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Zend Avesta 02 English Gustav Theodor Fechner.

Zend Avesta 02 English Gustav Theodor Fechner.



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Work by Gustav Theodor Fechner
Work by Gustav Theodor Fechner

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Published by: gabriel brias buendia on Jul 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Zend - Avesta
about the things of heaven and the afterlife
 From the point of view of naturefrom
Gustav Theodor FechnerThird edition.
Concerned by Kurd Laßwitz. 
Second volume
--------------------Hamburg and Leipzig.Published by Leopold Voss.In 1906.
Table of Contents:Second volume.About the things of heaven.XV.
additives on aesthetic evaluation of shape and color of the earth
over the solid framework of the earth
About the Liquid Earth
On theAir 
About the imponderable powers of 
On the development of Earth
self-preservation principle in the solar system
annexed to the fifth sectionsome ideas about the first generation and the successive creations of the organickingdom of the earth
Appendix to section eightadditional observations about the way the sense region of the earth
annexed to the ninth section of additives on the hierarchical structure of the world
Practical argument for the existence of God and a future life
extra over the top world law and its relationship to freedom
On the question of freedomfrom practical considerations
basic view on the relationship between bodyand minda) presentation b) comparisonc) Justification and probationadditive l About the detailed physiological conditions of objective physical appearanceadditional 2 Brief exposition of a new principle of mathematical psychology
About the things of the hereafter.
conditions of the otherworldly spirits of the higher mind, and to eachother 
conditions of the far side of the world of spirits
On therelations of the otherworldly spirits on this side of the sense world and the higher reality
From the otherworldly physicality as it appears on diesseitigem point
From the otherworldly physicality as it appears on otherworldlyviews
question of how man can take his inner formation and evolution toward theafterlife
questions that attach themselves to the destruction of the brain atdeath, suffering and aging of the mind with the body
question of how theexistence of the afterlife unperturbed can consist messed
question, how far the death of our present body could carry an awakening of our future
 XV. Notes to the third section.
A. additives on aesthetic evaluation of shapeand color of the earth.
(See IS Vol 52 ff) 
Common ground that we did not come on several occasions without reason toexplain the spherical shape for the most perfect shape, except that they may not bethe most perfect for the education of the people, because he is a man, a verysubordinate being, and each shape only in accordance with as it corresponds to thedefinition of the essence, can totally hot in their own way. But it is also still on theway. It is only a higher being, which is in a more rounded, in harmoniously has moreFinal existence, tolerates and demands the ball shape. Although not pure, whichwould contradict any individualization, but it is sufficient that the main feature isspherical and its modifications permit and have. The people still pretty intricate mainform proves in its own right that his organization is still far from self-completion andgoals of perfection, it belongs rather to the members of the drafting, the means of accomplishment, as he himself would be a self-Perfected. And he should not behumble enough to not to contradict? But show up in shape tendencies to round thatare currently on the most significant places for us the most important. What is able toreach the earth, but not the person as a whole, we see him in his noble parts, head andeye, reach approximately, which extends over the function, not of the earth, but fromthe lower floor, most rise. So we have only the earth itself, then the people in mind,the human eye as it approaches the ball, but the head is more than meets the eye, andthe earth more than the head. It can, however, require from a teleological point thateven the man of his figure to the whole head or eye have become, and would havethus reflected on the earth itself, the earth still pure, as it is the case now, if only hewithout dependence from the ground could exist. Earlier, the spherical shape of theEarth (Vol. I. Chap III, Chapter VI) has been set itself teleologically with its outer material independence and frugality related. So what the human form differs fromthat of the Earth, is to take only as an expression of the lower self and perfection of his nature.
When the earth is quite what we are after only pages of our most perfect parts, butit is also much more perfect than they are themselves. Because the main globular shape of our head but is almost destroyed in the face and get only imperfectly in theskull vault and eye. In contrast, the spherical shape of the earth is not so muchdestroyed by the flattening, as nuanced, and the mightiest mountains assets of the

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