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Virgin Mary and the Incarnation

Virgin Mary and the Incarnation

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Published by glennpease

Luke, i. 35.

That holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.

Luke, i. 35.

That holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.

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Published by: glennpease on Jul 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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VIRGI MARY AD THE ICARATIOBY HERY KOLLOCK, D. D,Luke, i. 35.That holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be calledthe Son of God.Such was part of the salutation of the angel Ga-briel to the Virgin Mary, when he appeared to revealto her the honour which God was about to conferupon her. It is not my intention particularly to ex-plain these words, or to illustrate all the circum-stances of the annunciation. I have chosen them toconduct me to a subject introductory to a course of sermons, which will for some time occupy your at-tention the morning of every sabbath, on the life of your Saviour.Following the relations of the evangelists, we shalltrace him from the manger to the cross, illustratinghis life, his doctrine, and his miracles. othing canbe more important than this design: and if I have5(5 &ERMO XXXIV.your prayers and the blessing of God, I trust youwill find that nothing could be more instructive anduseful. It is the life of Him who came down fromheaven, to teach you by his example the path thi-ther; and to die, that all the obstructions to your fe-licity might be removed. It is the life of Him,who was animated by the most expansive benevo-lence ; who, influenced by no selfish passion, seekingonly the welfare of mankind, ever " went about do-ing good." It is the life of Him, in whom were laid
up the treasures of divine wisdom and knowledge,who spake as never man spake, and who alone caninstruct us in the will of God and our duty. It is thelife of Him, whose example, of all those who haveever lived upon earth, is alone free from spot, andmay be followed, at all times, with confidence andsecurity.Immediately after the apostacy of man, the Mes-siah was promised to our first parents to repair theruins of the fall ; and in proportion as the time of hisadvent approached, more definite and precise pre-dictions concerning him were given, to nourish thefaith and hope of the ancient church, and clearly todesignate this Redeemer when he should appear,The place, the time, the manner of his birth ; theevents of his life ; the circumstances of his death,were foretold, and an anticipated history of himgiven by the Spirit of God.Among other remarkable predictions, it was de-clared, more than seven hundred years before hisappearance in the world, that he should be bom of aVirgin. For reasons which we shall see in the pro-secution of this discourse, it was expedient that theMessiah should be really man, of the same natureand race with us* But though it was proper that heLIFE OF CHRIST. .07should be born of a woman that he should be the Sonof Man ; it was also fit that he should be born of aVirgin, that it might clearly and satisfactorily beshown to all men, that he was the Son of God, thathis original was divine. Besides, by entering uponthe world thus miraculously, the reverence and ve-neration, the expectations and hope of mankindwould be excited. Can we avoid regarding him with
deference and faith whose birth was so peculiar andsupernatural, so evidently produced by the imme-diate influence of God? And, finally, in no otherway could the Messiah have avoided that stain of original pollution which would have rendered himunfit for the office of Mediator, and incapable of atoning for the sins of man. For these and similarreasons Jesus was born of a Virgin.The person on whom God conferred this exaltedprivilege of being the mother of Jesus, was Mary, of the tribe of Judah, and family of David; nobly de-scended, but in indigent circumstances ; having noneof the pomps and splendours which dazzle the world,but possessed of that piety and virtue which securedthe love of God. The power of the Holy Ghostovershadowed her, and Jesus was born.I shall not wound your feelings, my brethren, bymentioning the profane sneers which have beenthrown on this important doctrine. There can benothing incredible in this miracle to those who be-lieve any miracles at all. He who established thelaws of nature can control them at his pleasure; andthat he did control them on this occasion is provedby the declarations of those scriptures, the evidenceof which has appeared only more irrefragable fromthe subtlest and strongest attacks of infidelity; bythe public and innumerable miracles of the Saviour'svol. II. 858 SERMO XXXIV.life ; and by his well attested resurrection from thedead. To these we appeal for the truth of his mira-culous incarnation and birth. " If he did not theworks of his Father, works which none other man

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