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Greening the FBI Trap Trial

Greening the FBI Trap Trial

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Published by maryroseeng

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Published by: maryroseeng on Jul 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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greening the FBI Trap Trial
In the FBI home movie shot in the hotel: pizza fed to Ravenous Teenage trap trial victim willhave Vegan Cheese from Daiya of Canada with wheat free crust optionsFBI agents will wear Organic t-shirts and jeansthe Big Blue Plastic barrel used for petrol for fake bomb and wheeled into court to show off toGood Old Judge Garr King by US ATTY Holsinger will be made of recycled plastic or aBiodegradable Plastic Blend and possibly be Green as well to underscore the point.FBI can use hybrid vehicles for the Fake Bomb Hoax on the teenagers or mentally fragile people.FBI's Fake Bomb Fake Electronics components will be made of Recycled E-waste donated byFree Geek instead of purchased across state lines via mail and with receipts.FBI's storage facility hired for storing fake bomb components will be certified as fair trade labor and green.FBI will secretly record meetings at a Local Organic Coffee spot instead of Starbucks, whoconsistently fail to go 100% Organic, over the years.FBI can power up their smart phones with solar panels at HQ.FBI can be encouraged to take exercise on ecological gym which harvests energy expenditureand uses solar panels etcFBI can get free Yoga and Massage as Job Perks to de-escalate stress they might otherwisetake out in Racialized Bullying and Violence Coaching via Racial ProfilingFBI Film Location: courtyard marrriot hotel traded for an eco-green organic bed and breakfast for filming secret home movies with the trap trial target/victim.think organic futons, organic fabrics, low Volatile Organic Compound paints, filtered water, herbgarden, sauna, herbal teas . . .instead of tricking trap trial victim into "Lamb" dinner, FBI will talk about vegan protein optionssuch as Oregon's national hit product "Tofurkey" or the pricier and delicious "field roast" localtofu maker "Ota" who have so appropriately donated buckets of tofu to "FOOD NOT BOMBS" or vegan raw protein powder for instance "Vega" as promoted by veganbodybuilding.com or seitanIf FBI cannot make the options Vegan, FBI will at least use Free Range and Organic Meat
options sold at Whole Foods or New Seasons in preparation of secret special njemte meals withtheir OKU witch ceremonies and Njongo worker cult enslavementsSweetpea vegan cupcakes served for FBI Trap Trial Energy (i actually investigated the VeganCupcake catering options but was unable to bring the boxes of cupcakes due to logistics. mayneed to investigate green delivery options. get enough Vegan Cupcakes for all USDC security, janitorial, cafe staff, court transcribers, judge, jury, FBI, US Attys, Federal Defenders, Un or Underpaid law interns, reporters, etc. ie Massive Amounts of Vegan Sweets, also maybe lesssweet option like cornbread muffins for Low Glycemic people and diabetics.)cafe at Us District Court Portlandia desperately needs Organic Coffee, healthy juice options,VEGAN salads, a Veggie Burger, perhaps a boca burger, Naked Juices, Columbia Gorge GreenJuices, and a total new conceptualization away from the "Meat and potatoes and cholesterol"concept.So our Judges and Court infrastructure stay vital and cancer free, of course.possible a raw smoothie bar at the USDC and FBI HQ so FBI Agents can get optimal vitaminsand antioxidants to help their brains think clearlyall green cleaning products for USDC i would hope for Lavender Doctor Bronner's to reducestress among the US Court Marshalls and Security, who i am TOTALLY sure always wash their hands after using the facilities.Toilet Paper at the US District Court will be made of partially recycled materials in honor of theLast Trees of Oregon Wyden is giving away to big business, despite being one of the onlyslightly compelling members of Congress.FBI agents need to find the most ecological flying options for their FBI Trap Trial Tours or promise to offset their carbon expenditure by planting trees.The green airlines of the future will help make a Green Intel fleet, of course with no smokingcigarettes on board thanks to what's his name.If FBI Agents smoke cigarettes, they will be encouraged to smoke Organic American Spirits inthe burnt yellow or red package.Please note not all American Spirit cigarettes are totally Organic.all court documents printed on recycled paper all electronics used to play FBI secret home movies certified conflict free with atma foundationintervention with the courts to recognize the cost of conflict minerals in electronics and in accordwith the Conflict Free City Initiativehttp://www.enoughproject.org/blogs/conflict-free-portland-makes-inroads-intel
which has made great progress with Intel, Mohamed's dad's boss on all the Conflict Minerals sotragically causing mortality: cadmium, cobalt miners are dying for us . . . At The courts, free wireless internet will be provided to all reporters, journalists, bloggers so weare not forced to have redundant conflict mineral filled electronic gadgets with redundantly billedaccounts for our internet needs due to the USDC blocking the signal for non-USATTYS on thepresumption we won't notice.the Courts also will not restrict Live-Tweeting or Note-taking via laptop, Apple Ipad, or smartphone, as they will appreciate the extra intelligence over at NSA, sillies!FBI will diligently recycle more than ever beforebiodegradable coffee cups in USDC cafe, etc All greenery will be conspicuously labeled for promulgation of the Green Agenda.eco-soap in US District Court restrooms not that deadly toxic cheap stuff. Good Brands include Avalon Organics, or Kiss my Face.green roof landscaping including on the landing: eco-garden for vegetables and herbs on roof atUSDC.HEPA filters on air to reduce allergens and smog at Court and in law and intel HQgreen roofing, solar panels, water filtration, green design, grey water, organic foods, recycledpaper napkins, etc at FBI HQFBI agents can be encouraged to car-pool Toyato Prius and bicycle to workall fbi agents will have plants in their offices to filtrate the air that they breatheFBI will be encouraged to avoid pthalates in personal care products and be aware of chemicalsensitivities among co-workers and Informants hired via the No Fly List Blackmail Programaddendum:as the branding experience known as FBI Trap Trial situates itself in Ecotopia Portlandia acommoditized greening experience would include Canadian Company Ecover Pine Fresh ToiletBowl cleaner for every FBI agent working on Fake Bomb Plots.FBI agents could be encouraged by the acquisition of a fleet of Hybrid vehicles or Micro-Cars tohave an ecological face.

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