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Published by satya20000

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Published by: satya20000 on May 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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C++ Course Outline
Part I(1) What is C++?(2) What is C++ in relation to C?(3) The simple new features of C++:I/OCommentsVariablesConstantsManaging heap objectsReferencing objects(4) Designing classes(5) A Student class(6) Working with objects(7) C++ Student class implementation (STUDENT.H)(8) Student class functionality (STUDENT.CPP)(9) Code to test the Student class (STEST.CPP)(10) Syntax when coding classes(11) Hiding data(12) Revised Student code to support encapsulation(13) Summary of OO terminology(14) A C implementation of a C++ class(15) C Student class implementation (CSTUDENT.H)(16) CSTUDENT.C(17) Code to test the C Student class (STEST.C)(18) Programming operators(19) Operator member function syntaxx(20) Defining an operator(21) Employee stock code (ESTOCK.H,ESTOCK.CPP,ESTEST.CPP)(22) Overloading functions/operators(23) Default parameters(24) Protecting data(25) Selected exercisesPart II(26) Copy constructor(27) When to supply a copy constructor(28) Assignment operator(29) Using the this pointer(30) Destructor(31) Static class members(32) Revised EmployeeStock code (ESTOCK.H)(33) Revised ESTOCK.CPP(34) Test code (ESTEST.CPP)(35) Friend functions
(36) FRIENDEX.CPP(37) Friend classes(38) Providing streamable support(39) Programming the display/input functions(40) Revised personn class (FRIENDEX2.CPP)(41) File input/output using streams(42) Writing class file i/o support(43) Inline functions(44) Making an out-line function inline(45) Selected exercises
Part III(46) Deriving classes(47) General derivation syntax(48) Deriving UniversityStudent from Student(49) Revised Student class (STUDENT2.H)(50) STUDENT2.CPP(51) UniversityStudent definition (USTUDENT.H)(52) USTUDENT.CPP(53) UTEST.CPP(54) Dynamic binding(55) Virtual functions(56) A virtual display() function(57) Revised STUDENT2.H(58) Revised USTUDENT.H(59) Revised USTUDENT.CPP(60) Test code (DBIND.CPP)(61) A musical instrument derivation hierarchy(62) Multiple inheritance(63) Memory map of multiple inheritance(64) Inheritance versus embedding(65) Virtual base classes(66) Pointers to member functions(67) Assertions(68) Exceptions(69) Sample exception code (EXCEPT.CPP)(70) When to code exceptions(71) Selected exercisesPart IV(72) C++ data structures(73) An abstract base class(74) An abstract Object definition(75) C++ linked list code (OBJECT.H, LL.H)(76) LL.CPP(77) LLTEST.CPP(78) Templates(79) Template header file definition(80) A template array definition (ARRAY.H)(81) ARRAYTST.CPP(82) Multiple template types(83) Templates in general...(84) A linked list template implementation(85) LinkedList template definition (LLT.H)(86) LLTTEST.CPP(87) Selected exercises

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