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Pri-Med East Full Conference Brochure

Pri-Med East Full Conference Brochure

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Published by Pri-Med
Full descriptions of Pri-Med East sessions and faculty.
Full descriptions of Pri-Med East sessions and faculty.

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Pri-Med on Jul 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ConfErEnCE & Exhibition
Thursday–Sunday, September 19–22, 2013
Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Boston, MA
Earn up to
AMA PRA Category 1 Credits 
Primary Care Updates 
Earn between 6.5 and 8
AMA PRA Category 1 Credits 
Current Clinical Issues in Primary Care 
Earn up to 19
AMA PRA Category 1 Credits 
Sponsored by pmiCME
Engage with experts,learn from clinicians,and network withyour colleagues.
Register at
Pima Cae Updaes Cuen Cinica Issues in Pima Cae Educaiona Smposia Exhibi Ha 
Chse frm mlti-tpic sessins fcsinn a variety f disease-specific treatmentand manaement appraches.See pae 8 fr lectre tpics, r visit
 and clic n the
Curriculum & Syllabus 
tab. Chse frm mre than 55clinical lectres develped andpresented by the distinishedfaclty f Harvard Medical Schl.Fr faclty, fll schedle, andeynte speaers, see paes 2-7 rvisit
and clic n the
Curriculum & Syllabus 
tab.Independent, nn-HarvardMedical Schl-accreditededcatinal sympsia areffered drin mealtime breas.Learn abt new discveriesin treatments and therapiesat these edcatinal sessins.See pae 9 fr mre infrmatin, rvisit
and clic n the
Ticketed Events 
Ehbt H F
Discver cttin-edemedical prdcts andservices and meet withindstry representatives.Fr the list f exhibitrs,see pae 10 r visit
and clic n the
Exhibit Hall 
Attend lnch- andbrea-time presentatinsfeatrin the latest disease-specific prdcts and servicesfrm indstry leaders.See pae 10 fr mreinfrmatin, r visit
and clic n the
Ticketed Events 
Day & TimE
Reistratin and cmplimentarycntinental breafast
Fr p-t-date schedle, visit
Sessions held during mealtime breaks 
Sessions held during mealtime breaks 
# oF CrEDiTsBetee6.5 d 8Up t19 Up t2 pep
Nt fr creditNt fr credit
aCCrEDiTED ProviDEr& TyPE oF CrEDiTs
AMA PRA Category 1 Credits 
(Application or CME credit has been fled with the American Academy o Family Physicians.
Deeminaion of cedi is pending.
Hd medc sch
AMA PRA Category 1 Credits 
(Application or CME credit has been fled with the American Academy o Family Physicians.
Deeminaion of cedi is pending.) 
pCmE  the aCCmEaccedted Pde
AMA PRA Category 1 Credits 
AANPNt fr creditNt fr credit
ConTEnT sPonsor
pCmEHd medcschpCmE theaCCmEaccedted Pde
ConFErEnCE& ExHiBiTionovErviEw
Hwever y chse t cstmizeyr Pri-Med East experience, ywill leave the cnference reenerizedand eqipped with innvativeideas that y can incrprate intyr practice immediately.
TaBlE oF ConTEnTs
Cuen Cinica Issues in Pima Cae 
Facult ..............................................2-3Highlighted Lectures ............................4Course Development Committee ...........5Schedule at a Glance ........................6-7
P Ce Updte
Educt sp
Independent, Non-Harvard MedicalSchool-Accredited ................................9
Ehbt H
Hours, Presentation Theaters,and Exhibitor List................................10
Hte & Te
accedtt & Degt
De t limited seatin, these events reqire prereistratin.Be sre t select the ticeted events y plan n attendin when reisterin.
Register at
CoUrsE DirECTorkEynoTE sPEakErsCoUrsE FaCUlTy
Dr. Chopra is Proessor o Medicine and Facult Dean orContinuing Education at Harvard Medical School and SeniorConsultant in Hepatolog at the Beth Israel Deaconess MedicalCenter, Boston. He is Editor-in-Chie o the Hepatolog Section o 
and has more than 120 publications and six books tohis credit. The recipient o numerous awards in the past 25 ears,including the Excellence in Teaching Award and the DistinguishedEducator Award, Dr. Chopra was elected in 2009 as a Master o the American College o Phsicians, an honor bestowed upon“citizen phsicians, educational innovators, scientiic thinkers,and humanists who inspire and set the standards or qualitin medicine.” Dr. Chopra serves as Course Director or severalCME courses, including seven annual
Current Clinical Issues in Primary Care 
. His most recent books include
Dr. Chopra Says:Medical Facts and Myths Everyone Should Know 
, which hasbeen translated into multiple languages;
Live Better, Live Longer 
The New Studies That Reveal What’s Really Good and Bad for Your Health; Leadership by Example: The Ten Key Principles of All Great Leaders 
Brotherhood: Dharma, Destiny and the American Dream 
, an inspiring double memoir written with hisbrother Deepak.
sj Chp, mD, maCP
Facult Dean orContinuing EducationProessor o MedicineHarvard Medical School
Cuen Cinica Issues in Pima Cae 
FriDay–saTUrDay, sEPTEmBEr 20–22
Earn p t
 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits 
Core curriculum developed and presentedb Harvard Medical School.
The neugc E:a lt at
mt a. sue, mD
Proessor o Neurolog atHarvard Medical School,Neurologist-in-Chie o, andChairman o the Departmento Neurolog at Brighamand Women’s Hospital, andCo-Chair o Partners NeurologDr. Samuels is Proessor o Neurolog atHarvard Medical School. He also serves asNeurologist-in-Chie o, and Chairman o the Department o Neurolog at Brighamand Women’s Hospital and as Co-Chair o Partners Neurolog. A Fellow in the AmericanAcadem o Neurolog and a Master o theAmerican College o Phsicians, Dr. Samuelshas repeatedl been cited as one o theleading neurologists in the United States.
oe the rb: F PePhc t vtg Fed
rd Be mD,maCP
Proessor o Medicine at theJohns Hopkins UniversitSchool o Medicine,Co-Director o the Division o General Internal Medicine atthe Johns Hopkins Baview Medical Center,and Co-Editor o the textbook “Principles o Ambulator Medicine”Dr. Barker is a general internist who hasspent his entire career as a phsician andeducator at the Johns Hopkins BaviewMedical Center (ormerl Baltimore CitHospitals). In 1974, he ounded (andsubsequentl directed until 2012) thelongitudinal practice or the residencprogram at Baview. He was PI on HRSAtraining grants to establish the JohnsHopkins General Internal Medicine Program(1979–present) and the longitudinal FacultDevelopment Program or clinician educators(1988-present). He continues to teach in theacult development program, which utilizesreective practice as the chie learningmode. In 1995-1996, he received a FulbrightScholarship to introduce acult developmentin the primar care sstem in Spain. Betweenthe ears 1982 and 2007 he co-edited theseven editions o the textbook “Principleso Ambulator Medicine.” Throughout hiscareer Dr. Barker has practiced as a generalinternist at Johns Hopkins Baview.
m Ct:Pe t medce
st muge, mD
Astronaut or over 30ears, producer/director o multimedia, innovator withApplied Minds Inc., andProessor o Design at ArtCenter College o Design inPasadena, CADr. Musgrave has six graduate degrees inmath, computers, chemistr, medicine,phsiolog, and literature. He has beenawarded 20 honorar doctorates and was apart-time trauma surgeon or the duration o his astronaut career. Stor Musgrave was aNASA astronaut or over 30 ears and lew onsix spacelights. He perormed the irst shuttlespacewalk on
’s irst light, was apilot on an astronom mission, conductedtwo classiied DOD missions, was the leadspacewalker on the Hubble Telescope repairmission, and operated an electronic chipmanuacturing satellite on
. Hewas the Communicator in mission controlor 25 missions. Toda he is a producer/ director o multimedia, a landscape architect,a heav equipment operator, an innovatorwith Applied Minds Inc., and a Proessoro Design at Art Center College o Designin Pasadena, CA. Stor also perormsmultimedia corporate presentations onthe topics o design-driven innovation,project management, operations, humanperormance, reliabilit, qualit, and saet.
w Bbe, mD
Speaking on: ADHD Is Not Just or Kids:Recent Research and the Primary Care o ADHD 
Pt v. C, mD, JD, FaCP
Speaking on: End-o-Lie Dilemmas 
ke C, mD
Speaking on: Breast Cancer Prevention in Primary Care; Team-Based Care:What Works 
sj Chp, mD, maCP
Speaking on: Ask the Expert: Neurology,Endocrinology, Hepatology; Adventures in Liverland 
mc Che, mD
Speaking on: Opiates or Chronic Pain:Decision Making, Risk Management,and Monitoring 
mche Cu, mD
Speaking on: Chronic Fatigue 
Che D, mD
Speaking on: Live, On-stage Orthopedic Demonstration I: Common Hand Injuries 
F D, mD
Speaking on: A Lot Riding on My Shoulders 
De Duh, mD, mPH, FaCP
Speaking on: Managing Patient Expectations in a Changing Health Care Environment 
kthee Ec, mD
Speaking on: Heart Disease in Pregnancy 
stephe Eett, mD
Speaking on: The Power o Group Visits 
Chtphe Ft, mD
Speaking on: Ask the Expert: Inectious Disease, Cardiology, Pulmonology;COPD: Preventable and Treatable;Bronchiectasis: New Ideas About an Old Disease 
nch Febch, mD
Speaking on: Vaccines or Adults: Not So Simple Anymore 
lu Fe, mD
Speaking on: Ask the Expert: The Eyes and Ears Have It 
mget a. Ftzged, DnP, FnP-BC,nP-C, FaanP, CsP, Faan, DCC
Speaking on: Prescribing in Pregnancy and Lactation 
 J Fd, mD, FaCP
Speaking on: A Doctor as a Patient:Observations on Quality and Saety 
Th G iv, mD
Speaking on: Knee Examination 
 Jh Gd, mD, FaCP
Speaking on: Transitional Care Management 
 Je J. Hee, mD
Speaking on: Back Examination 
Ge Hede, mD
Speaking on: Recent Advances in Stroke 
 Jee Hug, mD
Speaking on: Ask the Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine Expert:Dermatology, Allergy, Ophthalmology 
He ktz, mD
Speaking on: Hormones, Food, and Our Environment; Challenging Cases: What’s the Diagnosis? Disorders o the Breast 
Dd kute, mD
Speaking on: Anticoagulants: New Strategies or Treatment 
Dee ledu, mD
Speaking on: Ask the Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine Expert:Dermatology, Allergy, Ophthalmology 
De lee, mD, ms
Speaking on: Celiac Sprue: Protean Maniestations;
C. difficile
Inection: Not Just a Hospital Problem Anymore 
 Ju ldebeg, mD
 Speaking on: Opiates or Chronic Pain:Decision Making, Risk Management,and Monitoring 
Ee lg-mddet, PhD, rn,FnP
Speaking on: Team-Based Care: What Works; End-o-Lie Care: Listening to the Patient; Primary Care or the Sexually Abused Woman 
ade mcGte, mD
Speaking on: Ask the Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine Expert:Dermatology, Allergy, Ophthalmology 
rchd me, mD
Speaking on: Vaccine Updates: Back to the Future 
r. w m, mD
Speaking on: Ask the Expert: The Eyes and Ears Have It 
Geg Pzz, mD
Speaking on: Ask the Expert: Inectious Disease, Cardiology, Pulmonology;Peripheral Artery Disease: A Journey o 1,000 Steps 
mt Qu, mD
Speaking on: Vaginitis; Contraception 
nc rgtt, mD
Speaking on: Smoking Cessation 
Dght rb, mD
Speaking on: Ask the Expert: Neurology,Endocrinology, Hepatology 
De re, mD
Speaking on: More Than Just the Snore:Common Sleep Disorders in Adolescents 
rche r, mD
Speaking on: Challenging Cases in Hematology 
mt sue, mD
Speaking on: The Neurological Exam:A Lost Art; Ask the Expert: Neurology,Endocrinology, Hepatology 
Pu s, mD
Speaking on: Ask the Expert: Inectious Disease, Cardiology, Pulmonology 
le schppe, mD
Speaking on: Cancer: Progress One Patient at a Time 
ndt sctt, mD
Speaking on: Heart Disease in Women 
 Jh r. shp, mD
Speaking on: Complete Treatment o Clinical Depression: The What and How 
 Je s, mD
 Speaking on: Domestic Violence;Choosing Tests Wisely: 2013 Update;Resistant Hypertension 
Ged set, mD
Speaking on: New Drugs or the PCP:What You Need to Know; Preoperative Cardiac Evaluation: Risk Factors and Novel Risk Reduction Strategies 
mche se, mD
Speaking on: Challenging Cases in Nephrology 
rbet stt, mD
Speaking on: Chronic Kidney Disease;When Should a Patient with Kidney Disease Be Reerred to a Nephrologist? 
Th we, mD
Speaking on: “The Celiac Iceberg”: Is It Changing Shape, or Is This Just Global Warning” 
kthee U, PhD
Speaking on: The Power o Group Visits 
l we, mD
Speaking on: Anemia: What to Look For to Clinch the Diagnosis 
augutu whte iii, mD, PhD
Speaking on: Addressing Health Care Disparities 

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