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Diablo Screenplay

Diablo Screenplay

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Published by jasonwiese2982
A crusading journalist turned rogue blogger fights to bring down Mexico’s most notorious drug lord after his nephew is killed in a cartel sponsored massacre
A crusading journalist turned rogue blogger fights to bring down Mexico’s most notorious drug lord after his nephew is killed in a cartel sponsored massacre

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Published by: jasonwiese2982 on Jul 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Original Screenplay written by Jason Wiesejasonwiese77@gmail.com
Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese
MEXICAN FEDERAL HIGHWAY 101 - DAYA rickety, old public transportation BUS is driving down adesolate stretch of the infamous highway in Tamaulipas,Mexico.The side of the road is littered with horrific, butfamiliar, signs of the on-going Mexican drug war
burnedout cars, bullet-ridden trucks and even a few dead bodies,some of them decapitated.INT.
PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION BUSThe inside of the bus is dirty, hot and overcrowded withdozens of passengers - young and old, mostly men, but a fewwomen and children as well
migrating to northern Mexicoin search of a better life.The travelers are pretty quiet and only the faint sounds of
music emanating from a passenger’s radio breaks through the
silence.The BUS DRIVER begins to slow down once he sees a roadblockup ahead.BUS DRIVER(annoyed)Every time I come down this highway,every time
there’s something.
MEXICAN FEDERAL HIGHWAY 101 - DAYThe roadblock consists of several black SUVs and twofederal police APCs. Standing in front of the vehicles aretwo heavily-armed GUNMEN dressed in military garb with ragscovering their faces.One of them is holding his fist in the air, signaling thebus to stop, which it does several yards in front of them.Once the bus has come to a stop, the other gunman turnsback to the vehicles and shakes his head. This leads totwenty GUNMEN exiting the SUVs and surrounding the bus withtheir AR-15s drawn and pointed at the passengers
Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese
PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION BUSThe bus driver tries to calm the nervous passengers whobegin getting concerned over the sight of heavily armedpersonnel standing outside.BUS DRIVERNothing to worry about. This is fairly
common on this road unfortunately. I’msure I’ll just
have to show my papersand
we’ll be on our way again.
 The driver is startled by a loud KNOCK on the bus door fromone of the gunmen who signals him to open the door.Once the door is open, TEN GUNMEN storm the bus and floodthe aisle.BUS DRIVERCan
I help you officers? I’ve got my
papers, I’m good.
 Suddenly, and without provocation, MIGUEL, the gunmanstanding closest, punches him square in the face knockinghim out.After that, he turns to the passengers and takes off hisski mask so that everyone can see him.MIGUEL
You are all fucked. You don’t know how
 fucked you all really are.
The frightened passengers, many of whom begin to cry, don’t
know what to think.
Miguel leans over to one of his henchmen who’s standing in
the aisle next to him.MIGUEL
Collect everyone’s cell phones…check them
for intel. See who they’ve called, see
who they’ve texted. I want to know who
 they know and what they know. I want to
know if they’re
connected to any of ourrivals.CARTEL HENCHMAN ON BUS #1Yes, sir.

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