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Fear Within

Fear Within

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Published by Silva.W.Pius
A gripping short and suspenseful supernatural crime story
A gripping short and suspenseful supernatural crime story

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Published by: Silva.W.Pius on Jul 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fear within
The days of seemingly peaceful slumber that used to effortlessly take me away from my worldconsumed by loneliness, to a place of true tranquillity, where calm and warmth wrap me up ever sotight seems like a distant, unattainable illusion in the desert. Promising so much, but with every darknight that passes, grows ever distant from my grasp. Replaced now with grotesque imagery, a horrorfilm only played when the children were fast asleep, something only the devils nightmares canbare... Ear piercing screeches; fill my ears, like water in the corridors of the sinking Titanic... But theyseem to be coming from a man, not your stereotypical horror scream queen... they are screams of pain and fear... so vague and foreign to my memories, yet so familiar to my body. That seems tointoxicate my being, like poison, grabbing hold of me, constricting my bones and organs like aserpent. Then Suddenly my eyes open, unchaining me from this unworldly abyss, but still mynightmares manage to crawl, out of my sleep, and pray on my waking subconscious, once in a while,reminding me of what I had just experienced, before providing me with a glimpse to what to expectduring my next venture into a state of limbo.As I turn my body, to the right side of the bed, I pause a moment to stir at the mirror, expecting tosee my wretched, unbearably horrific, face to stair back at me. But... wait, the mirror bear no
monster, I couldn’t see myself... Was there something wrong with
the mirror? Was it broken? But Isee no cracks, its surface bares no blemishes, instead it remains attainted and flawless as always, asevery morning I take extra care, to wipe away is sins of dust and imperfections... So damage is out of the questions...I stand up, pins and needles erupts in my feet, my bones shudder as they so
begrudgingly, attempts to bare my weight, it’s as if I was a
new born baby, learning to walk again forthe very first time. Fearing my knees will snap in two, like a twig under the march of a bear, I lungedfor the basin, and hoisted myself up. But as I lean closer... still no reflections dare greet me, but I cansee my bed, and lamp on my nightshade humming a weak yellow, but yet no me?.. What sorcery isthis? Is my mind, playing cruel tricks on me... an April
trick gone too far? Surely not for Howmy mind has never failed me before,
far from old age, true my skins is weathered, skin pale andeyes sight faulty. But these are just the fruits of depression that have decided to ripe through myappearance. But surely my mind was still in good condition, the only thing; I dare say I can rely on? Afriend... My only friend, but why betray me
now... or am I still dreaming... it doesn’t feel like a
dream. I turn the tap on, with some hesitation the tap give out its treasure, cool life affirmingsubstance give way. I run my hands through the water, and splash it on my face. I look up, still noreflection; I tilt my head down again to plunge my face under the surface of the water. But the tapsseem to chuckle, and cackle, at my expense, before releasing hot, red liquid instead of water, fromits bowls... like Jesus turning water into wine, but this is no wine... without any modesty, the aromabetrays its true identity, Its blood... once warm, is now a stagnant, stale mess, growing darker andthicker with every passing tick of the clock, quickly engulfing the basin, before spilling itself over thesides... but what truly alarmed me now, was not just sudden pouring of blood from the taps, or eventhe reflection that eludes me still... But the fact, that as the blood spilled over, It did not do so withsuch blind luck, but it moved with purpose, as if gravity where not controlling it, but a dark sinisterforces, I dare not contemplate at all, where doing so.As it hits the cold, hard wooden flaw boards, it weaves and twirls around every gap and crack. But Idare not follow it, for it moves to the far towards the other side of the room, it feels like there issomething there. But throughout this ordeal, without paying any real notice, I had hesitated and

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