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Ministry of Angels.

Ministry of Angels.

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Published by glennpease

Heb. i. 14.

"Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to min-
ister for them that shall be heirs of salvation .?"

Heb. i. 14.

"Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to min-
ister for them that shall be heirs of salvation .?"

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Published by: glennpease on Jul 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MIISTRY OF AGELS.BY HERY KOLLOCK, D. D.Heb. i. 14."Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to min-ister for them that shall be heirs of salvation .?"MA stands at the head of the visible crea-tion, and serves to connect two widely different or-ders of being. Compounded of body and soul, byhis body he bears an affinity to the beasts that arenot endued with an immortal spirit, and by his soulto those superior intelligences, who are not united tomatter, nor encumbered with body.That such intelligences exist, reason, or the re-mains of a primitive revelation, taught every peoplethat has ever lived. Differing in almost every othersubject of belief, nations of every climate and age,and religion, have nevertheless concurred in acknow-ledging that between us and God, there are innumer-able orders of spirits, far excelling us in every na-tural and moral quality. The universality of thisbelief, is a strong presumption of its truth, and of its consistence with reason.172 SERMO IX.Indeed, it would appear almost impossible for anyperson who jhad with any attention examined theworks of God, and observed the various gradationsof being, to doubt of the existence of angels. Wcascend, step by step, from dull, inert, unorganizedmatter, to the living plant, the perceptive brute, andthe reasonable man. And having risen to an imma-
terial substance, endued with such powers and fa-culties as the human soul, shall we suppose that thegreat scale and gradation of being ends there ? Willwe not feel ourselves compelled to believe that be-tween us and Deity, numberless creatures intervene,possessed of perfection, power and excellency, be-yond our present conception ?But we are not left on this subject to the dimlights of unassisted reason. The holy scriptures arefull of proofs, not merely of the existence of angels,but also of their care and watchfulness over the pi-ous, of their fellowship and communion with thesaints. othing can be more explicit on this pointthan the words of our text, in which St. Paul, speak-ing of the blessed angels, says, " Are they not allministering spirits, sent forth to minister for themthat shall be heirs of salvation ?" Though the apos-tle here uses the interrogatory form, he does not byit intimate any doubt of the truth of the questionwhich he asks, but only designs by this mode of speaking more strongly to affirm it, more pointedlySERMO IX. 173to appeal to the general belief of the Hebrews andtheir own knowledge of the scriptures.This subject, my brethren, though so much neg-lected, is worthy of our serious attention. SinceGod has revealed to us that by his orders the heav-enly host defend, instruct and support his children,we must surely be ungrateful if we do not some-times meditate on this glorious privilege, and ren-der our thanksgivings for it to our heavenly Father.And besides, we must be regardless of our owncomfort, and indifferent to our own felicity, if we donot strive to obtain a constant persuasion and a deep
sense of a doctrine so calculated to console us inour sorrows, to quiet our fears, and to animate usto diligence in our christian course.I well know that on this subject many personshave substituted the impulses of imagination, inplace of the cool deductions of reason, and the sa-cred lights of revelation. I well know that manypersons, " desirous to be wise above what is writ-ten," have when speaking of the heavenly host, de-livered opinions, not only unsupported by the scrip-ture, but inconsistent with its holy teachings. — I well know that it is a subject which has often ex-cited the pitiful sneer of the modern Sadducee andconceited unbeliever : But I know also that theseconsiderations should not deter us from a sober ex-174 SERMO IX.amination of this precious truth. God has not re-vealed it for no purpose : he has not written it downin the holy volume with a design that we shouldnever attend to it ; he expects our gratitude andadoration for this proof of his paternal affection andgoodness : we arc therefore bound to enquire intothe nature of this angelic ministry. And besides,according to the judicious remark of Dr. Owen," we have the word of God for our way and guide ;and if we go not beside it, and if we go not beyondit, we are as safe when we treat of angels as whenwe treat of worms."In illustrating this subject, we willI. Examine the names, number, and perfectic;.,:.of the angels ;II. Enquire into the extent, duration, and natur.:

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