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December 2007

December 2007

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Published by The Kohler Villager
The Kohler Villager
The Kohler Villager

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Published by: The Kohler Villager on Jul 20, 2013
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Published Monthly In Kohler, WI53044Volume 3, Number5
December, 2007
 Villager Villager
219 Church St., Kohler, WI 53044
Kohlerstudents scores tops inthe State again forACTscores
Kohler High School Principal Lance Northey is proud to announce that for thesecond year in a row Kohler High Schoolhas attained the top composite ACTscorefor public high schools in the State of Wisconsin. The class of 2006 and 2007 leadthe state with averages of 25.68 and 26.15respectively. Northey stated, “This isimpressive as the ACTis the final outcometest available to public schools. When youlook at the top ten schools, to lead thisgroup is fantastic!”Kohler High has held a position in thestate’s top ten year after year. The class of 2005 ranked third in the state with a 25.11composite score. Kohler also distinguishesitself in ACTscores by testing the highest percentage of seniors graduating.
DistrictHigh SchoolPercent TestedAverage ScoreSummary
KohlerKohler High83.3325.68Madison MetropolitanWest High73.7425.55Madison MetropolitanMemorial High68.5125.10Whitefish BayWhitefish Bay High84.9825.08Mequon-ThiensvilleHomestead High82.0124.65Middleton-Cross PlainsMiddleton High81.4724.55BarneveldBarneveld High60.7124.53ElmbrookCentral High80.3724.50Nicolet UHSNicolet High77.1624.42ShorewoodShorewood High74.8324.33
DistrictHigh SchoolPercent TestedAverage ScoreSummary
KohlerKohler High86.6726.15ShorewoodShorewood High83.2425.83Madison MetropolitanWest High73.2625.71Whitefish BayWhitefish Bay High83.9725.71Madison MetropolitanMemorial High68.9125.25Mequon-ThiensvilleHomestead High86.3025.07ElmbrookCentral High82.4124.60Nicolet UHSNicolet High77.5324.49Middleton-Cross PlainsMiddleton High77.6524.48ElmbrookEast High86.3824.46
Minnesota’s 2007 average compositescore was the highest in the nation amongthe 26 states in which more than half thecollege-bound students took the test.Minnesota narrowly beat Wisconsin for first place with Minnesota students postingan average score of 22.5, followed byWisconsin students averaging 22.3. Iowa, Nebraska, and Montana came in third,fourth, and fifth respectively. The thenational average ACTcomposite score for 2007 is 21.2.The subject areas covered by the ACTtest questions include English, math, read-ing, science, and writing (optional). Thehighest possible ACTscore is 36.
Wisconsin’s top ten highest scoring schools in ACT testing for past two years
opened its doors November 16 
Craverie Deep Leather Seating and Fireplace
Kohler Co. photo
Craverie Cafe banquette seating area
 – Kohler Co. photo
Craverie staff look on as Herbert V. Kohler, Jr. addresses guests at the Craverie grand opening event 
   S  w  e  e   t   L  e  m  o  n   M  e  r   i  n  g  u  e
Billed as “Anew Café with aProvocative Twist,” Craverie,the newest shop to open at TheShops at Woodlake is servingup tempting fare that will lureyou away from your diet, or  bring you back to it.
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Kohler Co. photo
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The Kohler Villager 
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The Plymouth Review 
Editor - Mary Struck 
Terra Media, L.L.C.
219 Church St.Kohler, WI 53044.920-331-4904
Web: www.kohlervillager.com E-mail:kohlervillager@charter.net.
THE KOHLER VILLAGER welcomes contributions of news and photos of civic events fromreaders. Editorial staff reserves the right to edit as necessary.
Advertising and submission deadline: The 20th of each month.
Sue Breitbach - Fenn Agency
3626 Erie Ave,Sheboygan, WI 53081(920) 457-1950sbreitba@amfam.comwww.suebfenn.com
American Family Mutual Insurance Company and its SubsidiariesHome
Office – Madison, WI 53783
© 2006 002147 3/06
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For all the insurance protectionyou need, plus some you may haveoverlooked, call me today.
After Herbert V. Kohler, Jr. observed thecreation of chocolates in a nearby commu-nity, it sparked his recollection that tasteseldom matches anticipation. He decidedthat the world needed a better “Turtle.” Hediscussed the idea with Ulrich Koberstein,Director of Culinary Arts at the AmericanClub and together they set out to create the best in the world. After experimenting withhundreds of flavor combinations, most of which were tasted by both Mr. Kohler andhis director, KOHLER Original RecipeChocolates was launched in 2004 with a batch of chocolate turtles. The word“Turtles” was later changed to “Terrapins,”(a species of the turtle family), after it wasdiscovered Turtles was a Nestlé trademark.When demand for KOHLER OriginalRecipe Chocolates began to outpace sup- ply, Chef Koberstein and his staff saw the perfect opportunity to expand their work environment beyond their cozy, dark work- place in the lower level of the AmericanClub to one of the vacant storefronts locat-ed in The Shops at Woodlake. The shop wastransformed into a dazzling chocolate spe-cialty shop/café with glass cases, chande-liers, mirrors, and an open kitchen, andKohler’s newest innovation, the Craverie,opened its doors to the public on November 16.Located between Cucina and Silk Road,the Craverie also offers banquette seatingas well as a deep seating room located inthe back that is reminiscent of TheAmerican Club, with comfortable, over-stuffed leather chairs, a warm fireplace, bookcase, and a view of Wood Lake.Besides an impressive variety of uniquechocolates, from Asian Spice to Earl GreyTea Truffles, and Cherry Almond chocolate bars, the Craverie also offers a menu that promises “a new concept in the presentationof food.” The menu is divided between an“INDULGENCE” listing on the left half of the menu with an assortment of exotic pas-tries, sandwiches, churned gelatos and other exquisite desserts, and a “LEAN” listing onthe right half with breakfast items, kettlesoups, salads, savories, sorbet and dessertsthat are big on taste and texture, but light oncalories and sodium. Each generous portioncontains less than 200 calories and 150 mgof sodium per serving. The numbers are presented for each menu item, for example,the Mushroom Chicken Quiche servedwarm or cold with balsamic and mixedgreens is listed as having only 46 caloriesand 29 milligrams of salt. Also available isa delightful selection of beverages, includ-ing signature coffees, hot chocolates andsome of the best wine and beer.At the Craverie ribbon cutting on theevening of November 15, Herbert Kohler explained that his own dietary changeswere the inspiration for the lean half of themenu. “This café is really a new idea in the presentation of food,” Kohler said.“Depending on where you are in life, if youare really fitness-focused, if you are reluc-tantly aging, like me, I’m going to the leanside. But if you’re young and vigorous andcan burn the calories, that left side is mar-velous.”The Craverie will be open from 7 am to7 p.m. seven days a week.Katie Schaub, a third-generation baker, recently rejoined Kohler Co. tosupport KOHLER Original RecipeChocolates in new product development,chocolate innovation and production.While Katie’s specialty is baking, she isdedicated to the creation of new andinteresting chocolate concepts to help build the KOHLER Original RecipeChocolates business.During her studies at The CulinaryInstitute of America (CIA) in New York,Katie was invited to assist with the writ-ing of a technical manual for chocolate production:
Chocolates and Confections: Formula, Theory and Technique for the Artisan Confectioner 
 by Peter Greweling, CIA. This experienceexposed Katie to a wealth of chocolate production knowledge, which she uses todevelop unique and new concepts inchocolate.In 2006, Katie was a member of theCIA’s Culinary Culture Exchange dele-gation to Tokyo, Japan. During thisexclusive experience, Katie was honoredto work with Japanese kitchen staff at theU.S. Atsugi Navy base. She prepared baking and pastry menus, desserts and breads for buffets, and a gala dinner, aswell as a dessert demonstration for mili-
Dark Mountain Toffee
Kohler Co. photo
ChocolatierKatie Schaub bringswealth of chocolate productionknowledge to Craverie
Craverie Chocolatier Katie Schaub
Kohler Co. photo
tary wives.Katie began her culinary career as aline cook at Antoinette’s in Plymouth,Wisconsin, before joining the bakery atThe American Club for an Externship.Katie also honed her chocolate talentsas a baker and barista at Taste Budd’sCoffee and Chocolate Café in Red Hook, New York and at Whole Foods Market inColumbus, Ohio, as a Bakery Supervisor Team Member.
The Craverie
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Located at The Shops at Woodlake Kohler
765A Woodlake Road • 458-5570Open Daily 10am-6pm
Holiday Gifts 
 We’re a
Garden of Plenty.
Kohler Gardener features an extensive selection ofplants, pottery, gardening tools and gorgeous holidaydécor. Need help? Our knowledgeable staff is happyto share great ideas for beautifying your home, bothinside and out.
, 2007
Reiki is a Japanese form of deep relaxation and stressreduction, which also promotes healing. All Reikisessions include:
Scan for Low-Energy Areas of the Body 
Balance Energy Centers
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Suggestions for Maintaining High-Energy Other Services
Reiki Training
Meditation Training
Spiritual Counseling
Reconnective Healing
Member International Association of Reiki Professionals
Located at
in TheShops at Woodlake www.HandsOnHealingEnergy.comInfo@HandsOnHealingEnergy.com
Kohler Schools millrate higher, Villageof Kohler property loses value
The mill rate for the 2007-08 school year was set by the Board of Education at theAnnual Meeting held in October. The millrate was set using the State of Wisconsinrevenue cap formula. This year’s mill rateis 10.16 – up seven-tenths of a mill fromthe previous year.The District continues to grow. The totalnumber of students enrolled at Kohler Schools this year is 612. Since the 2004-05school year, the school has seen a 20 per-cent increase in students who are residentsof the Village, and an 11 percent increase inOpen Enrollment students. Open enroll-ment students continue to be 15 percent of the total student population, which bringsin over $550,000 for District operations.Individual tax bills may vary due to thegrowth or decline of property value in eachmunicipality located within the District.For example, the Village of Kohler’s worthdecreased 0.3 percent this year while the property in the Town of Wilson that is locat-ed within the School District boundariesgrew at 7.9 percent. See the second chart below for Municipality Equalized Valuecomparisons.The District received over $150,000 of extra state aid this year than what was pro- jected due to the late biennium budget bythe State of Wisconsin. SchoolSuperintendent Jeff Dickert reported at theAnnual Meeting of the District that state aidhad been decreasing 15 percent annuallysince 2003. He noted that this change due tothe lateness of the budget process will netthe taxpayers of Kohler Schools over $800,000 in tax relief over the next decade.Kohler was one of the few Districts affect-ed positively by the late budget processaccording to Dickert.The first graph below shows the contin-ued downward trend of the District’s millrate over the last 20 years.
     M     I     L     L     S
Mill Rate
School District of Kohler
Municipality Equalized Values Comparison
2007-08 Levy Total = $ 4,966,304
2007-08MunicipalityValuesPercent of ValueAmount of Levy
Village of Kohler $ 406,826,425 83.218589% $ 4,132,888.13Town of Sheboygan $ 1,246,103 0.254897% $ 12,658.97Town of Wilson $ 15,418,249 3.153888% $ 156,631.66City of Sheboygan $ 65,374,065 13.372626% $ 664,125.24
TOTAL $ 488,864,842100.00% $ 4,966,304.00
Percent of Increase in Equalized ValuationMunicipality2006-07 Values2007-08 ValuesPercent of Change
Village of Kohler $ 407,952,595 $ 406,826,425 -0.28%Town of Sheboygan $ 1,174,185 $ 1,246,103 6.12%Town of Wilson $ 14,289,410 $ 15,418,249 7.90%City of Sheboygan $ 61,404,884 $ 65,374,065 6.46%TOTAL
$ 484,821,074 $ 488,864,842
Where the community and trust come together!
1160 Fond du Lac Ave., Sheboygan Falls
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Nick Biendarra
920-451-0553Cell 920-698-0214
Sheboygan WI

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