 50BDatapoint Type “DeltaTime...Z”
3.40 51BDatapoint Type DPT_Version
3.41 52BDatapoint Type “Volume in Liter”
3.42.1 105BDatapoint Type “Scaling speed”
3.42.2 106BDatapoint Type “Scaling step time”
3.43.1 107BDatapoint Type “MeteringValue”
4 3BDatapoint Types for HVAC
4.1 55BSimple Datapoint Types with STATUS/COMMAND Z8 field
4.1.3 110BOutOfService mechanism for a parameter
4.1.4 111BOutOfService mechanism for a runtime Datapoint (actual value)
4.4.3 116BDatapoint Type “Room Heating Controller Status”
4.4.4 117BDatapoint Type “Solar DHW Controller Status”
4.4.6 119BDatapoint Type “Room Cooling Controller Status”
4.4.7 120BDatapoint Type “Ventilation Controller Status”
4.5 59BData Type “16-Bit Set”
4.5.1 121BDatapoint Type “DHW Controller Status”
4.5.2 122BDatapoint Type “RHCC Status”
4.7 61BData Type “Boolean with Status/Command”
4.7.1 123BDatapoint Type “Heat/Cool_Z”
4.8 62BData Type “8-Bit Enum with Status/Command”
4.8.1 125BDatapoint Type “HVAC Operating Mode”
4.8.2 126BDatapoint Type “DHW Mode”
4.8.3 127BDatapoint Type “HVAC Controlling Mode”
4.8.4 128BDatapoint Type “Enable Heat/Cool Stage”
4.8.5 129BDatapoint Type “Building Mode”
4.8.6 130BDatapoint Type “Occupancy Mode”
4.8.7 131BDatapoint Type “HVAC Emergency Mode”
4.9 63BData Type “16-Bit Unsigned Value with Status/Command”
4.9.1 132BDatapoint Type “HVAC Air Quality”
4.9.2 133BDatapoint Type “Wind Speed with Status/Command”
4.9.3 134BDatapoint Type “Sun Intensity with Status/Command”
4.9.4 135BDatapoint Type “HVAC Air Flow Absolute Value”
4.10 64BData Type “16-Bit Signed Value with Status/Command”
4.10.1 136BDatapoint Type “HVAC absolute Temperature”
4.10.2 137BDatapoint Type “HVAC relative Temperature”
4.10.3 138BDatapoint Type “HVAC Air Flow Relative Value”
4.11 65BData Type “16-Bit Unsigned Value & 8-Bit Enum”
4.11.1 139BDatapoint Type “HVAC Mode & Time delay”
4.11.2 140BDatapoint Type “DHW Mode & Time delay”
4.11.3 141BDatapoint Type “Occupancy Mode & Time delay”
4.11.4 142BDatapoint Type “Building Mode & Time delay”
4.12 66BData Type “8-Bit Unsigned Value & 8-Bit Set”
4.12.1 143BDatapoint Type “Status Burner Controller”
4.12.3 145BDatapoint Type “Boiler Controller Demand Signal”
4.12.4 146BDatapoint Type “Actuator Position Demand”
4.12.5 147BDatapoint Type “Actuator Position Status”
4.13 67BData Type “16-Bit Signed Value & 8-Bit Set”
4.13.1 148BDatapoint Type “Heat Producer Manager Status”
4.13.2 149BDatapoint Type “Room Temperature Demand”
4.14.1 152BDatapoint Type “Consumer Flow Temperature Demand”
4.15 69BData Type “8-Bit Unsigned Value & 8-Bit Enum”
4.15.1 153BDatapoint Type “EnergyDemWater”
4.16 70BData Type “3x 16-Bit Signed Value ”
4.16.1 154BDatapoint Type “3x set of RoomTemperature Setpoint Shift values”
4.16.2 155BDatapoint Type “3x set of RoomTemperature Absolute Setpoint values”
4.17 71BData Type “4x 16-Bit Signed Value ”
4.17.1 156BDatapoint Type “4x set of RoomTemperature setpoints ”
4.17.2 157BDatapoint Type “4x set of DHWTemperature setpoints ”
4.17.3 158BDatapoint Type “4x set of RoomTemperature setpoint shift values ”
4.18 72BData Type “16-Bit Signed & 8-Bit Unsigned Value & 8-Bit Set”
4.18.1 159BDatapoint Type “Heat Prod. Manager Demand Signal”
4.18.2 160BDatapoint Type “Cold Water Prod. Manager Demand Signal”
4.19 73BData Type “ V16 U8 B16”
4.19.1 161BDatapoint Type “Status Boiler Controller”
4.19.2 162BDatapoint Type “Status Chiller Controller”
4.20.1 163BDatapoint Type “Heat Producer Specification”
4.21 75BData Type “16-Bit Unsigned Value & 16-Bit Signed Value”
4.21.1 164BDatapoint Type “Next Temperature & Time Delay”
4.22 76BData Type “3x 16-Float Value ”
4.22.1 165BDatapoint Type “3x set of RoomTemperature Setpoint Values ”
4.22.2 166BDatapoint Type “3x set of RoomTemperature Setpoint Shift Values ”
4.23 77BData Type “ V8 N8 N8 ”
4.23.1 167BDatapoint Type “EnergyDemAir”
4.24.1 168BDatapoint Type “TempSupplyAirSetpSet”
5 4BDatapoint Types for Load Management
6 5BDatapoint Types for Lighting
7 6BDatapoint Types for System
7.2.1 169BDatapoint Type “RF Communication Mode Info”
7.2.2 170BDatapoint Type “cEMI Server Supported RF Filtering Modes”
7.5 84BDatapoint Type “MBus Address”
8 7BParameter Types
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Datapoint Types

Datapoint Types

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