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Drumbeat Rex & Barack 13-07-18 Rex, Lies & Videotape

Drumbeat Rex & Barack 13-07-18 Rex, Lies & Videotape

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Published by Doug Grandt
Time for a Change -- No more lies
Time for a Change -- No more lies

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Published by: Doug Grandt on Jul 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Douglas A. GrandtP. O. Box 6603Lincoln, NE 68506July 18, 2013PresidentBarack Obama The White House1600 Pennsylvania Ave NWWashington,D.C. 20500Mr. Rex W. TillersonExxon Mobil Corporation5959 Las Colinas Blvd.Irving, Texas 75039Re: Time for a Change -- No more liesDear President Obama and Mr. Tillerson,Only you can stop the lies. Denounce the bias, conflicts of interest, misinformation and lies.Your allowing this subterfuge to continue makes you complicit in perpetuating the intensionalfalsehoods. You both have the moral authority to right the criminal wrongs of EnvironmentalResources Management and TransCanada. Call them out for their negligence. Read this:
ERM, State Dept Keystone XL Contractor, ClaimedDelaware Tar Sands Refinery Made Air Cleaner
2013-07-18 05:00 | Steve Horn A
investigation revealsEnvironmental Resources Management,Inc. (ERM Group), the contractor thatperformed the environmental review for TransCanada'sKeystone XLtar sandsexport pipeline, was also recently hired bya major Delaware City refinery to study air quality around the plant.This "study" wasfunded by the refineryitself , owned byDelaware City RefiningCompany, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PBF Energy. Delaware City Refinery istherecipient of 180,000 barrels per dayof fracked oil from North Dakota's Bakken Shale along with oil extracted from Alberta'star sands- bothreferred to as the "holy grail" by the Refinery's owner at a Feb. 2013 meeting - which sojourn eastward viamile-longfreight rail carsowned by Norfolk Southern.Conducted in March 2013, the study concluded the "air quality [near the refinery] is asgood as, and in some cases, better than samples taken during the 2011 study before therefinery restart," asexplained on a flyer obtained by
promoting two publicmeetings hosted by ERM to discuss results.
However,an independent air samplestudydetected the cancer-causingcompound benzene far above levels setby the Environmental Protection Agency,as well as soot and sulfur dioxide, in anarea one mile from the refinery.ERM Group - a dues-paying member of American Petroleum Institute (API),which hasspent over $22 million lobbyingon tar sands and Keystone XLsince itsJune 2008 proposal - said that because Alberta's tar sands will get to market withor without Keystone XL, the tube'snorthern half "is unlikely to have a substantial impact on the rate of [tar sands]development."Under that logic, Keystone XL - which President Obama said in in the Climate Action Planhe will only approve if it doesn't "significantly exacerbate...carbon pollution" - won't have a"substantial impact" on climate change. That could mean "game on" for the pipeline.
 Yet Another Illegal ERM Group Lie
This latest discovery proves - once again - thatERM Group lied on its conflict-of-interestformwhich it submitted to the State Department,claiming it has no"direct or indirect relationship (financial, organizational, contractual or otherwise) with any business entitythat could be affected in any way by the proposed work," as seen in that section of theform below:The false claim - given ERM'scurrent ties to the Alaska Gas Pipeline Project, theDelaware City Refinery and the refinery's direct relationship with tar sands refining andmarketing -may violate 18 USC § 1001. That law says making a "materially false,fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation...[to the] executive, legislative, or  judicial branch of the Government of the United States" is a crime punishable by up to fiveyears in jail.
Friends of the Earth
Checks& Balances Project 
havecalled for a full-throttle StateDepartment Inspector General investigationinto the contractual relationship between ERMGroup and the State Department.The false contractual claim is far from the only tall tale ERM told.President Obama and Mr. TillersonJuly 18, 2013Page 2 of 4
Independent Air Studies, Citizen Anecdotes Fly in Face of ERM Study
 Astudy released by Delaware City Environmental Coalition in late-May- just weeks before ERM's study was r eleased - came to diametrically opposite conclusions as ERM Group'srefinery-funded effort."Air-quality tests commissioned by a Delaware City citizens group show a jump in localchemical, soot and sulfur levels after theopening of the Delaware City refinery, withat least three toxic pollutants exceedingsome public health limits in one spot a milefrom the plant," explained
The NewsJournal 
.Beyond the study itself, many individualshave anecdotes of how the refinery hasimpacted their lives and how quality of lifewas better before the plant reopened in2011, whenPBF Energy purchased therefinery from Valerofor $220 million after itwas idled for one year."I can tell you that the year the plant was shuttered, I did not suffer from my normalseasonal sinus condition in the same manner that I have both before and after," DelawareCity citizen Kristina Lynn told
in an interview."While it is a seasonal allergy that causes my pain, it was nearly absent that year. Thetown was quiet, no smells, even the sky looked bluer. No rumblings, it was so quiet atnight I could hear ahorse neigh on a farm a half mile away. I had never heard that before." Another Delaware City citizen shared a similar story."Air quality is the issue that has affected me the most. My asthma has worsened as havemy allergies. The medicines don't even work all the time now, and I regularly have attacksthat cause me to pass out completely for a few seconds," said Barbara Elizabeth Johnson."I can't go outside much unless I sit very still while I am out there and don't try to walkaround too much."There is also video and photos of smoke and waste flaring that appears anything but whatERM described as "clean." Case in point, the video:http://bit.ly/delaware-city-refineryLastly, Delaware's Department of NaturalResources and Environmental Control(DNREC) haspenalized the refinery tentimes for violationssince 2011 and theplant itself has received53 DNRECviolation noticesduring that time period. An attendee of ERM's public meeting onits refinery-funded air study makes clear the study had one purpose: to manufacturedoubt on the independent air study.President Obama and Mr. TillersonJuly 18, 2013Page 3 of 4

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