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Latest Paper on Cryptography

Latest Paper on Cryptography



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Published by sundarrajan1068
Latest Cryptographic Trend for having effective small size cryptographic content
Effectively applied in Mobiles
Latest Cryptographic Trend for having effective small size cryptographic content
Effectively applied in Mobiles

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Published by: sundarrajan1068 on May 15, 2009
Copyright:Public Domain


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Total No of Pages: 13Referred:www.google.comwww.wikipedia.org9790680719[17.09.2008]
Sundar Rajan. R 
[This document is prepared only for read only purpose andthis document should not be copied or recycled with priorpermission. This document is created while preparing forpaper presentation and National Conference – Theni.]All Copyrights are reserved © 2008
An Efficient Operator based Unicode cryptography Algorithm for Text,Audio and Video Files
, R.Sundarrajan
There are many aspects to security andmany applications, ranging from securecommerce and payments to privatecommunications and protecting passwords.One essential aspect for securecommunications is that of secret keycryptography, which the focus of this paper.With secret key
cryptography, asingle key is used for both encryption anddecryption. The key selection mechanismand the encoding methodology express theefficiency of the cipher text generated. Inthis paper, a new method of encodingtechnique using the mathematical operatorsover Unicode character set facilitates betterencoding algorithm.* Assistant Professor,Dept of CSE,J.J.College of Engg.& Tech.,Trichy-09.Email ID: sumathi_rajmohan@yahoo.com** Pre Final Year Student, Dept of CSE, J.JCollege of Engg & Tech., Trichy-09The same plaintext will encrypt to differentcipher text in a stream cipher .Thisalgorithm increases the complexity of solving the cipher text when handled byintruders. Thereby it provides extremelybetter security for all type of files.
Cryptography is the practice andstudy of hiding information. In moderntimes, cryptography is considered a branchof both mathematics and computer science,and is affiliated closely with informationtheory, computer security, and engineering.Cryptography is used in applicationspresent in technologically advancedsocieties; examples include the security of ATM cards, computer passwords, andelectronic commerce, which all depend oncryptography.Cryptography refers to encryption,the process of converting ordinary
information (plaintext) into unintelligiblecipher text Decryption is the reverse,moving from unintelligible cipher text toplaintext. A cipher is a pair of algorithmswhich creates the encryption and thereversing decryption. The detailed operationof a cipher is controlled both by thealgorithm and, in each instance, by a key.This is a secret parameter for aspecific message exchange context. Keys areimportant, as ciphers without variable keysare trivially breakable and therefore lessthan useful for most purposes. Historically,ciphers were often used directly forencryption or decryption, without additionalprocedures such as authentication orintegrity checks.
There are various security requirements for aCryptographic technique including:
The process of provingone's identity. (The primary forms of host-to-host authentication on the Internet todayare name-based or address-based, both of which are notoriously weak.)
Ensuring that noone can read the message except theintended receiver.
Assuring the receiver that thereceived message has not been altered in anyway from the original.
: A mechanism to provethat the sender really sent this message.Any new design of Cryptographictechnique must accomplish the aboverequisites. Cryptography not only protectsdata from theft or alteration, but can also beused for user authentication.
In general, three types of cryptographic schemes typically used toaccomplish these goals:1.
Secret Key Cryptography (SKC):Uses a single key for both encryptionand decryption2.
Public Key Cryptography (PKC):Uses one key for encryption andanother for decryption3.
Hash Functions:Uses a mathematical transformation toirreversibly "encrypt" information

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