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The Crash

The Crash

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Published by Jose J. Amador
When three friends go on an ill-advised joy-ride, one of them gets more than he bargained for.
When three friends go on an ill-advised joy-ride, one of them gets more than he bargained for.

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Published by: Jose J. Amador on May 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial No-derivs


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The CrashbyJosé J. Amador1
He’s been trapped on the planet for over six months.In that time he had learned how to survive. Hyman grew fond of eating animals thatlooked like snakes and drinking water tasting mildly like excrement. Those were the least of hisworries; getting off this planet and back home were the only things on his mind, everyday.It was simply a pleasure trip, Hyman and his buddies: Rich and Junior. The idea wasn'teven his…“C’mon Hyman, let’s do it!” said Rich.“Yeah, it’ll be fun,” added Junior. We’ll checkout this new system Rich is talkingabout, whadaya say?”Hyman was skeptical. He knew these guys for years, but they certainly were not spacerangers. To go over and visit an uncharted solar system, just to say they were there, soundedridiculous. Yet with the pleading, puppy-dog looks staring back at him, how could he say ‘no’?Hyman answered, “
 All right 
. But we’re not going to land on any planet. Go over take alook around that’s it.”Off they had gone, Rich in command of Hyman’s craft with Hyman as the co-pilot.Junior, as always, was just along for the ride. That bugged Hyman, it always seemed Junior was just freeloading. Of course, Rich had his faults too. He always dared Hyman into thesesituations, like the time with the mud-wolves on Outpost 3.“Here we are gentlemen, said Rich, leaning back in the pilot’s seat, “the Malory System.There’re only 5 planets and none of them have moons. Isn’t that odd?”
The CrashbyJosé J. Amador2
“That’s not so odd, replied Junior.“Junior, it is odd,” said Hyman. “Don’t you remember basic astronomy? The lack of moons only exists in one other part of the galaxy.”“I suppose so,” mumbled Junior, he sounded self-conscious.“Rich, remind me why we bring him along?” said Hyman, a little agitated. He hated howignorant Junior seemed at times.Rich laughed at the question then replied, “My little buddy can come along anytime hewants. No problem with me.” Rich turned to Junior and winked.Hyman then remembered,
 Junior’s more Rich’s sidekick than anything else, even thoughhe is married to my...
Rich broke the train of thought when he said, “Hey,
. That fourth planetlooks cool, I going in for a closer look.”“No you don't chief,” said Hyman sarcastically. “Remember, we’re just taking a tour.Get in, get out, bam.”“Come on, wuss. Let’s take a closer look and then we’ll go.”Hyman didn’t like this. He knew Rich would then want to take a closer look by reentryand flying around. The thought really worried Hyman.“Odd color of brown and green,” continued Rich, playing the sensor controls expertly.“Well I’ll be—the planet’s got an oxygen atmosphere. Hey, there’s even mountains down their.Hyman buddy, I'm going in!”"The hell you are pal,” Hyman replied angrily. He
this was going to happen. “Justturn this ship around right
The CrashbyJosé J. Amador3
“Geez, Hymie-boy. What’re you afraid of? Some large flying insect in the sky? Junior,are we going in or not?”Junior was caught flat-footed – Rich
asked him his opinion.He answered the only way he knew.“Sounds good to me,” said Junior, shaking his head slowly in agreement.
Thanks Junior 
, thought Hyman sarcastically. Hyman now had to make a stand.“Rich, we’ve come this far, it’s late, and we should be getting back. Just turn my shiparound. Don't piss me off.”Rich looked over to Hyman from head to toe, then snorted “Yeah, right.”Hyman knew Rich wasn’t scared, ever since the fight back in school when Rich beat thecrap out of him.“Dammit!” said Hyman, giving in. “Go ahead but don't land the damn thing, PLEASE!”Rich stretched a mocking smile across his face, a smile that Hyman hated. It remindedhim how much of a bully Rich really was.As they approached the planet Hyman noticed hundreds of meteorites crashing into theatmosphere, and he knew they were moving at horrifying speeds. He shuddered thinking of ahull breach.“Hey guys?” chimed Junior. “Look at all those meteors. Maybe it’s not a good idea toland. Rich, Rich, what do think?”“Junior, most if not all of those are burning up,” said Rich annoyed. “We already haveone den-mother, just sit back and relax.Relaxing his frown, Rich then added, “Where do youthink shooting stars come from anyway?” He chuckled.

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